Hula Girl’s First Day of Kindergarten!

Today was a wild success. When Hula Girl first came out of her room this morning, I was standing in the hall doing laundry. She said, “Hooray! It’s Monday! The day I get to start school!” It was all smooth sailing from there. (Kid takes after me- school is always so much fun!)

We said our family memory verse at breakfast, and lo and behold, Hula Girl, Jonathan, and I can say Ephesians 4:32 perfectly now, so we got to put it in the box and start a new one! (Monkey Man listens with interest but makes no effort to actually say the verses. I figure he’ll join us in time. He’s only two, after all.) Our new memory verse is Psalm 119:30. We’ll start working on it as a family when Jonathan gets home for dinner tonight. That’s what I LOVE about this scripture memory system– it’s something we’ve chosen to do AS A FAMILY. I might review it a couple of times a day with the kids when Jonathan’s not here, but we aren’t moving on to the next verse until EVERYONE (who is old enough) has it. And then we will continue to review each verse multiple times per month. Love it.

After our verse, I read the ESV version of Genesis 1:1:26-31; 2:7, 20-25. The kids did a quick narration, telling me what they heard in the passages. Then we prayed for our Compassion kids. Finally, I read “Bed in Summer” and we talked about how silly it is that we get up in the dark in winter and go to bed in the daytime in summer. Monkey Man then requested that I read a picture book to them, so we read Eric Carle’s Rooster’s Off to See the World.

We took a 30-minute break after breakfast to wash dishes, switch the laundry to the dryer, brush teeth and hair, and get dressed. Monkey Man HATES to get dressed. He would spend all his life in jammies if I let him. I totally get it. I hate real clothes, too. Jammies FTW! But I convinced him to at least put on some fleece pants and a thermal shirt. It’s cold here today!

Next, we spent an hour switching back and forth between the couches in the living room and the dining room table. We completed the bulk of our schoolwork:

  • Natural History- Chapter 1 from Paddle to the Sea
  • Math- Math-U-See (MUS) Primary level, lesson 12B (addition)
  • History- “Sword of Damocles” from Fifty Famous Stories
  • Copywork- “Be kind to one another” from Ephesians 4:32
  • History- Chapter 1 from Island Story

Monkey Man trailed along after Hula Girl and me and he worked with her unit blocks while she completed her math worksheet. He was actually pretty good at it! I quickly drew a couple of unit bars on his blank paper and asked him to match them with the proper unit bars. He got them all right on the first try, without counting! For example, I drew a unit bar with three units; he put the 3 bar right on top. I also asked him to “put some together” and he was able to add 1 to any number just by saying the next number in sequence. For instance, I put the four and the one down and said, “Put the four and the one together. How many units does this make?” He replied, “Four, five. FIVE!”

I discovered that I’ve set the right time allotment for our work, even though I allotted too long for some subjects and too short for others. It’s a wash. We were ready to go out for our nature walk at exactly the time I’d predicted, so yay! We went outside with coats and mittens on today! We picked some of the wildflowers that are blooming around our house right now. We talked to a neighbor who is moving tomorrow. We examined thistle plants and discovered some small succulents thriving in the middle of a rocky field down the road. Hula Girl’s favorite discovery was a patch of bushes with teeny weeny pale blue flowers. These flowers are so tiny that you can’t even see them from an average person’s perspective; you have to be short or bend down! The flowers have four petals and are at the very tips of long wiry stalks with needly leaves running the length of the stalk. Hula Girl decided to call them “fairy flowers” because they’re so tiny a fairy could pick them. And because fairies love the color blue. (“Like my eyes, Mommy!”)

When we got home from nature study, we sorted through our wildflowers, trimmed them, and put them in the press. (Our flower press is AWESOME. My dad made it out of two pieces of plywood that have holes drilled in the four corners. Then he put a screw in each corner and it’s all fastened together with wing nuts. The wing nuts screw down and press the flowers super tightly in between the pieces of plywood. Gorgeous.)

Our next activity was Hula Girl’s reading lesson for the day, which she flew through. I was glad to see that it was slightly more difficult than the first two lessons, though. Just enough change to keep us on our toes; not enough change to throw us off our game. When the lesson was over, the kids got to spend 45 minutes doing whatever they wanted to do. Monkey Man hid in the shower curtain (not even kidding) while Hula Girl went to her room to create some “projects.”

At lunch we talked to Jonathan and listened to our folksong. Then we read three picture books. Then it was time for me to put Monkey Man down for his nap. Hula Girl disappeared, again, into her room to color, write, and glue. When I went to get her, she had created at least seven different compositions. Here’s my favorite:


That’s me, at the dentist. Obviously. And my name is MomMom.

After rest time today, we’ll have tea and do our picture study. Jonathan baked cookies for the kids last night, so they’re excited for their tea today. Somehow I can bake them cookies all day every day but DADDY’S cookies are more exciting. 😉

So, all in all, today was great. Having school in our lives helps keep us organized and pleasant. We don’t have too much time to dwell on the downside, and I love the way our day is designed to give us periods of activity interspersed with periods of relative calm. I can’t wait until it’s really summer, so we can head outside in the sun for more of our lessons!

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