He Walks!

Well, last Thursdayish, Gelato took his official first steps. Four of them. Right to me. Atta boy.

He’s been working on it ever since, never taking more than one or two steps before gently folding his knees and reaching for the ground. His grace is quite amazing. I am glad we followed Janet Lansbury’s advice in regard to his physical development. (This links to an index; all the articles are amazing. Anyone having a baby should read them and follow the advice. Just sayin’.)

Yesterday he taught himself how to climb down the stairs. I knew he’d do it soon since he has been able to climb up the stairs for about a month. It was only a matter of time. So I moved the gate up to the 5th step so he can practice coming up and down without being in danger. (Here’s why I didn’t teach him to do it on his own, and why I trust him to be safe now that he can.)

Today I was sitting at the bottom of the steps and he was crawling around near me, practicing petting Riley, examining the screws holding the heat register to the wall, and standing up and down over and over with a goofy grin on his face. Finally he used my knee to push himself up to standing, turned around, and walked four steps over to the stairs like it was no big deal. He’s a walker now.

Chilis and Smiles

I keep telling people all around me that this is my favorite baby age. Hula Girl will be 10 months old on Saturday, and she just couldn’t get any cuter. Her language and communication skills are taking off, her personality is shining through, her physical capabilities are increasing, and her ability to make us laugh is endless.

She is so smart. About two weeks ago, while she was sick, she wanted to chew on her hairbrush. She ended up throwing it down behind her changing table, and being sick and tired ourselves, Jonathan and I did not retrieve it at the time. Last night Jonathan decided (rightly so) that her hair really needed to be brushed. So, he moved her changing table and got it (he also recovered a purple sock and two teething toys- score). I used it to brush out her hair, but she kept trying to grab it. Finally I gave it to her when I was done, and the first thing she did was bring it up to brush her own hair! We were amazed! Then we said, “Hula Girl, brush your hair!” and she did it over and over. We got it on film.

Another example of her intelligence/language skills happened today. She was standing in our bedroom with her hands on the wall. She was whacking the wall with the lid from a Ziploc container. I put my hand on the wall and touched it lightly, and said, “Feel the wall, Hula Girl. It’s bumpy.” She dropped the lid, put out her fingers, stroked the wall, and said “Bmmbmm.” Then she smiled and laughed. Smartie pants.

Some of her more entertaining things lately are saying “I love you (wa wuh woo),” making dog/cat/cow sounds (“Woo/muuuuh/mmmoooo”), using sign language to tell us she wants more and is all done at meals, and doing whatever we tell her to do with her hands, like putting a lid on top of her head. She can understand so much of what we’re saying.

She’s also gotten really tall lately. She was in the 75-90th percentile for height at our last doctor’s appointment, and she has grown at least 2 inches since then. She can reach things she never reached before, like anything on the computer desk. Today she showed us that she can look out the window in Mommy and Daddy’s room, whereas she couldn’t do that last week.

I think if she weren’t so tall and so top-heavy (her head is in the 90th percentile), she’d be well on her way to standing alone and walking right now. As it stands (pun intended), she can balance alone for about 5-10 seconds before plopping down on her bottom. Yesterday she even took a step or two from the standing position. But she definitely did not get far. I expect she’ll be standing and walking fairly soon. My mom walked at 9 months; I walked at 10 months. Hula Girl seems like the type who’ll keep up.

Mommy Plug- She is a charmer. Everyone who sees her comments on how cute she is and what beautiful blue eyes and long eyelashes she has. I do think she got the best of both worlds from me and Jonathan. Lucky girl has giraffe eyelashes like her Daddy! But she definitely lucked out when she got Momma’s eye color. (I’m not being proud here- I am quite partial to blue eyes in general.) Her personality is so sweet and outgoing, we can take her anywhere and no one complains about her being there at all. Case in point- we took her out to dinner last night for the first time in months. The last time we went out to dinner with her, she wasn’t even old enough to eat solid foods yet. Anyway, we took her out, had her sit in the high chair at the table, and gave her some Cheerios to occupy her until the “real food” arrived. We ordered a side of steamed vegetables for her. She loved the shredded carrots (must keep this in mind when preparing carrots at home)! She wasn’t a super big fan of the broccoli last night. I had also brought a pear for her, which she ate in its entirety. The whole time we were there, she ate happily, made cute baby noises (no screeching or shrieking), and smiled a lot at the people all around our table.

What was/is your favorite baby age?

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