Riley’s Naughty!

So this morning, I had to wake Hula Girl fifteen minutes after her normal out-of-crib time. She is usually awake by 7:15, but she was still just snoozin’ away at 8:00! Fortunately she was in a good mood when she woke up, but I do think that something about me waking her made her feel “off” today.

As we were leaving her room, she wanted to go across the hall to Gelato’s room like she does every day. She says she’s going in there to “check out [Gelato]’s room.” But yesterday and last night I went through a major ransacking/get this done now! mode and his floor was full of things she shouldn’t touch, like shelves and his monitor and a million cloth diapers that are nicely folded, etc.  So I just asked her to stay out of his room today. She obliged.

Then we walked into Jonathan’s and my room to gather up some laundry. I needed to put something out on our balcony, so I opened the door and the cat sneaked out there before I could stop him. I said, “Oh, Riley, you must stay inside, Kitty,” and I gently tossed him back in. Then he streaked out the door before I could close it. I said, “[Hula Girl], Riley is being naughty, isn’t he!?”

Lo and behold, my sweet little obedient girl takes off running down the hall and goes into Gelato’s room and waits for me there. I asked her, “What are you doing?” Her response? “[Hula Girl] being naughty like Riley, go in [Gelato]’s room when Mommy said stay out.”

I had to bite back some major laughter. I also had to remind her that she’s not a naughty girl (we do NOT like labels for people, only behaviors) but that I really did want her to stay out of Gelato’s room. She walked down the hall and down the stairs saying, “[Hula Girl] not naughty. Riley’s naughty. Not [Hula Girl].” Heh.

So then we went downstairs and I went in the kitchen to make breakfast. I could hear her over by the front door, where we store all her art supplies and a few of her toys on a baker’s rack. I said, “[Hula Girl], what are you doing?” She said she was taking out some crayons. I asked her if she wanted to color today and she said she did. A couple minutes later, she came in the kitchen with a purple crayon in her right hand and a red crayon in her left. I said, “Oh, you’re going to color with red and purple today?”

So she did. She walked over to the garage door (connected to the kitchen) and started coloring. I said, “Uh-oh, [Hula Girl]. This is so sad. Now we have to put away your crayons and you will have to clean up the mess.” I gently guided her back over to the front door area, and she said, “[Hula Girl] make a mess on front door, too.” Um, yep. She did. And the floor of the entryway.

I do have to take a moment to comment on how well she’s doing with drawing circles. We’ve been practicing, and it’s paying off. What nice big purple and red circles we had! If this hadn’t been a disciplinary moment, I would have taken a few pictures, but I didn’t want her to get the impression that was excited about what she’d done…  

I held out the empty Ziploc bag and asked her to put her crayons away. She did, with no fuss. Then I said, “Come to the kitchen so we can get a washcloth. You can use the washcloth to scrub the doors and the floor.”

And do you know what?! Hula Girl cleaned up almost every swoop of crayon in the house. I did not criticize her efforts- I cleaned up the rest after she went down for her nap. But she really did try her hardest to clean all the crayon marks and she actually got most of them. I am thanking my mom, who had the foresight to buy washable crayons. They really do come off so easily!

Our last moment of disobedience came after she finished her lunch. She knows she is to ask for permission to leave the table. She told me she had to use her potty, so I said, “You may go potty and then come right back to your seat.” She went potty, and then she said, “No, [Hula Girl] play with my toys and my Riley.” I said, “Uh-oh. Looks like a time-out.”

But I had a lot of contractions this morning, and walking up and down the stairs and trying to keep her sticky food hands off everything in the house sounded like too much work, so I implemented a new time-out routine. I put her in the kitchen facing the garage door and told her to stand and look at the garage door until I got her out of time out. She modified a bit- she put the top of her head on the door and looked down at her feet. Whatever. Point is- she stayed.

I got her after a minute since she wasn’t crying or complaining or even trying to turn around. I said, “Are you ready to obey me?” She said, “Yes, [Hula Girl] listen and obey Mommy.” A few “I love you”s later, and we were back in business.

Oh, my girl is testing her boundaries. 🙂

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