The Pirate Pool

Oh yes, Hula Girl has found her place in life, at least for a season. This morning’s visit to the YMCA was slightly delayed due to the untimely need to have our pictures taken for our membership access cards. Therefore we were actually there when the little kids’ pirate pool was open, and Hula Girl had a blast.

The water in the pool is 14 inches deep. There are waterfalls, fountains, and “bubblers” everywhere. There is a huge “pirate ship” in the middle of the pool, which features a tunnel through its lower decks and a water slide from its upper deck. Hula Girl climbed all the way up to the top, where she was “steering” the ship. Then she discovered some jets that squirt streams of water across the top of the water slide. Then she discovered that if she tries to drink from those jets of water, she slides down the slide face-first and struggles to get her head above water at the bottom. Yes, quite scary. Fortunately I was right there and lifted her up quickly. Her reaction? Sputter, sputter, blink, blink, shake head, “[Hula Girl] WAH NOWN IDE INEE PAH-POH POOOOOO!” (Fall down slide in the pirate pool!) Yes, she yelled it at the top of her lungs.

Then she ran around in the water, slipping every now and then, yelling, “[Hula Girl] WAH NOWN INEE PAH-POH POOOOO!” She was giggling with maniacal glee each and every time. She even went over to the smaller slide repeatedly just so she could emulate her head-first plunge into the high seas and shout about it some more.

She talks of nothing else. I can’t wait to take her back!

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