Shoveling Snow with Hula Girl…

…is WAAAAAAY easier than it sounds! Yes, indeedy, it is surely a fun day when we get to go outside in the freshly fallen snow and shovel the driveway.

We get all bundled up- Hula Girl in her gigantic puffy pink snowsuit, complete with ears on the hood and me in my jacket and hat. Then we head outside while Hula Girl chants over and over, “Eat wah no? Eat wah no?” (Eat fresh snow? Eat fresh snow?)

I grab the shovel and head to the driveway, and she runs out to the tree in the yard. Then I shovel the driveway while she proceeds to grab branch after branch and lick the snow off them for up to 15 minutes straight. Then, she’ll move on to doing face-first snow angels in attempts to inhale ALL the “wah no” at once. She generally ends up with snow stuck all over her hat, hood, and cheeks. Then she’ll giggle, get up, and run around the half-shoveled driveway, chanting, “Yah-yay! Yah-yay!” (Chassé! Chassé!) She’s a snow ballerina, duh.

It took me about 30 minutes to completely shovel the driveway, but in that time, my little Hula Girl ate enough snow to keep her hydrated for decades. Okay, maybe not decades. But she ate a lot of snow. And I love it.

I also remembered that I wanted to chronicle this little habit of hers: she calls all blankets “Nee-nee.” But her two special blankets that she sleeps with are always called “Neen wah nee-nee.” Always. Why she must make the distinction between regular ol’ blankets and “clean fresh blankets” is beyond me. Especially since they haven’t been laundered in a while, and they’re not exactly clean or fresh right now. (Don’t worry, she ONLY has them for sleeping. They don’t get dragged around in the mud or on the floor of Walmart or anything gross like that.) And the fact that she can’t say “fresh” is hilarious to me… Wah? Really? I hope she never says “fresh” the normal way.

The Snowy Day

Every once in a while, good ol’ Colorado gifts its residents with a larger-than-average snowfall. Interestingly enough, it’s usually on years when the snowfall totals are far below average. But then in one snowstorm, we make up about half of what’s needed to get on track. Denver currently has about 10 inches, or so I’ve read on my Denver friends’ facebook status updates. We actually got about 6 inches, but it’s all very very wet and is packing down quickly.

To celebrate the snow (or to force myself to at least embrace it since I am, in fact, sick again), I took Hula Girl outside this morning and let her wander around the front yard while I shoveled the driveway. She was in “neen why no” heaven. (Clean white snow.) I told her she could eat the snow from the tree and on the ground where I wasn’t shoveling or tossing loads of dirty driveway snow. At one point I noticed she had fallen down on her tummy but was just laying there licking the snow. Then she floundered around for a few more minutes until she got back up, declared, “Did it!” and started the new game of “flop on my tummy into the deep deep snow and eat as much as I can!” She had snow all over her face. At one point she decided she’d remove her mittens, but I did not allow that- her little fingers would have frozen! I also looked over and caught her bouncing/dancing with her little fists up in the air and a jubilant expression on her face numerous times. Not sure if she had made some major snow discovery or was just excited to be out in it. Either way, it was really really cute.

When we came inside, I made her a cup of hot chocolate (she calls it “ah dah daht”). Then we watched a movie. I was trying to keep her somewhat contained since my body is aching and I feel so run-down, but she wanted nothing to do with it after 4 minutes. I guess it’s a good thing that my child doesn’t like to watch shows, but it can also make for some looooong days when Mommy is sick.

After she was finished with her ah dah daht, she decided she wanted more. So she took her step stool over to the microwave and was pushing all the buttons as she said over and over, “Mo ah dah daht beep!” She added the beep in for the microwave. You know, because microwaves deserve to be heard, too. She played at this activity for about 5 minutes.

What strikes me most about her today is the way she automatically says no to anything I offer, but then realizes what she turned down and then asks for it. For example, at lunch today I asked her if she wanted some avocado. She said no, of course. 5 minutes later, she said, “Dah-doh, Mommy?” So I got out the avocado and she ate half of it. (After finishing a veggie burger, cheese, and banana bread. Lil’ piglet these days!) I have been working on trying to offer choices so that the answer can’t be a simple yes or no, but sometimes the answer really is a simple yes or no. “Do you want avocado?” I wasn’t going to offer her anything else instead… so yeah.

For those of you interested, the pizza last night was a big hit. Jonathan was very surprised and pleased to have pizza for dinner. He actually jumped up and down a few times once he got his boots off. Hula Girl actually ate 3 pieces of pizza (about 2.5 inches wide at the top) plus a full plate full of her spinach/basil noodles. Like I mentioned, she’s a piglet lately!

Tonight’s dinner is going to be à la Jonathan. I called him and begged him to bring something home so I don’t have to worry about trying to cook. I just want to take a nap. Which I’m going to do… now! Happy Friday, everyone.

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