Getting Things Done and Planning Vacation

Sickness. We’re riddled with it in our house right now. Fortunately it’s not the totally-incapacitating terrible-knock-you-down sickness. For me, at least, it’s just the stop-to-blow-your-nose-or-drink-a-sip-of-hot-tea sickness. That means I’ve actually gotten a lot done.

Part of that is that I’ve washed Hula Girl’s sheets after every single nap/nighttime sleep. She wakes up with boogies all over her sheets, and I feel bad putting her back down to sleep on stiff sheets. Fortunately she has 3 sheets for her crib, so I just peel off the boogified one and put on a fresh one after each sleep. I think it’s also helping her get better a lot faster.

Hula Girl really does seem to feel better this morning. She’s back to being pretty talkative (albeit raspy), she’s standing up and bouncing, and she’s dancing to her music. All in all, she’s about 60% back to normal. Still very infrequent smiling, not much of an appetite, but drinking a LOT of water (I warm it up in her sippy cup for her).

I told Jonathan the other day that I’m pretty sure Hula Girl will start walking soon after she’s kicked this cold. This morning, she had her doggie in one arm, and she stood up hanging on to her music table, and reached out for her Pooh Bear. She stood there with 2 stuffed animals in her hands, not hanging on to anything else for about 10 seconds. So cool! She’s definitely going to be walking soon. She’s mastered the art of cruising, to the detriment of the tissue box on the end table. She enjoys pulling it to the floor, grabbing lots of tissues out of it, and ripping them to shreds, which she then proceeds to eat. Needless to say, our tissue box has graduated to the computer desk.

In other news, we’re really looking forward to our trip out to California in April. Less than 4 weeks now! We’re going out to visit Jonathan’s family mostly, but we’ve got to stop in San Diego first for one of my best friend’s wedding! Hula Girl is going to walk down the aisle in the wedding (or be carried, either way) in this dress:

Too Cute!

I also got her some little sparkly white shoes and a white bow for her head. I think she’ll be adorable.

The rest of our trip will be spent with Jonathan’s parents and other family members. We are really excited to see his sister, his aunt (creator of a fabulous quilt, seen below), and possibly even my cousins and uncle.

Hula Girl’s schedule is going to be totally demolished while we’re on vacation. I’m anxious about that, but I already asked Jonathan to help me “just deal with it” and go with the flow.  The one thing I’ve really gleaned from her current illness is that she’ll snap back to whatever schedule we’re on really easily- we’ve done it since she was born! I hope to just enjoy our time, get her rest as needed, and enjoy our time. And enjoy our time. I also hope that Hula Girl will be friendly and not quite so wary of new faces. She’s got a major case of “stranger danger” and I don’t want all the relatives and friends to miss out on holding her and cuddling her while she’s still so little.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the quilt:

Soooo pretty- you should see the detail in this thing!

Do you have any traveling with a baby tips?

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