Pregnancy #2- 24 Weeks

Things are going well! Gelato is a little over a foot long and a little over a pound in weight. He’s gaining a few ounces per week, and he’ll soon start “filling out.” His skin is becoming less see-through (which is good, if you ask me), and his taste buds are very sensitive. Good thing I like to eat a variety of foods (no, Mom, I don’t live on sugar).

I have been feeling pretty good in the past couple of weeks. I got through all the morning sickness a while back (around 15 weeks is when it was gone for good) and then I started feeling a lot of lower back/hip pain. This is a symptom that I had during the last pregnancy, and it’s brutal. I don’t know if it has to do with the way I stand or walk or sleep or whatnot, but when the pain sets in, it’s difficult for me to move. Fortunately that has really subsided, and unless I really overdo it, I only have minor aches and pains that are easy to ignore.

I have also been quite sleepy lately. I have made it a point to get in a nap every day this week, and since Hula Girl has graced me with such awesome long naps, I have been averaging an hour and  a half per nap! I also fall asleep very early in the evenings, around 8:30 or 9:00 (if left to my own devices- sometimes I stay up later to, oh, do our taxes, or something similar…). Then I don’t wake up until at least 7:00 in the morning, so I’m averaging somewhere around 11.5 hours of sleep per day. YES. I keep saying how glad I am to be a stay-at-home-mom during this pregnancy since it really has wiped me out so much more than the last one did. I think it’s because I’m chasing a toddler, and not just corraling wild monkeys (aka 5th graders). When I was teaching, the kids pretty much knew the routine and I didn’t have to carry them up and down stairs to time out all day long. I didn’t have to pick them up to place them on the big potty. I didn’t have to keep up with them while they ran down hills to save their noses from getting scarred for life in case of a fall. I didn’t have to climb up all the jungle gym equipment at the park to ensure they were safe from jumping off a cliff-sized platform. I didn’t have to push them in strollers or pull them in wagons. No, teaching was pretty cushy, even when pregnant. I got to sit in my chair and swivel and scoot around the front of the room, getting up occasionally to belly-bump my way through the rows and columns to ensure good behavior and excellent work habits.  Yes, I still required those two things from thirty kids at once. But to teach those things to a toddler while pregnant- whole new ball game. Whew. No wonder I sleep a lot.

Everyone says you crave savory/salty things with a boy and sweet things with a girl. Um, nope. Load up my dessert plate, and get ready for round two. Seriously, this boy is a chocolate fiend. I blame him for MAKING me eat chocolate every day. He punches me if I don’t. “What can I do? My belly alien is forcing me!” I do try to eat really well, and I’ve been very cognizant of the foods going into my outside-of-me-family lately. We’ve almost cut out all packaged foods. Our next step is to locate and purchase as much organic produce as we can afford. I am STOKED to have our garden this summer so I can feel free to gorge myself on delicious organic tomatoes, strawberries, melons, squashes, and sweet peas. Yahoo!

I’ve already decided that since Hula Girl did so much better when I was on an elimination diet, I am going to just start an elimination diet a couple weeks before Gelato’s due date, and keep it up until he’s a bit older. I will add food groups into my diet slowly, just to make sure I catch any kind of reaction he has. I am positive that the elimination diet was the most beneficial thing I did while nursing Hula Girl- her reflux was almost nonexistent once I started. It was a lot of work and cravings (and denying those cravings), but it was totally worth it to me. I am terrified that Gelato will have crazy reflux like his big sister had, so I’m going to just be proactive. So, if you DO decide to send/bring/make food for our family, know that Jonathan and Hula Girl are the only ones who’ll eat it (at least at first); don’t be offended when I eschew your delicious lasagna for… turkey and sweet potatoes… again. 🙂

I’ve decided on a theme for Gelato’s nursery- woodland gnomes and creatures! Hedgehogs, foxes, toadstools, owls, and gnomes! Can I just say that I LOVE gnomes and I always always always have? In fact, one of my requirements for doing our garden again this summer was that we will have a garden gnome or two peeping out from among the veggies. Anyway, back to the nursery- I’m going to get a white crib, rocker, and changing table (I’ll paint a gnome on the changing table), a plush green rug from IKEA (to look like grass/moss on the forest floor), white “tree” silhouettes on navy curtains (I’ll probably cut these out of felt), and a giant toadstool ottoman/storage container (my dad is building this for me out of an old tree stump).  I found some perfect (albeit a bit expensive) fabric online, which I will use to cover the rocker cushions and which my mom has suggested using for the crib skirt. I will be making a “mobile” of sorts to hang over the changing table- I’ll get a nice thick branch and spray paint it white and hang plush forest creatures from it. EEEEEEEE! I am soooo excited to see how it all turns out! The only thing left to decide is what to do with the walls- paint them, keep them white, add texture somehow? Not sure. We don’t want to do anything too permanent since this is a rental house, after all.

We received a TON of baby boy clothes for Gelato over Easter weekend. Literally, this boy will not need new clothes until he’s at least a year old. Sigh of relief! That makes things a lot easier (and cheaper) for us! Thank you, kind contributers! We were so fortunate to receive so much stuff, because we went through the clothes and we were able to choose things we liked rather than just keeping things because they were free. We also scored a ton of stain-free stuff that way (hard to find when looking at used baby clothes)! Jonathan was over the moon to be picking out clothes for his son. Hula Girl just wanted to try everything on. I was sitting there thinking (and saying , frequently), “Will he really be this little?!??!!”

So, the preparations have begun, and things are looking good. Yay!


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