He Walks!

Well, last Thursdayish, Gelato took his official first steps. Four of them. Right to me. Atta boy.

He’s been working on it ever since, never taking more than one or two steps before gently folding his knees and reaching for the ground. His grace is quite amazing. I am glad we followed Janet Lansbury’s advice in regard to his physical development. (This links to an index; all the articles are amazing. Anyone having a baby should read them and follow the advice. Just sayin’.)

Yesterday he taught himself how to climb down the stairs. I knew he’d do it soon since he has been able to climb up the stairs for about a month. It was only a matter of time. So I moved the gate up to the 5th step so he can practice coming up and down without being in danger. (Here’s why I didn’t teach him to do it on his own, and why I trust him to be safe now that he can.)

Today I was sitting at the bottom of the steps and he was crawling around near me, practicing petting Riley, examining the screws holding the heat register to the wall, and standing up and down over and over with a goofy grin on his face. Finally he used my knee to push himself up to standing, turned around, and walked four steps over to the stairs like it was no big deal. He’s a walker now.

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