Schedules, Goals, Organization, and Such

I am so disappointed I missed out on blogging last week- it was a big week for our family.  Alas, I will have to catch up in list format for now and then go back and do some more detailed posts later on.  ‘Cuz I want to include a lot of other information in this post, and I want to do last week’s events justice.

Last week,

  1. Gelato turned one.
  2. I learned I have a textbook aorta.
  3. I decided to use a Montessori style for homeschooling my kids and started doing a ton of research and got really excited about all the materials I’m asking my dad to make!
  4. Jonathan and I drew out several ideas for play spaces for our kids.
  5. My inner teacher mode kicked into high gear and I wrote out several goals and organizational ideas for September.

I will be writing detailed posts about all the above, as detailed above. 😉 For now, we will focus on #5.

I go through vaguely repeating patterns of contentment and discontentment, mixed in with planning and executing. I’m sure everyone does. I’ll be happily trucking along, doing the stuff, cooking the food, wiping the bottoms, cleaning the grime, watching the Dance Moms. Then discouragement will start to creep in and our bedroom will start to show signs of neglect: a sock without a match that sits on the top of the dresser for a week; a nightstand that could really use a dusting; a bed that remains unmade for a week at a time. Once the bedroom is lost, the upstairs hallway disappears under baskets full of clean but unfolded laundry.  Then the laundry room/kids bathroom is buried under dirty laundry (how do they make so much laundry?!), bottles of shampoo, and various hair accessories. Once the upstairs is sacrificed, debris begins to collect on the staircase. Need to move it upstairs but don’t want to go all the way up right now? Leave it on the third step. Third step full? Move it to the second. And so on. Eventually my kitchen, my last bastion of order, surrenders to clutter and crumbs.

At this point, I cry to Jonathan and whine, “Why do I have to do everything around here by myself?!?!” I don’t really have to do anything by myself. I have a 3-year-old helper for all my chores during the day, and Jonathan pitches in without even asking what needs to be done every night. I’m just a whiner.

So then Jonathan will work really hard and get one area clean, and that usually gives me the boost I need in order to finish the job. Usually. After I get everything cleaned, I switch into organization mode. I set up lists and schedules and I tend to go about it from a whole-day point of view. I make sure my kids’ sleep schedules get tweaked and fine-tuned, I adjust roomtime and learning time and outside play time, and I even write down all my chores and decide on which days I will (idealistically) complete them.

This time, however, I haven’t gotten everything cleaned. Every effort of Jonathan’s is very much appreciated but I just can’t bring myself to do it! We’re moving soon, and I have a hard time motivating myself to keep anything clean because I know it’s all going to be packed and then deep-cleaned anyway. So this weekend I went straight from depths-of-filth-depression-mode into post-squalor-purge-mode and made myself a brand spankin’ new, shiny, upgraded, fully-loaded, heckuva organizational plan…to be implemented in two weeks. I am giving us two weeks of “when did that milk cup get stuffed behind that couch cushion???” and “what’s that gunk on the baseboard over there?” while we pack and organize.

Please note that my kitchen will stay clean. I do not serve food out of a dirty kitchen.   

 So without further ado, here’s an overview of my household chores and organization methods in our fast-approaching life-to-be:

1. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Chores (for all three of the contributing members of the family)

2. Monthly Budget Meeting (parents, doy)

3. Monthly Freezer Meal Cooking Extravaganza (probably just me)

4. Bi-Weekly Toy Rotation (Daddy’s on it)

5. Weekly Receipt Entering and Paper Filing Festival (me- note the two that have exciting sounding descriptions are just me. I like to try and keep myself motivated.)

And I made a list of goals in four areas of my life: Relationships, Personal, Household (yes, I need to make a goal to follow my organizational system- step off), and Teaching. And guess what else?! I planned out a sticker chart for myself. Juvenile? Hardly. Who doesn’t like having physical evidence, no matter how small, to prove to oneself that the job is accomplished?! Of course, if we could afford it, you know I’d be trading in my gold stars for lattes.

As far as schedules are concerned, well…

Hula Girl is at a point where I am almost unsure what to do about her schedule. I am trying to keep her on an age-appropriate nap time and bedtime, but it seems whatever I’m trying to do is just slightly off somehow. And Gelato is actually getting really consistent. Go figure. They gang up on me, I tell ya. “You be off this week and I’ll be off next week! Then the week after that let’s BOTH be off. That’ll really do her in.” But I’m thinking we’re leaning toward something like this:

7:00 G up, nurse, get dressed

7:15 H up, milk, get dressed, storytime

7:30 breakfast

8:00 walk/outside play

8:30 reading/SSR

9:00 G nap; H chores

9:30 H learning time

10:15 H free play

10:45 G up from nap, nurse, roomtime; H roomtime

11:30 lunchtime

12:00 outside play

12:45 H individual reading; G free play

1:15 H nap; G learning time

1:30 G individual reading

1:45 G nap

3:15 up from naps, milk/nurse, snack

3:45 outside play

4:30 H table activity; G kitchen assistant

4:45 G table activity; H kitchen assistant

5:00 supervised sibling inside play

5:30 dinner

6:00 family activities

6:30 bath; G bedtime routine

6:45 G nurse; H dry hair, get in jammies

7:00 G bedtimeH read, massage, talk about her day

7:45 H bedtime

Obviously we will be tweaking and shifting as kids get older and need different things in their lives, but as far as I can predict, this will be our life when we move. Add in some time reading the Bible, exercising, blogging, and cooking, and you’ve got my whole day right in front of your eyes!

I sure can’t wait to get going on our new system!!!



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