Pull a Rabbit out of the Hat!

Today has been a pretty nice day so far! I have actually been well enough to play with Hula Girl, which I haven’t done in about a week. I know, bad mommy skills on that one, but I have just been so run down. However, today I had no choice- Jonathan went back to work so I would have had to pull a rabbit out of the wellness hat somehow even if I were still feeling so icky. Fortunately I did not need to become a magician.

Hula Girl and I spent the morning playing with her clean diapers. She likes to “help” with laundry, so we play a lot during that time. This morning was super fun as she’s been really into laying on her tummy and laughing for no reason lately. So while she did that funny little dance, I piled all her diapers on top of her and let her giggle. Then I reached through those microfleece layers and tickled her little toes. Oh, how she loves “Tickle Toes!”

Our next adventure involved looking at the Mommy and Baby on the car seat box. Yes, it’s still sitting in my living room, even though we got the car seat installed on Saturday. We’re sick, all right?! We’ve been busy gardening! I don’t really think I need to make an excuse. It’s only been 3 days. Anyway, Hula Girl has been very into noses lately. She likes to point out noses whenever she sees them. Animal noses, human noses, cartoon noses, you name it. If it’s a nose, she points to it. So cute!

After nap time and lunch time, Jonathan came home to visit. Hula Girl was very excited to see her Daddy. After all, it had been, what, five whole hours since she saw him last! I can’t say that I blame her. It is very exciting to have him home at lunchtime. Since he’s doing training for his job this week, it will be a week-long event! Something to look forward to every single day!

Our visit went really well yesterday. We were concerned that Hula Girl might be really nervous and crabby- she’s got a pretty marked case of stranger anxiety. However, she cried only once, when a man in glasses approached her, but then she was fine the rest of the time. She even went and played with the girls’ fingernails (painted hot green) and hat tassels (who wears a hat indoors in spring!? Middle schoolers!) and chewed on some Tupperware. It was great to see those girls!

All in all, I’d say our outlook is improving as we are getting over this mondo-illness. Thank goodness!

What’s the best magic trick you’ve ever seen?

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