Rainy Days

Yesterday and today have been cold, rainy days around here. What a nice change for us! We’re all glad the weather is finally cooling off! The kids and I have been soaking in the quiet togetherness that rainy days create.

Yesterday the kidlets played with Play-Doh after breakfast while I put dinner in the crock pot. Then we went for a walk in the drizzle. Our neighbor’s dog came with us and Hula Girl spent the entire walk throwing the dog’s ball. Gelato spent the entire walk alternating between crying because his hood was on and crying because his hood was off. 🙂 Afterward, we came home and the kiddos had some hot chocolate. In the afternoon we cleaned the house and baked biscuits, and then the kids played with shaving cream paint in the tub. They had an early dinner of chili and biscuits and then we welcomed our small group. The kids played quietly during the first few minutes of small group, and then it was time for Jonathan to put them to bed. Hula Girl, of course, did not fall asleep right away; she stood looking out her window to watch our guests leave, as she always does when we have company.

This morning, Hula Girl didn’t wake up until 8:00, so Gelato and I made breakfast together before we got her up. They had banana bread and milk for breakfast. While they ate, I read them the story of Noah’s Ark from Genesis. Hula Girl was surprised and said, “Mommy, I’m amazed that the story in the Bible is just like the story in our Jesus Storybook Bible! God is sure awesome! And he made rainbows to make a promise!”

Then we cleaned up and the kids stayed in their jammies while they played with the Lite Brite and Cootie. After we got that craziness cleaned up, we decided it was time to start making Christmas gifts and decorations. (Nay-Nay and Auntie Joanna, something’s coming your way soon!) Gelato surprised me with his dexterity! We were stringing Christmas beads (not pony beads- the star-shaped things that have small holes in the middle) on pipe cleaners to make “icicles” to hang in the tree. He could do it! I was amazed. Hula Girl has discovered a passion for stringing beads, and she will be making many many many more of these for friends and family alike. 🙂

Around 10:00, I got the kids bundled up in sweat pants, rain coats, and boots, and I sent them out in the backyard so I could read my Bible while watching them play. They got SOAKED. And they loved it. At 10:45, I called them back in and welcomed them with a hair dryer, big towels, and fleece footie jammies. Hula Girl thought it was great fun to have me blow dry her entire body; both of them loved it when I pulled their jammies out from their bodies and blew warm air down their backs. Ah, to be a preschooler again! Then we snuggled up on the couch and read several books under a cozy blanket.

After lunch, Gelato started his nap and Hula Girl and I finished Peter Pan. This is the fourth movie she’s ever seen. I am not a super big fan of it for her- there are lots of names called, Indians are portrayed in a terrible light, and there is just a lot of violence in general. I had to keep reminding her that it’s all a big game the Lost Boys play with the other inhabitants of Neverland, and that since it’s all pretend, none of these things actually happen. She is much more partial to Frozen. I have to agree with her! She has also seen Cinderella and The Aristocats. I like Frozen and Cinderella best.

When the kids wake up from naps, I plan to take them to Walmart, just to get out of the house for a while. We need to get a few pull-ups for Gelato (he sleeps in a pull-up but is potty-trained otherwise), and I believe they carry a non-GMO cornmeal there, which would be great for cornbread. (You’ll notice I said we baked biscuits to eat with our chili yesterday… yup, we are out of cornmeal.) I’m hoping Jonathan will light our fireplace after dinner so we can bring the kids down and read them a bedtime story in front of the fire tonight.


It’s a Beautiful Life

Boy, oh boy, was I wrong. Yesterday should not have been called gorgeous or beautiful. No, no. Yesterday was merely mediocre. Today is gorgeous. Jonathan and I spent Hula Girl’s first nap outside, planning out where exactly we’re going to plant each plant in our garden. We also watered the back lawn (which we’re bringing back to life through intense labor and re-seeding- you’re welcome, Land Lady), weeded, and marked out the pathways through the garden. During her next nap, we’ll be back outside, weeding (we’ll be doing a lot of this all summer long), starting some seeds in the garage, and doing a general clean-up around our property.

We live at the intersection between two streets- both streets end at our corner. Our house is situated up against the foothills of the mountains, in an area affectionately known by the locals as the “Hogbacks.” This area hosts a variety of activities; namely, elementary and middle school boys go up there and shoot each other with paintball guns. Because of the geography of our location, we tend to get a lot of wind. This wind brings with it the filth and refuse from all our neighbors within a 2-mile radius. This morning’s sampling included an empty Pop Tarts box, a broken yellow balloon, a bit of Styrofoam,  about three boxes’ worth of cardboard, and some electrical tape. Typical haul.

Yesterday, Jonathan came home early and watched Hula Girl so I could get out and do something. I went to the coffee shop and had an iced caramel latte. Then I went to WalMart and bought wooden letters, craft paint, ribbon, and silk flowers to make Hula Girl’s name on her wall. I finished this morning- it turned out far better than I expected! Here are some of the letters:

These are my 2 favorites!

I love crafting. I love making things. I get creative little spurts. Jonathan and I have decided that I am very good at making things, but they have to be things I can make in under three hours. If something is going to take longer than three hours, I will run out of steam and will not likely ever finish that project. The exception- if something is a gift, I will spend more time on it, but I will need to space it out over the course of months. This is why my adorable sister-in-law has yet to receive her Christmas gift. I’m making it, and it’s taking longer than three hours. Sure hope she likes it after all!

Did you do anything fun for April Fool’s Day yesterday?


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