Our Kitchen is Gross

So we bought our house this fall. We love the location, we love the homey feel of the house, and we love the neighbors. What we don’t love is the look of the house itself. It’s a ranch house that was built in the 60s. The exterior is actually pretty okay. But the interior… yikes. There is wood paneling, rust-colored laminate flooring, and lots and lots of oak.

Apparently wood trim (baseboards, doors, railings, etc.) is a thing here in Wisconsin. Most of the houses we looked at when we were buying, both online and in person, were chock-full of wood. Wood everywhere. It feels so dark and grim to me. I like bright, white, clean, and crisp. Wood can be pretty sometimes, but wow, it’s overwhelming to me.

So my kitchen. Let me tell you about my kitchen.

  • Cabinets: Oak with tiny round white knobs, very flimsy-feeling, and noisy as heck
  • Flooring: Rust-colored laminate made to look like terra-cotta tiles with super dark grayish brown “grout” in between
  • Appliances: Older than me– literally, mismatched
  • Countertops: Gray
  • Wall color: Formula-fed-baby poop
  • Layout: Terrible, closed-in, dark

Here are a few pictures to help you visualize the madness. Comments below each picture.


This is the pantry/coat closet that greets you as you walk in from the garage. Here you can see a good representation of the floor and wall color.


I have been doing dishes all morning. The dishwasher is full of clean dishes. The counters are full of clean dishes, too. The dishwasher has a towel stuffed underneath it because somehow the opening for the dishwasher is open to the freezing cold Wisconsin air. I’m totally keeping it real here, everyone. Oh, and that phantom light fixture is hovering there because we have a ghost in the kitchen and/or my phone case reflects light in weird ways.


Here’s a really nice close look at the cabinets and their hardware. Geeee-rossssss.


Haha, look at that tiny tiny microwave. And the oldest stove known to man, which is currently taken apart so I can wash the under-burner crumb/spill catcher bowl thingies. (I am certain they have a much more proper name than that.) Also, I swept the floor this morning. And then the kids ate breakfast. Oy, this is the life.

Ok, so here are my thoughts.

First, I would love to rip everything out, tear down some walls, and start over. Gotta save the dollaz for that. So, we will be doing some small stuff and some not-so-small stuff in the interim. I think we’ll go in a couple of phases.

Phase 1 (2017)

  • Paint all the wood stuff white and replace the hardware
  • Replace the shelf and drawer liners with something that’s not fifty years old
  • Paint the baby poop walls a light, warm greyish taupe
  • Replace the crazy faux-brick backsplash with something pretty and shiny to reflect a bit more light
  • Figure out why the dishwasher opening leaks frigid air and fix that problem
  • Replace the ceiling fan that is in the eat-in area of the kitchen

Phase 2 (2018-2020)

  • Cut out that low-hanging header from which the cabinets are suspended– it serves absolutely no purpose except to make the cabinets lower and closer to the countertops, so the work space is super cramped
  • Replace the sink and fixtures so I have more than 12 inches between the faucet and the bottom of the sink (the current setup makes washing large bowls and pots very difficult– it’s like Sink Tetris, y’all)
  • Replace the appliances

Phase 3 (sometime around 2025?)

  • Reconfigure the layout
  • Replace flooring, cabinets, etc.
  • Basically rip it out and start over (WOO!)

I plan to start washing all the wood stuff with TSP this week. Gotta start somewhere. Clean surfaces really help. 🙂

I’ll keep you updated every now and then.

10-Year Reunion

I have had several friends from outside my high school tell me that their 10-year reunion wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. They said, “It was weird,” “no one showed up,” and “I hope the next one is better!”

I agree on all counts.

Not because of lack of effort by the planning committee. Those guys did a great job. None of them still live where we went to high school, so everything was planned long-distance. They even had a website set up for all the rest of us to register and learn about the event. That was great.

But I think the folks who didn’t show up should have shown up.

We have known each other since at least third grade, on most counts.

There were only 93 people in our graduating class. We missed the rest of you.

Most of us are/were still friends on Facebook and we’ve been able to track almost everyone pretty well since graduation.

And I went to school with a lot of really nice people. They do interesting things, they’re living good lives, and none of them are awful or mean! They just didn’t come, and I was bummed out to see the lack of attendees.

It was really fun to see some of the people who were there. A lot of us have children around the same ages, so meeting everyone’s kids in person was great! (Hula Girl was particularly taken with a pair of sisters- she followed them around and held hands with them. Adorable.) Some others don’t have kids yet but are doing really interesting things with their lives, so it was really fun to get to know their stories a bit more in depth. I thought it was nice that we weren’t all reminiscing about the good ol’ days- we have moved on. I also loved that our spouses are all so sweet and many of the husbands had a fantastic time together playing pool.

I don’t know. It was a mixed bag for me. On one hand, it was great seeing people. On the other, it was sad not seeing some other people. But overall, I was surprised at how little there really was to talk about. The culprit? Facebook.

I think Facebook ruined our reunion. Since we’re all still “friends” we kind of already know what’s going on in each other’s lives. No one really needed to attend the reunion to find out what their high school classmates are up to. We already know. We know who has what job, who lives where, who is married to whom, who has children (and we know the names, ages, and first-time-using-the-potty dates of all the kids as well)!!! There is nothing to discuss. Here’s how an actual conversation went:

Classmate: “So, you just moved into a house.”

Me: “Yep.”

Classmate: “Do you like it?”

Me: “Yep. It’s nice having a house.”

Classmate: “Good.”

End of conversation.

Seriously. That’s the only thing that classmate and I said to each other. After 10 years of not seeing each other.

Thanks, Facebook.

After the reunion I went through Facebook and cut out over 150 people from my “friends” list. I realized that the person I spent the most time talking to that evening was the only one of us there who doesn’t have Facebook. It was nice to have an actual conversation. (Sorry if you were one of the deleted folks. I just figured I’d rather have actual in-person friendships. If you still need to contact me, my phone number hasn’t changed since high school. And you can always re-friend me on Facebook.)

And can I rant about one thing?

There is one girl who, since sixth grade, has not liked me. I don’t know what I ever did to offend her. Seriously. We’ve never been rude to each other, but she has always been cold to me. Like, she has always intentionally turned her back on me and has never once started a conversation. And it did not change at the reunion. From the moment she and her husband walked in to the moment Jonathan and I left, she did not even make eye contact with me at all. Not even a cursory across-the-room “Oh, hey!” Our husbands got along great, by the way. I had nothing to start a conversation with, so I didn’t go and make the first move. I just thought it was so strange and silly that still, after ten years of life experience, she chose to give me the same treatment she did in high school. Guess we’re not meant to be besties!

Anyway. All this to say that if you weren’t there, you WERE missed. I especially missed the soccer girls and KATIE. You would have made the evening 10 million times better, Friendy-Friend. Oh, and BETHANY, where the heck were you? I SO wanted to meet Ella.

My advice? Before attending any high school reunion, un-friend ALL your classmates on Facebook at least a year in advance. At least you’ll be interesting then. 🙂


Hula Girl’s Art Table

Hula Girl and I do not see eye-to-eye when it comes to “projects.” I tend to have a finished vision in mind and she couldn’t care less. She is much more interested in the process and discovery than the actual product. She LOVES to paint, color, tape, glue, and make a mess. A huge mess. There is some innate sense of hatred of paint that resides deep in my soul. Every time we pull out paints (water colors, tempera paints, finger paints, doesn’t matter), I end up a stressed-out ball of frayed angry nerves and I don’t tend to mother with very much gentleness or grace. I don’t know what it is about paint that does this to me.

And it’s not just paint. Hula Girl puts everything in her mouth. I mean, EVERYTHING. (I’m actually looking into this from a more medical/psychological point of view right now because I mean it when I say she puts everything in her mouth.) She knows that she’s not supposed to, but she does it. From the very first of our art endeavors, when I handed then-10-month-old Hula Girl some crayons and a piece of paper and proudly posted pictures of the scribbles all over Facebook, to our most recent watercolor masterpiece at the easel encounter, she has had her supplies taken from her for putting them in her mouth. I am not kidding. I have had to stop the activity or take supplies each and every time we have ever attempted art, because she is always tasting and sampling and chewing and licking and spitting. Drives.me.crazy. (My poor mother-in-law has had to hear all about this over and over. Sorry, Momma C.) Thank goodness kids’ art supplies are generally considered non-toxic (although you’d have to pay me a LOT of money before I’d admit that maybe the artificial dyes aren’t so bad after all…)


I have been wanting to test a theory. I have been pondering the idea that perhaps Hula Girl has been so obsessed with putting art supplies in her mouth partially because she knows it makes me so upset. What if I just gave her free access to them and didn’t care about what she actually does with them? What if I just let her go for it using whatever supplies she wanted to use to create anything she wanted to create? Would we still have the mouthing issue? I have been talking it over with Jonathan and he said we could create an art space for Hula Girl somewhere in the house.

Then, last Friday we were given a free “art table” for children. It looks like this. Some random neighbor we’ve never talked to before chased me down when I was out on a walk with the kids (actually, I was terrified about this random person running behind me!), and she offered the art desk to us since she doesn’t have any kids. I said we’d take a look at it, and once we did, we knew we had to have it.

Since it was used, Hula Girl and I spent some time on Saturday afternoon washing it and making it a bit more presentable (we removed the white board section before we soaped it up). It wasn’t in really bad shape, but it had some writing on the white board that was done in permanent marker, and it was a bit dusty. Hula Girl was a great help when we were washing it. I gave her a sponge and let her go for it. She ended up with mud all over her feet, a trend that continued throughout the weekend. (Mud messes I can handle; paint messes, not so much. Weird?)

I ran to Walmart (our favorite store, duh) and stocked up. Like, STOCKED UP. Hula Girl now has access to white board crayons, regular crayons, markers, watercolor paints, colored pencils, regular pencils, erasers, tape, glue, scissors, paper, and stickers. I am planning to add playdough (homemade), 3-D supplies (like egg cartons, etc.), and chalk. I will also add other supplies, and specialized supplies (like glitter crayons), as she gets older.

She has been busy. She has spent 2.5 hours total over the past three days just cutting. My floor is covered in little tiny scraps of paper. But she is busy and happy and she feels that the work she is doing is very important. She keeps putting stickers on paper and cutting them in half so that Jonathan and I can “learn what happens.” She has painted, colored, taped, and written the letter “N” over and over. Absolutely nothing I would have wanted to do in my supplies-hating heart.

And do you want to know something else? She has not put any of her supplies in her mouth, with one exception. She put the glue stick on her lips because it reminded her of chapstick. She hasn’t done that since. 🙂


Who’s Got the Time?

I hate it when people have a blog but don’t keep it up well. This matches right up with the theory that we find the speck in someone else’s eye and ignore the log in our own. ‘Cuz I really haven’t been keeping up well. Even though I post every week or two, vowing that things will be different and that I want to keep up!

I realized WHY I have been so bad at this during the past few months.

Toddler + Baby = Blogging Deficiency.

It’s not so much that the demands of being a mom to a toddler and a baby are so super stressful that I can’t see straight anymore. It’s just the wacky schedule we’ve got going. Gelato is still nursing on a close-to-three-hour schedule. That means his naps fall at weird times in the day and his last nap only overlaps with Hula Girl’s nap for about 15-30 minutes, maybe 45 minutes if he’s on a bit earlier routine than normal, at the beginning and the end. I’ll give you a big picture shot of a typical day:

5:45 a.m. Gelato wakes and coos/screeches to himself

6:15 a.m. I get up and nurse Gelato

7:00 a.m. Hula Girl’s clock tells her it’s time to get up; I go get her

7:45 a.m. Gelato goes down for his first nap

9:30 a.m. I get Gelato up and nurse him while Hula Girl has roomtime

11:00/15 a.m. Gelato goes down for his second nap

12:30 p.m. Hula Girl goes down for her nap

12:45 p.m. Gelato wakes from his nap and I nurse him

2:15/30 p.m. Gelato goes down for his last nap

3:00 p.m. Hula Girl’s clock tells her it’s time to get up; I go get her

3:15/45/4:00 p.m. Gelato wakes up from his last nap (very variable based on his previous naps) and I nurse him

6:00/15/30 p.m. Gelato goes to bed (I nurse him)

7:00 ish p.m. Hula Girl goes to bed

Then there is the clean-up from the day and the putting-the-dinner-away and the collapse-into-bed-and-read or sit-on-the-couch-and-catch-up-on-Project-Runway that lures me in and I can’t escape.

So by 9:00 p.m., I have had about 15-45 minutes, total, during which I am alert enough to log in and write… which makes it kind of disheartening. I can’t really write a good blog post in 15 minutes, let alone proof it (and y’all know I miss stuff all the time, even on my best days). So… yeah.

Yes, I just dedicated 15 minutes to writing a blog post about not having 15 minutes to write a blog post. Meh. Just know that the ideas are all there and that I frequently find myself saying, “I can’t wait to write a post about this!!!” I’ll catch up someday… or maybe not. 🙂

Haul out the Holly

Yep, another song for ya. Lucille Ball style. ‘Cuz Christmas just isn’t Christmas without terrible singing, creepy Santa masks, and ornamented spectacles. I apologize for the WB petition at the beginning of the clip. I’d also like to draw your attention to the last few seconds of the video, where the poster claims the video wasn’t popular because it was released after people lost interest in musicals. Yeah, that’s why it wasn’t popular. 

Anyway, I have had this song running through my head for the past couple of days, and I’ve been thinking about a comment conversation between Kristy and me. She and I were talking about how this time of year is supposed to be filled with joy and yet it is just filled with people rushing around. Kristy even commented that people seem LESS joyful at this time of year than at any other time.

I had to laugh at myself the other day when Jonathan and I were working on some decorating around the house (because, NO, of course we’re not done! We’ll finish decorating on Christmas). I was getting all flustered and frustrated because he was taking a long time to accomplish some task and I just wanted to move on to something else and needed his help. I ended up saying, “Come on! I just want to celebrate CHRISTMAS!”

Yesterday I was at Walmart (oh, you KNOW I loved it). It was 2:40, and I was due home to feed Gelato by 3. He had woken up from his nap early, so Jonathan was carrying him around the house trying to keep him happy. I was pretty stoked to see a line that wasn’t five carts long (unusual sighting at a Walmart on a Sunday afternoon just before the Bronco game). I happily joined the line and then realized that the lady in front of me had her cart filled with a thousand Yoplait yogurt containers, 35 bags of Fritos, enough pork’n’beans to feed all the relatives in My Big Fat Greek Wedding until they paddle back to Greece in their inflatable canoes, and about a gazillion boxes of Hamburger Helper. You got it- Extreme Couponer Alert!

Since I try my hardest to be kind to all, and it frustrates me when people are rude to total strangers, I decided to stay in the line. I figured walking off in a huff, or even trying to surreptitiously check out the next-shortest line would make the clerk feel bad. It’s not HER fault that the Red Plum insert just came out. She was smiling an apologetic smile at me, and it would have been somewhat insensitive to just run away. So I smiled my “it’s-okay-because-I’m-patient” smile and pulled out my phone to check Facebook.

Then another lady, cart laden with party supplies, complete with piñata, pulled in behind me. She made some sort of comment about being in a hurry because she had to get home to set up before the guests arrived. You can probably see where this is headed.

Not only did Extreme Couponer watch the Sales Associate scan every single item (and check the price of each one while it was being scanned), but then she pulled out a prepaid debit card that had exactly $110 on it- she bought it last week, after all. Turns out the Sales Associate at the register is not actually supposed to be on a register after all. She’s a Floor person who got called to the front due to Excessive Couponers inundating the Regular Register Folk with heaping carts full of processed-flour-and-corn-syrup-laden-but-cheap!!! items. Anyway, the Sales Associate simply CANNOT figure out how to process the card. I mean, it says DEBIT right there on the front of the card, so the machine must be making a mistake when it tells the cashier to press the CREDIT button! She simply cannot press the CREDIT button- after all, the card says DEBIT. So it must be an error made by the Extreme Couponer on the customer side of the machine. She tells the Couponer to clear everything out and run it again, this time hitting DEBIT. Three times. Each time, the Couponer runs it through but the machine does not give her the option to hit DEBIT. It tells her to tell the cashier to press the CREDIT key. This is all too much for our Floor Sales Associate who has kindly but naively stepped up to the rigorous and taxing challenge known as “Customer Service”. So she calls in her Supervisor- a girl who is younger than me by about 8 years. Girl swipes the card, hits CREDIT, and moves on. “Oh, I just didn’t know I could do that! Thank you so much for helping me! I am so sorry that I didn’t realize that could be done! <slightly embarrassed laughter> I guess it’s just this old brain of mine! I keep telling my husband that things just aren’t working the way they used to!” and so on.

Now it might sound like I was annoyed. To be honest, I was. After all, I knew Jonathan was home with a fussy baby and Hula Girl’s nap end time looming. That’s enough to make any Mommy antsy. But I decided to keep on smiling that patient smile. After all, Floor Sales People can’t really be expected to know all the tips and tricks of the register. So I made polite conversation with her and found out that she was pretty flustered because the day had been crazy, what with the holidays and the Bronco game and all. She seemed to be somewhat timid and she kept getting distracted when the PSA Lady kept saying her name (PSA Lady was calling for someone else with the same name, but you all know what it feels like when someone calls your name, even if they’re not calling you). So, I gave her a little encouragement and wished her a Merry Christmas. She was going to need all the encouragement she could get, because Procrastinating Party Person behind me definitely needs a little Christmas.

Throughout the Couponing/DEBIT Debacle, as I was keenly interested in what was happening in front of me, I couldn’t help but overhear, “<mumble mumble shuffle shuffle beep beep> Hi. Yeah. Of course I am stuck in the long line. No I am not anywhere near leaving. Plus there’s someone else in front of me. No, the cashier’s soooooooo slow. I can’t believe she’s doing the register today. I mean, come on. Don’t they know that today is a busy day? Shouldn’t they put the fast people on the registers? Yeah and the lady is buying like all the yogurt in the store. I am serious.” Et cetera.

Luke 2:10-But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.”

Christmas sure isn’t about the decorations. It’s not about the wrapping. It’s not about the cider. It’s not about the holly. People need Christmas. Real Christmas. I hope Floor Sales Associate felt some Christmas from me. Isn’t it my job to bring Christmas to the world?

PS- Here’s a little shot of my peaceful Christmas with the family. Jonathan and I were snuggling with Hula Girl and we were reading Christmas stories together while sipping hot spiced cider.

Cider by the Tree

Water Pump needs Replacing…

… and that’s going to cost us a grand total of $1450. So, tack on $1000 from yesterday’s already-too-much-for-us repair charge and you’ve got yourself a great way to put us into debt!

I am feeling pretty downhearted and defeated today. The cost of the car alone is weighing pretty heavily. And then I am trying to deal with/figure out our hospital/physicians’ bills and insurance for Gelato’s birth. We have a secondary insurance that was supposed to cover anything done in a hospital by a hospital employee, but our primary insurance isn’t covering anything done by a physician (not a hospital employee) because the hospital and physicians’ offices all filed claims listing our secondary insurance. So now I have to get that straightened out. Or else we owe like $10,000 total. Heh. That’s not going to happen.

I was reading a mom’s devotional this morning talking about discouragement. The author mentions stuff about lifting up your head so you can receive encouragement from God. So that’s what I’ve been doing today. Literally. Every time I feel downcast or overwhelmed (which has been plenty of times!!!) I have actually looked up at the ceiling. So far, I have received encouragement in small doses… but large enough to help me handle each situation well enough that my kids don’t waste away. I think that’s my goal today: don’t let my family starve. Also: don’t let Gelato get diaper rash just because I don’t feel like changing him. 🙂 (Side note: how wonderful is it that Hula Girl is potty trained already?!? Because two in diapers would be absolutely horrendous right now. Just sayin’.) So yeah, small doses of encouragement have kept my children fed and clean.

This is the end of my diary entry for today. Another post to follow.


Does this bother anyone else?

Why can’t she just paint with ONE color and then switch? Why must she dip her brush in EVERY color before she paints a black streak on the paper? Why must she WASTE all that paint that gets wiped off at the end of the session?

Oh well, at least she had fun. 🙂

Officially Ready Now!

Hooray! My dad is awesome. He came today and delivered our last piece of necessary baby equipment- the changing table. He built Hula Girl’s changing table and we love it so much. It’s actually more like a dresser that can be used as a changing table when she’s little and it will definitely be something that she keeps in her room forever. So we were quite attached to it, and we really didn’t like anything else for Gelato. So I asked my dad to build us another one… and he did! And guess what- he even turned little toadstool-shaped handles on his lathe for the drawer pulls! How’s that for awesome?

Hula Girl was excited to see her “Maybe” (Grampy) today. She hasn’t seen him in a long time. She helped him put the changing table together and then monopolized his time until lunch by keeping him busy with Legos. She handed him all the blue ones and made him build her a tower. It was a twisty tower, something she hasn’t seen before. She liked it. She will be quite sad to find out that “Maybe” has  gone home when she wakes from her nap.

In other news, I got bit by a stupid fire ant today. And it’s not the first time that’s happened. I was pushing Hula Girl in her swing on the front patio while Grampy carried parts of the changing table in from the car. And then she said she wanted to feel Gelato in my tummy. I thought that was sweet, so I stopped pushing her and let her feel, just long enough to stop staring at my feet and squashing the little pests every two seconds, and just long enough for one of them to get brave enough to get revenge. OW. So now my foot is swollen. And it hurts like the dickens. But you’ll all be glad to know I have fortunately learned from my previous mistakes, and I did not freeze my foot and get frostbite this time.

Anyway, Gelato is due tomorrow. I am feeling crampy and icky today, with a few contractions thrown in there for good measure. But I refuse to pay attention until they hurt or until something else happens (like, if I am one of the 10% of women whose water breaks pre-labor or something). So there.

Pre-admission Appointment and Who’s my Pediatrician!?

Well, it’s official. I can’t hold the hospital responsible if someone steals my jewelry while we’re there.

Seriously, I had to sign a document releasing the hospital from responsibility for my valuables while we’re there to deliver Gelato. I think that’s just silly.

I also think it’s silly that we even had to GO to the hospital in the first place- after all, I could have just signed everything in a packet and dropped it off, or e-signed it on the hospital’s website, or something! But no, we had to go in person do get it all done.

Okay, so now that you know I was grumpy to begin with, let me elaborate on the redeeming aspects of the visit this morning.

First, the nurses were all very nice. I mean, they kind of have to be- I’m ginormously pregnant and it’s their job to make me want to feel comfortable so that THEIR jobs are easier (who wants to deal with an irrationally upset woman in labor?!).

Secondly, there were literally like only 12 people in the whole entire birth place. Including three babies in the nursery (gotta love the little spread-eagled kiddo with sweet shades basking in the jaundice lights). Now, I understand that things could get crazy and busy in there, but today it was very calm and quiet. We like that.

Third, they did just remodel the whole unit. That equals nice-ish rooms, albeit still not as nice as the one where Hula Girl was delivered. The rooms are also equipped with new technology, including waterproof wireless monitors. No more being confined to the bed for fetal monitoring! I am actually VERY excited about this since I was stuck in bed on my LEFT SIDE ONLY for 17 hours before Hula Girl came out. Being able to move around freely will be grrrrreat!

Another thing that I learned is that hospital policy allows for a heparin lock, which releases me to move freely as well. No being tied to a bag o’ fluids 24/7. Score.

Some of the things that aren’t like a huge deal to me, but might make natural labor better are jacuzzi tubs, showers, birthing balls, squatting bars, and brand new beds that can accommodate many different positions in each room. I was also pleased to learn (prior to this visit, in conversation with someone…can’t remember who) that many of the nurses at this particular hospital are very supportive of natural birth techniques and will be very open to hearing my opinion about things. So that’s nice.

So, all in all things went well. Then we had this conversation with Kim, our admission nurse:

Kim: Who is your pediatrician?

Us: We use [certain pediatric group].

Kim: Oh, they don’t have privileges at this hospital.

Us: Oh. Um, so what does that mean?

Kim: Well, when he’s born, he’ll be seen by [Dr. So-and-so], who is the hospital pediatrician. Then when you leave, we’ll transfer his records to [certain pediatric group] so they can do all the follow-ups as necessary.

Us: Okay. Does [Dr. So-and-so] do the circumcision, then?

Kim: No, he doesn’t handle circumcisions. Who’s your OB? Oh, [Dr. Dipsy], she doesn’t do circumcisions, either. Most pediatrician’s offices handle circumcisions nowadays.

Us: We want to have it done before we leave the hospital.

Kim: Well, [Dr. Someone Else], who’s part of your OB’s group, does circumcisions. You’ll need to contact your OB and ask about setting that up while you’re still here.

Us: Okay.

So after that very long and confusing conversation happened, I felt really frustrated. I had specifically called and asked my pediatrician’s office about delivering at this particular hospital and made sure that they DO have privileges there. They said they do have two doctors with privileges at the hospital, so I don’t need to worry. By the way, I am still not loving our pediatrician’s office… we are probably going to switch… I am researching that right after I finish this post.

I decided to give the pediatrician’s office yet another call after we left the hospital. Here’s what that conversation was like:

Receptionist Girl: Thank you for calling [pediatrician group]. 

Me: Hi, I just left my preadmission appointment at [hospital] and I am somewhat confused. The nurse mentioned that [pediatrician group] has no doctors with privileges at [hospital]. Is that true?

Receptionist Girl: No, [Dr. T] and [Dr. G] work there all the time. Let me double-check. Yep, they both have privileges at [hospital]. 

Me: Oh, okay. So how do I make sure you guys get called when my son is born? The nurse said they’d just call the in-house pediatrician there. 

Receptionist Girl: I think they’ll just call us. 

Me: The nurse said they wouldn’t. 

Receptionist Girl: Well, I think they will when they realize they can. 

Me: Um, okay. So then do [Dr. T] and [Dr. G] do circumcisions?

Receptionist Girl: No, neither of them do. 

Me: So how does that work, then? I want my son circumcised before we leave the hospital.

Receptionist Girl: Well, another doctor, [Dr. E], does the circumcisions. 

Me: But [Dr. E] doesn’t have privileges in the hospital? 

Receptionist Girl: I’m not sure. 

Me: Okay. Thanks for the information. Bye.

So yeah, I’m going to be finding a new pediatrician. Like, now.

Update- I now have an appointment to meet with a new pediatrician Monday at 4:45. 🙂

How did this Week get so Busy?!

I like to keep Hula Girl’s and my weeks a nice healthy mix of busy and not-so-busy. Therefore we have days where we are going from the moment she gets up until the moment we return home in time for roomtime, lunch, and nap, and other slower days where we take our time getting “ready,” going outside, and playing with all her toys on the living room floor. But suddenly this week became GO TIME. I do feel really bad when weeks happen to be full of activity. If you ask Hula Girl what is her favorite thing to do, she will automatically respond, “Play toys.” She looooooves sitting down/crawling around in the living room making her ponies eat hay or go for a run, or building stables for her ponies with blocks, or setting up the bowling pins and knocking them down an infinite number of times. She also loves to listen to music while we play so she can stand up and bop to the beat whenever she feels the need.

But not this week. This week will be full of busy busy busy. We have something going on every single morning until Friday! Quite unusual. I am actually kind of glad that it’s happening now, because then maybe Hula Girl will actually appreciate and enjoy all the time we’ll be spending at home when Gelato is little.

Yesterday we ate breakfast out on the patio because it was raining!!! and it felt nice and cool for once. Then we went for a little walk (Hula Girl actually ran the entire time, with her mouth hanging open and her little voice yelling, “AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Mommy, look at me! I’m yunning!!!!!!). After that, we piled into the car and went and met my mom to do some shoe shopping. We returned home just in time for roomtime, lunch, and nap.

Today we will be heading out right after breakfast so we can get to Lowe’s* and pick out paint for Gelato’s changing table (my dad has built changing tables for both of my children- how great is that?!). After Lowe’s, we’ll be heading to the library for weekly storytime. Hula Girl has really started to interact with a few specific children at storytime, and many of her friends have new siblings. It’s really fun for her to be able to see the baby brothers- she is so curious about them!

*Quick anecdote about Lowe’s: The other day I said something to Jonathan about having to visit Home Depot for something. Hula Girl piped up from the living room floor and asserted, “Not Home Depot, Mommy! Yowes!!!!!! YOWES!!!!!!” Haha. 

Wednesday we have to be at the hospital at 10 for our preadmittance appointment. I just don’t understand the point. I mean, really. I could fill out the stupid paperwork and email it to them. Why do I HAVE to visit? I don’t necessarily want or need a tour. Sure it’s a different hospital from where I delivered Hula Girl, but hey, it’s a hospital. And my kid’s coming out there regardless of whether I think the accommodations are, well, accommodating. So really, making me drag my two-year-old to the hospital for (what will be for her) a very boring time is just plain silly if you ask me. Rant over.

Thursday we have to be at my OB’s office for our 37-week appointment. Remember when I told them I couldn’t do 3:40 and I reminded you that they are late every single time I go for an appointment?  Well, yesterday I get a call from someone in the office asking me if I could do 3:40 instead of 9:10. Apparently I have been double-booked with a new patient, so my appointment is going to take longer than normal. G.R.E.A.T. So I plan to bring Hula Girl’s ponies- we can surely have a grand old time making them tour the waiting room, right? I’m sure we’ll have enough time to really get to know the ponies individually and be able to throw them each a personalized theme party before I’m even weighed.

Ah, but Friday… glorious Friday… we are staying in our jammies all day long. So say I. 🙂

I’ll have another post later today detailing Hula Girl’s language funnies!

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