Weekend Woohoo!

Our weekend wasn’t really that exciting, but I thought I’d try to spice things up a bit. Let’s see… what did we do? On Saturday, Jonathan and I cleaned the basement playroom. Holy cow, it was a nightmare. Around Christmastime, we received a box from a family member which contained light pink styrofoam packing peanuts. As a mom who literally can’t stand the mess, I did the smart thing and hid the box away as fast as humanly possible. Kids didn’t even know it was here. I’m so sly. But…

I’m alone in thinking five steps ahead. So when the box I hid, which contained only packing peanuts, was found by Jonathan, he did the logical thing: he put it on a pile of boxes waiting to be taken upstairs to the trash and recycle bins. Let me give you a little piece of parenting wisdom: if you leave a box of ANYTHING within sight, the children will open it to investigate. It doesn’t matter if the box is marked “TRASH” or if the box smells like a rotten herring, if you leave it where they can see it, it is fair game.

And, come on, what kid wouldn’t love to jump in a box of packing peanuts, and roll in them, and smash them to smithereens? “Look, Mom! It’s snowing PINK!”

Our playroom was absolutely covered in minuscule shards of light pink foam. I couldn’t even take Sugar Plum downstairs at all because she likes to investigate everything she finds on the floor with her tongue. I asked the children to do their best to clean it all up. But when they were supposed to be cleaning it up, they were really just dumping it on each other’s heads instead (obviously).

And so we got out the Shop Vac and took care of that little issue. It only took an hour for us to vacuum and rearrange the entire basement so that the play area is more contained and there is much more space for the kids to run around wildly. I mean, why should the toys get all the room? The kids are having a ball putting on theatrical performances every day, and they just love incorporating their gymnastic and acro routines, so the extra space has been really beneficial. Plus it gives me and Hula Girl a great area for our sewing tables. Here’s what it looks like for now, and please keep in mind that we just moved in November and have had no time to hang anything up on the walls or do anything to make this space “ours”:


The sweet pool table and stuff came with the house. We can’t quite figure out how they got it down the stairs in the first place. We can’t get a queen-sized box spring down the steps at all, because of the ceiling height near the bottom of the stairwell. So we’re thinking maybe the pool table was downstairs before they finished off the wall between the room and the staircase?


There’s the trusty Shop Vac. And no more pink styrofoam! Well done, Spavouchum!

Anyway, Saturday afternoon was delightful. We had super warm weather here this weekend! We hit 50 degrees! So of course the whole family went for a walk. We walked down to the lake, which is about five minutes’ walk from our house. The kids were amazed to see the place where the river runs into the lake, because you can see the water rushing in through the places where the lake is frozen. They were also surprised to see the areas where the frozen lake water has pushed the grass up and made giant cracks in the ground. Here’s a picture of me and Jonathan out enjoying the afternoon:


As you can see, even when it warms up, it’s gray here. I saw the sun setting last night for the first time in a week. It lasted about five minutes. So… yeah. It’s gray. I digress.

On Sunday I woke up feeling like I was getting a UTI. Heck, no. I won’t stand for it. So I booked it to the grocery store and bought a whole lotta cranberry juice and drowned that dang infection. I drank roughly 1.5 gallons of water and cranberry juice yesterday. It was disgusting. I also stayed in bed under a heated blanket for six hours solid (in between trips to pee, which were quite frequent. TMI?) But… it worked! I feel great today. I even woke up feeling thirsty somehow. I really can’t figure out how that works.

Anyway, Jonathan and the kids stayed home from church too, and they played and read books while I stayed in bed and planned the week’s activities and started thinking about Sugar Plum’s birthday presents and so on. I also spent quite a bit of time reading through photography tutorials and guides to learn a bit more about using my new camera (Jonathan got it for me in October). Then I was feeling good enough to get outside and take a few pictures yesterday afternoon. The kids joined me and we all had fun.

Today has been a pretty good Monday. I spent a good deal of time in the kids’ rooms, helping them clean. They’re learning, but sometimes it just gets to be too far gone, and they need an intervention! I know the feeling, so I am very sympathetic and I am willing to give them about a half an hour every other week or so to help them straighten it all up again. I’m teaching them to clean by piling everything in the middle of the room, then sorting the pile into smaller piles, then putting the smaller piles away one thing at a time. It takes SO much less time than trying to start in one messy corner and having to cross back and forth over the messy floor to the other messy corner to put things away. Plus it’s motivating to see it piled in one heap, then organized into smaller, more manageable heaps. After each heap is finished being put away, the kids and I do a cheer. It’s all very fun. Fun-ish. Ok, it’s not very fun. But I try to convince them that it is worth it in the end.

We are about to gather ourselves up and head to the Y for some good ol’ exercise and splashing in the pool.

What did you guys do this weekend? Anything new and exciting?

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