Hubster Work Update


Look at that guy.

Jonathan is wonderful. He is truly the most amazing man. When I imagine the type of man  I want my daughters to marry some day, I hope and pray they marry someone who is just like their father. When I imagine the type of husband and father my son will become, it is my strongest wish that he will be a chip off the ol’ block. Jonathan loves God first and pursues biblical excellence in every part of his life. He fills his heart and our home with God’s grace and he gives us all such a beautiful picture of gentle servanthood cloaked in a powerful figure. This might be silly, but he reminds me of Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia: he is physically very strong, he can be roused to powerful righteous anger, and he is always bent toward kindness and gentleness with me and our children. I am truly blessed to have Jonathan as my best friend and life partner. He leads our family in a way that makes us proud to call him ours.

Work is going well for Jonathan, too. Jonathan’s application process and our moving process was 100% done in faith that God was bringing us here for his purposes. We weren’t going to just pack up and leave everything and everyone we knew for nothing. God has not disappointed. Jonathan has had so many opportunities open up in his field, both at work and in the larger HT community. It is exciting for him to be at the forefront of a new movement in mental health. I’m enjoying watching him grow into a super confident, extremely talented expert! He has joined the American Horticultural Therapy Association’s Board of Directors. He has an article published in the next issue of AHTA Magazine. He is working on a research proposal. He is talking with some other HT organizations about work he can do to help further their scope and get HT integrated as a mainstream form of therapy. He is developing a company-wide HT curriculum to be used at Rogers, where he works. It’s all very exciting.

With all that excitement and with all the irons in the fire, Jonathan remains incredibly steady and focused as a husband and father. Part of that, not to toot my own horn, is that I support him by doing an enormous amount of organizing and editing for him. Jonathan really is a big-picture kind of guy, and I’m super detail-oriented. We work so well together. But where I’m going with this: Jonathan is doing a lot within his field, and he has a lot more big ideas. We’ve brainstormed about where he wants to go in his career and how he can and wants to make the most impact as he progresses on. God has given him the perfect jumping-off place here at Rogers: truly, they are extremely supportive of his work and his pursuit of his passions and goals both within the scope of his employment and beyond. But now we have the daunting task of how, where, and how much to market Jonathan. We’re trying to look way into the future and determine how his future goals should shape the types of work and pursuits he should follow right now. What baby steps should we be taking, and what sorts of connections should we be making in order for him to achieve his dreams? It’s a big overwhelming, and although we have a lot of moral support, we are somewhat lacking in practical guidance. I mean, there is always the common-sense stuff like starting small and really define what you’re wanting to achieve, and we are putting a lot of time and energy into those areas for sure. But beyond that… we are at a loss. So if you are someone who has experience or advice in this vein, we’d love to hear from you.


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