It’s Cold Here.


Yesterday I took the kids for a walk. We got halfway down the street and came home. Sugar Plum’s cheeks were icy and my fingers just about fell off. Hula Girl and Monkey Man stayed outside and slid down the ice in the backyard on their bellies like penguins for a few minutes, but then they, too, succumbed to the inescapable fact that 4 degrees Fahrenheit is just too cold to enjoy.

Sugar Plum had a bath while Hula Girl and Monkey Man enjoyed a small mug of hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course!). I sat in the bathroom with Sugar Plum with the heater on and slowly thawed to the temperature of a refrigerator. Once Jonathan got home, I took the world’s hottest shower and steamed the rest of the way warm like a dumpling.

My favorite purchase I’ve made in the past year is the heated electric throw blanket. Monkey Man and I sit snuggled on the loveseat, soaking in the gentle warmth from its fuzzy soft folds, while we read through dozens of books from the library. Hula Girl comes and joins in, but as soon as she arrives, she throws the blanket off her legs and complains that she’s too hot. She must be cold-blooded. Some kind of giant lizard, that one.

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