Jonathan’s Upcoming Surgery

Jonathan is officially scheduled for his surgery. This is something for which  many of our friends and family members have been praying with us since December. We finally figured out the root of his eye issues, so we’re excited to see how things go with this surgery.

We feel so encouraged about this operation. The ophthalmologist is going to make a small incision in the layer of tissue around his eye and then she’ll cut out a small segment of his muscle there. He had a major concussion from rugby while he was in college. This damaged one of the nerves that feeds directly to one of his eye muscles. Over time, that muscle grew weaker and since eye muscles work in pairs, the weakening in his muscle began to cause his eye to turn as the healthy muscle pulled stronger in the opposite direction. So the surgeon is going to remove a section of the stronger muscle in order to balance the muscles to work more smoothly together.

The surgery itself is a much less risky surgery than the previous doctor’s suggestion. Jonathan had seen a neurologist who said he had a malformation in his brain and that he would need brain surgery to fix it. Fortunately the good sense of the neurosurgeons won out and neither of the doctors the neurologist tried to refer him to would accept him as a patient– they both said he didn’t have the malformation after reviewing his MRI. Regardless of how we got to this point, we feel so blessed that the surgery he now requires is so much more minimal than the aforementioned brain surgery!

We also feel fortunate because we have qualified for an assistance program through the state of Colorado. We don’t qualify for medicaid, but there is a program for people who don’t qualify for medicaid but still have lower income. This program will allow us to pay the same total amount for both our surgeries (including my D&C back in November) that we would have spend on just the anesthesiologist bills alone.

Please keep our family in your prayers this week as we prepare for Jonathan’s surgery on Friday. My parents are helping out with childcare so I can go be at the hospital and support Jonathan through his recovery. The doctor said he can expect to be able to go back to work on Monday, with slight accommodation for his sensitivity to light and healing tissues. We are praying that the first surgery will be enough to make a significant difference in his vision so he does not have to have a follow-up surgery.  Also, please pray that Jonathan doesn’t have a terrible reaction to the anesthesia. He’s been known to vomit profusely after prior surgeries; we don’t want any of that!

I’ll update when the surgery is complete!

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