Longest Bike Ride Ever and other Small Golden Adventures

This time of life is so perfect. I love having little children in spring. We’ve been cooped up a lot in the winter and now we’re headed outside for hours of golden sunshine every day. We don’t even need heavy coats any longer– just a light jacket will do. The garden is sending out its first shoots and sprouts and the daffodils will blooming soon. The children are full of wonder and a sense of adventure as they while away the daylight in the backyard, creating new games and trying new ideas. Everything is bright and soft and fresh during this time of year.

Yesterday was a fun day all around. We stayed home because Hula Girl is still recovering from her cold and I hate it when other parents bring their kids in public to share their germs with everyone else. Practice what you preach, right?!

Anyway, after preschool was over yesterday, Little Man and Hula Girl went outside for a few minutes. They had so much fun in the backyard. I don’t even know what all they were doing, but it involved a lot of filling up the little wagon with dirt and moving it to another location, then dumping the dirt out of the bed over and over again. They never dug up the same place or moved dirt to the same place, so I’m pretty sure the goal was just to dig up and move the dirt. When I finished with my inside chores, I went out with them and we loaded up for a walk/bike ride. Hula Girl rode her bike and I pulled Little Man in the wagon with his bike and helmet. Hula Girl decided she wanted to go down to her friend G’s house. (G is a little girl in Hula Girl’s dance class.) Although G lives quite close to us when we ride in the car, walking and riding bikes is another matter altogether– G’s house is a mile away. But Hula Girl was determined we should go, so she pumped her little legs and rode all the way there. She was rewarded when G was home and the two of them got to say hi. I talked with G’s mom for a while and then it was time to head home for lunch. The walk home was uphill the entire way. There were several times when I pulled a wagon AND a bike. But Hula Girl did most of it on her own. She was so tired at bedtime last night!

In the afternoon the kids wanted to go out and play with our neighbors across the street. We discovered their mom was letting the kids finish their nap in their car seats (what mom hasn’t done that a million times?!) and so Hula Girl and Little Man jumped on their trampoline instead. When the kids woke up, their mom let the kiddos go over to the barn with her, where she let Hula Girl collect their chicken’s egg and hold the rabbits. Then Jonathan came home and we brought the kids back to our house to play and work with Daddy in the backyard.

For some reason, Little Man was awake until 9:00 last night. I just keep thinking of when Hula Girl was his age and she had nights where she’d stay awake long into the night singing and talking to herself in her crib. I know it’s totally normal, but when I’m so exhausted that I feel like I could go to sleep an hour before he actually falls asleep, it makes me feel old. 🙂

I had taken a week off running while I was battling strep, so when I got back on the treadmill yesterday, it was a humbling experience. I ran my three miles and then collapsed. I took a shower and then sat on the couch reading my Bible until it was time to get Hula Girl up from her rest time. When she got up, she started working on her Perler bead creations and I fell asleep on the couch! I jumped awake and she said, “Oh, hi, Mommy. I was trying to be quiet so I didn’t wake you.” Ugh. This time change has been a hard one for me!

The kids and I are going to be joining my parents in the mountains for skiing on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. This will be Little Man’s first time, and we’re not even sure he’ll want to ski. He hasn’t been very enthusiastic about being outside in colder weather…ever…so he and I might spend a few days hanging out in the ski lodge and going out to sled every now and then. But Hula Girl has been before and I have no doubt in my mind that she’ll be zipping down the blues by midmorning.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a great new episode of “Riley vs the Mouse”– an all-new, true story that just unfolded in our home while I was writing this post. Ugh.


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