The Crazy Life

I’m still sick. It’s really bumming me out. But oh well.

This week has been a good one for me and kids. On Wednesday we had Hula Girl’s dance class. It went so much better than the past few weeks because it snowed Wednesday morning and only four families braved the weather. The four girls in class were four of the ones who do quite well, so they got to do extra steps and learn new choreography! Hula Girl was excited about that for sure. She was mostly excited that her closest dance friend was also there. 🙂

Thursday was a bit of a full day for us. We went grocery shopping in the morning, which was new for us. I usually shop on Saturday mornings, but I don’t like having to be away from my family on weekends. So we tried Thursday morning and we liked it. I think we’ll start going grocery shopping on Wednesdays after dance from now on– dance is 3/4 of the way to the grocery store anyway. And the kids are finally old enough to behave decently well through two stores. It takes a lot of setting explicit expectations detailing consequences for poor behavior beforehand. My expectations:  1. Keep a hand on the shopping cart at all times, and 2. Only ask for something one time. If they remove a hand, they will ride in the cart the rest of the way. If they ask more than once for an item, they will not ride the mechanical horse at the end. If the behaviors continue after consequences have been given, we will leave our cart, go home, and come back for the groceries tomorrow. No one wants to shop two days in a row. We had a good time on Thursday.

That afternoon, we went to the Y to swim. Hula Girl is an awesome swimmer and Little Man loves to have me guide him all around while he “swims” after the balls he tosses. They had such a fun time at the pool! Hula Girl even asked a little girl to swim with her in the pirate pool and the two played hide and seek for about 30 minutes. Cute!

Today we hung out at home. I like to plan “home days” at least 4 days per week. Today we ate breakfast, got dressed, brushed teeth, and cleaned the kitchen. Then Little Man had some roomtime so Hula Girl and I could catch up on some preschool. She worked through a couple of place value worksheets and sketched her bean plants in her nature study sketchbook while I planned out next week’s activities. Then she got out her “Dick and Jane” book and read a few stories to me. After preschool, we did SSR together and then I read to the kids for half an hour. Then I kicked them out into the backyard to play while I started reading a book on raising chickens. Next up was lunch, which Little Man helped prepare, then naps, and then Jonathan came home. All in all, it was a good smooth day and the kids had plenty of reading time, free play time, learning time, and family time. Balance. That is why I like home days.

Tonight I plan to read my chicken book and work on my lesson for Sunday school. Woohoo– living the crazy life over here, folks!


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