My Little Dancers

My parents graciously came over and cared for the kidlets today. They had a fun day at Storytime, Chick-Fil-A, and at home. They read a “million billion books” and played with Play-Doh. Of course, Little Man was stoked to eat ice cream at CFA. Win-win.

While they were gone, I alternated between light housekeeping chores and resting. I vacuumed the house, did a load of laundry, Lysoled the heck outta this house, and opened the windows to the balmy 34-degree breeze to air out my sick germs.

I was excited to learn that I can take my sewing machine (a wonderful gift from Jonathan’s aunt) to a very long-standing local sewing machine shop to have it serviced. My dad is taking it for me next Monday, since he’s working right near the shop that day and I’ll pick it up the following week when we go for Jonathan’s pre-op appointment with the ophthalmologist. I can’t wait to get it back; I have missed sewing!

I also had a great talk with Hula Girl’s dance teacher, Miss K. Hula Girl joined a new dance studio this January because she really wanted to learn to tap. Since they had never seen her dance before, she was automatically grouped in with the other preschoolers. This has been a good thing but also a challenge. Positively, it has allowed her the opportunity to be what  Miss K called the “big fish” in that she is much older than the other girls (some just turned three in November; she will be five in June) and has much more dance experience. She has not had to worry about keeping up while she has navigated the social stuff. I let Miss K know her approach to engaging Hula Girl in the class was wonderful, too– she never cajoled Hula Girl to try to get her to join in. Instead, she offered one casual invitation and then ignored Hula Girl until she joined on her own. It worked like a charm. Hula Girl loves Miss K.

On the negative side, Hula Girl is BORED. The girls know choreography for exactly four eight-counts and it’s been two whole months. Some of the younger classmates just can’t pick up the choreography and Miss K is working so hard, but it’s like dragging wet donkeys through a murky quagmire. She is literally picking up their feet and moving them for the girls, but the little punkins just can’t seem to replicate the motions on their own. Poor things! Needless to say, Hula Girl came home last week discouraged as she said, “Mommy, I thought we were going to learn new parts today!” I encouraged her to just be patient and trust that her teacher will prepare her for the performance in May.

Anyway, I called her teacher to find out what will happen next session. Miss K told me she plans to assign Hula Girl to a class of students closer to Hula Girl’s age. This might mean Hula Girl will have less experience with tap than the other girls will have, but Miss K expressed full confidence that Hula Girl will be just fine and will catch up in no time.

Another topic we discussed is the topic of Little Man. Previously, when Hula Girl was having a rough time adjusting to dance class, Miss K allowed Little Man to dance with Hula Girl for one class session. Miss K told me today that after that session, she talked to the owner of the studio about him because she has never met a two-year-old who was capable of dancing so well or staying focused for the entire hour! She is amazed by him every week as he does what she asks the girls in the class to do (over by me; unfortunately, he is not allowed to dance with Hula Girl anymore) and she let me know she thinks we must be doing something good at home because both our kids are so focused and well-behaved. That was so nice to hear! Miss K has been teaching dance for a long time, and she thinks that highly of my kiddos? Wow.

We discussed the idea of putting Little Man in a creative movement class and she also mentioned this summer’s dance camp in July. I am starting to see why families struggle financially to keep their kids involved in extra-curricular activities. It is expensive for a preschooler to dance! This is something Jonathan and I need to talk and pray about for sure!

Here’s hope that I’ll wake up with a healthy body tomorrow!! I’m ready to talk and not be exhausted again. Dance class is also tomorrow! All of us are excited; we love dance days. 🙂

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