Still Here!

We’re recovering from a month of pretty intense changes and exciting adventures so I just wanted to say hi.

In the past month, we’ve hosted my sister-in-law for a week, moved, changed dance studio locations (doesn’t sound big… but it is when you’re three), taken a vacation to California, and tried to get settled in our new house. The kids are pretty worn out but overall they did VERY well. I was particularly worried about Gelato as he’s never really slept anywhere but his crib before… ever. I was concerned about the room change, the pack n play sleep during vacation, and the car seat sleep during travel to and from California. I’m not going to say it was perfect, but he did really really well.

I can’t wait to start blogging for real again. Now that things are settling down and I have been able to locate about 75% of the things I need on a daily basis (darn boxes don’t unpack themselves!), I am trying to turn my focus back to the things I want to do, not just focusing on survival mode.

I will be back tonight and tomorrow with some good ol’ summaries just to get the ball rolling and then I plan to dive back into a once-a-day-except-for-weekends posting rhythm. Yay! I hope some of my old friends are still around waiting to read what I have to say. (Actually, I really hope that I can make more bloggy friends. I think I’d like to build up my blog a bit. It’s… more basic than any other blog I read, to put it kindly to myself. lol)

Here’s a general list of things runnin’ through the ol’ noggin:

  • DIY stuff around the house, including but not limited to: decor, landscaping (Jonathan’s arena- have you guys ever seen me try to shovel dirt? Ha!), functional spaces, and more decor. Jonathan and I plan to share before and after pix, along with several how-to and tutorial posts. And actually, that last sentence is all because Jonathan wants to. Really.
  • Homeschool stuff: ordering final books, planning out our daily learning times, coming up with a scope and sequence for actual curriculum stuff, and writing it all down in a sensible manner. I will share our progress and ask millions of questions, for sure.
  • Exercise: started P90X again yesterday. First time I’ve exercised in over two years. Not even kidding. Oy. Vey. I probably won’t be logging my progress here. I don’t even keep a personal log, even though you’re supposed to. Forget about it. Who cares how many reps I did in week 1? NOT ME.
  • “Naturalizing” our home: We’re 100% organic eaters, and now I’m working on getting us to 100% organic/natural products- shampoo, deodorant, etc.; cleaning products; anything we use. We have invested in lots of essential oils, coconut oil, and vinegar. I probably won’t mention this too much either. Y’all can google just as well as me, and I won’t be coming up with any new twists on the recipes for homemade products. I might slip in a couple “these worked well for me” links… but that’s about it.
  • Cooking: I am getting there. Some days I turn out a surprisingly stellar supper. Other days it’s like I never even learned to cook (wait, I didn’t). I find if I follow recipes perfectly, the food isn’t great. If I make one up, the food is either GREAT or AWFUL. If I improvise on a few things here and there, it is generally the best tasting food of the week. Let me also mention that I am GREAT at baking. I have mentioned this before. But it’s true. I can bake. Sweet. I can guarantee I won’t be sharing any huge cooking triumphs, though. šŸ˜‰

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  1. Kristy said,

    September 18, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    Sounds interesting – I can’t wait to hear more! You have done SO MUCH the last month or so!!!!! I missed you!

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