Talk talk talk talk talk!

Is it just my kids, or do everyone’s kids go all day every day in Jabber-Mode?

Oh my goodness, they never stop talking. Except when they sleep. When the monitors finally fall quiet in the evening, Jonathan and I look at each other and pass an expression that says, “Don’t you start talking right now and spoil the first quiet moment of the day.” We give each other about 10 seconds and then we discuss whatever landscaping or furniture arranging projects that have crossed our minds that day.  We sure do value the quiet. 😉

Gelato has some very favorite things to talk about right now. He is still extremely fond of buttons, so he talks about them a lot. He also likes to talk about bananas. And doggies. But he’s been really impressed with himself lately, so his new thing has been saying, “Wow!” a lot. He’ll walk across the room, look at me, and say, “Wow!” Or he’ll drop a ball and say, “Wow!” Or he’ll take a piece out of a puzzle and again, say, “Wow!” Lots of wows in our life.

He has also been working very hard to communicate everything he wants. It’s kind of funny to see the ways kids try to communicate and how they’re all so different. Hula Girl knew how to sign “help” at this age. Gelato can’t be bothered. If he wants something, he will look at it, say, “HI!!!” and wait for us to understand that he really wants to hold the object of his greetings. Sometimes, if he knows the word, he might name it. For example, if he wants his truck, he will say, “HI!!!! Tuck!” Or if he wants a ball, he might say, “Ball? HI!!!!!”

I find it interesting to see how language develops along different but similar routes. For example, Gelato has stopped naming facial features, except for eyes. He no longer points out noses or hair or ears. I remember Hula Girl doing something similar and freaking out because I thought she was regressing. Nope, just already mastered it, so why keep on doing it?! 🙂 Gelato’s mastery right now is causing him to repeat seemingly random words all day long: “Up, up, up, down, down, down. Book, book, book, hat, hat, hat. Mama, mama, mama, eye, eye, eye.”

He does stop talking so much when naptime is approaching- this is his tired cue.

Hula Girl… well, if you’ve followed me long enough or you know our family at all, you will know that Hula Girl is about the most verbose child you’ll ever meet. Period. But only if she’s comfortable with all the people she’s around. Unlike her brother, she clams up in front of people she’s not extremely familiar with. We’ve had a babysitter coming twice weekly since May, and she’s just finally getting to the point where she’ll say hi to our babysitter at church.

Hula Girl is capable of some incredible thinking. She is always asking questions that blow me away, mixed in with a million billion “WHY?!” questions every hour. For the past several months, we have been working on having her just say, “Yes, Mommy!” whenever I give her directions instead of asking why.

“Hula Girl, please put on your shoes. We are going out for our walk.”


“Yes, Mommy!”

“Yes, Mommy! Why do I need to put on shoes?”

“We are going out for our walk.”

“Why do we need to go out for our walk?”

“We go out for our walk every day at this time.”

“Why do we go out for a walk every day?”

“We need exercise.”

“Why do we need exercise?”

“God made our bodies to move and explore. No more questions.”

“But Why…”

“No.More.Questions…. Because I said so.”

…and repeat. Three is exhausting.


  1. Kristy said,

    August 13, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    My kids tell stories that never end…but I bet your kids are more talkative than most! I remember that thing where they would stop talking about a certain topic for half a year or more. His way of saying “Hi!” when he wants something is SUPER adorable.

    The “why” questions are probably another sign of a verbose and intelligent girl. My kids haven’t bothered me so much with the “whys.” Am I lucky, or not? I haven’t decided yet.

    • August 14, 2013 at 1:47 pm

      Ha, and I BEG Hula Girl to tell me stories instead of her incessant “Why?!” Grass is always greener….

      • Kristy said,

        August 14, 2013 at 2:05 pm

        If only we could help each other out by listening to the other’s kids for a day. It would be nice! For just a day. 🙂

  2. August 14, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    […] have recently detailed his talking and a lot of the things he likes to […]

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