In the Morning, Gelato Says…

Gelato… that boy will be one in a week. WHERE DOES TIME GO?!?!?!

He has been talking since he was seven months old. For real. Actual words. Kid is NOT your typical “second child, boy.” Talk talk talk talk talk. All day long. It’s pretty great. His voice is pretty deep for a child his age. (He gets that from me. I had a super deep voice as a baby.) It makes all his talking just that much more enjoyable.

Every morning I go in to nurse him and he looks at me with glee from his crib and says, “Hi-yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Then he quickly moves on to the topic that is ALWAYS on his mind: “Doggie. Woof, woof.” He repeats this phrase at least twelve times while I nurse him. He unlatches, looks at me, smiles huge and says, “Doggie. Woof, woof.” Over and over. It’s hilarious. His pronunciation is pretty good, but he whispers the woofs.

When we finish nursing, he starts talking about my facial features. All through the diaper change, he points out my “no, eye, owwww!” (Nose, eyes, hair. You can probably figure out why he calls hair “ow!”)

As we exit his room, he whispers, “Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy.” This goes on all the way down the hall until we find Jonathan getting dressed for work. Gelato gets very excited at this point in the day, and starts chirping out, “Money! Money! Money!” (“Money” is how he says button.) He points to Jonathan’s shirt and his back pants pockets and just wants to touch every button he can find. He smiles SO huge. And his dimples are amazing.

When we go upstairs to get Hula Girl from her room, he says, “Up! Up! Up!” and then he says her name over and over. I would put how he says it but then the general reader who doesn’t know me or my kids would know her name. And we all know that’s a no-no in my little blogland.

Breakfast is filled with “pease!” and “nana!” and “day-koo!” (please! banana! thank you!) He also laughs at whatever Hula Girl is doing and copies whatever she says. (“Gelato, can you say, ‘gorilla munch?'” “Yeeda mum!”)

The rest of the morning is filled with chatter and lots of “no-no” as he shakes his head and does all the things I tell him not to do. He is a little punk sometimes and he likes to smile at me while he disobeys. Imp much?

When I put him down for his nap, he likes to read the book with the bunny on the front, so he will say, “Book? Bunny! Book? Bunny!” until I bring it out. Then I sing to him (Jesus Loves Me) and he likes to sing along with the end,
“Bah-boh ee-mee ohhhhh!” (Bible tells me so.) Then he blows me a kiss. Love.

…and that is his morning talk show. I’ll write more about his noon edition and his late afternoon broadcast another time. That boy. A mile a minute. And we though his sister was bad. 🙂

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  1. Kristy said,

    August 9, 2013 at 10:37 am

    I could weep from the adorableness. My kids are so old now…. But I love the older ages, too. 😉

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