In the Morning, Gelato Says…

Gelato… that boy will be one in a week. WHERE DOES TIME GO?!?!?!

He has been talking since he was seven months old. For real. Actual words. Kid is NOT your typical “second child, boy.” Talk talk talk talk talk. All day long. It’s pretty great. His voice is pretty deep for a child his age. (He gets that from me. I had a super deep voice as a baby.) It makes all his talking just that much more enjoyable.

Every morning I go in to nurse him and he looks at me with glee from his crib and says, “Hi-yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Then he quickly moves on to the topic that is ALWAYS on his mind: “Doggie. Woof, woof.” He repeats this phrase at least twelve times while I nurse him. He unlatches, looks at me, smiles huge and says, “Doggie. Woof, woof.” Over and over. It’s hilarious. His pronunciation is pretty good, but he whispers the woofs.

When we finish nursing, he starts talking about my facial features. All through the diaper change, he points out my “no, eye, owwww!” (Nose, eyes, hair. You can probably figure out why he calls hair “ow!”)

As we exit his room, he whispers, “Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy.” This goes on all the way down the hall until we find Jonathan getting dressed for work. Gelato gets very excited at this point in the day, and starts chirping out, “Money! Money! Money!” (“Money” is how he says button.) He points to Jonathan’s shirt and his back pants pockets and just wants to touch every button he can find. He smiles SO huge. And his dimples are amazing.

When we go upstairs to get Hula Girl from her room, he says, “Up! Up! Up!” and then he says her name over and over. I would put how he says it but then the general reader who doesn’t know me or my kids would know her name. And we all know that’s a no-no in my little blogland.

Breakfast is filled with “pease!” and “nana!” and “day-koo!” (please! banana! thank you!) He also laughs at whatever Hula Girl is doing and copies whatever she says. (“Gelato, can you say, ‘gorilla munch?'” “Yeeda mum!”)

The rest of the morning is filled with chatter and lots of “no-no” as he shakes his head and does all the things I tell him not to do. He is a little punk sometimes and he likes to smile at me while he disobeys. Imp much?

When I put him down for his nap, he likes to read the book with the bunny on the front, so he will say, “Book? Bunny! Book? Bunny!” until I bring it out. Then I sing to him (Jesus Loves Me) and he likes to sing along with the end,
“Bah-boh ee-mee ohhhhh!” (Bible tells me so.) Then he blows me a kiss. Love.

…and that is his morning talk show. I’ll write more about his noon edition and his late afternoon broadcast another time. That boy. A mile a minute. And we though his sister was bad. 🙂

Gelato- 11 Month Update

Gelato was 11 months old yesterday! I will no longer have a baby in less than a month. (I told Jonathan yesterday that seven sounds like a good number. He just laughed. But I kinda meant it. Babies. I love them.)

Nursing: Yep, still nursing. His teeth are kind of an issue. He doesn’t bite me, but the way he latches really irritates my skin. It’s like he rests his top teeth against me. But if I hold his head in really close we avoid pain/broken skin. One more month.

Eating Solids: Gelato likes to eat. When he finds a food tasty he will sit there and say, “Yum, yum, yum!” over and over. His absolute favorite food is peach-apple sauce. He gets so shrieky with excitement when I serve it! He doesn’t like watermelon, pears, peanut butter (Jonathan about disowned him), or red plums. Yesterday I gave him half an apple and he really liked that. He has stopped (for now) throwing his food off the tray.

Sippy Cup: After trying every type of cup imaginable- soft spout, hard spout, straw, open cup, syringe, bottle, etc.- I finally found a cup he will drink out of on purpose. Yesterday we went shopping and bought him a NUK learner cup (thanks, Rachel A, for the suggestion) AND HE DRANK FIVE OUNCES OF WATER! You guys, he has only had that much water to drink over the course of a week before. Not a day. I know, that sounds so small. But this has been hugely encouraging to me, since I have been freaking out about getting him to drink out of a cup when I wean him, especially now that his teeth are hurting me when he nurses. Hallelujah for the NUK learner cups.

Brushing Teeth: I had to go get a real toothbrush for him once his top teeth came in. The silicone finger one was not protective enough of my fingernail bed. He absolutely loves to brush his teeth. He says, “Teeth! Teeth! Ahhh,” and grabs for the toothbrush. I brush first and then let him go to town. He cries whenever I take the toothbrush away.

Sleeping: Yeah. Kid doesn’t sleep nearly as much as his sister did. And she wasn’t a huge sleeper. He sleeps about 10.5 -11 hours at night and MAYBE 3 hours during the day. Hula Girl really spoiled me as far as a sleeping kiddo goes. But we consistently reinforce good sleep habits, so he naps and goes to bed around the same times every day, and he hardly fights it at all- maybe a bit of crying when he knows it’s naptime. But we don’t have bedtime “battles” at all.

Talking: Still talking up a storm. His favorite words right now are bye, button, hi, ball, teeth, nose, hat, play, amen, apple, eat, nurse, daddy, and night night. He is a very talkative little chap, and his words sound great! I hang out with a lot of little kids, and his pronunciation beats at least two 2-year-olds’. Crazy kid.

Free Play- Gelato is cruising and as of yesterday, he’s letting go and trying out his legs. He’s quite stable- he lasted about 5 seconds before having to grab on again this morning. I was impressed. He can also squat all the way down (while holding on) to pick up a toy. He hasn’t been too interested in a lot of toys lately because he just wants to MOVE. But he does love balls. He’ll toss/push a ball all around the house and chase after it. He also likes obstacle courses with pillows, my body, toys, chairs, or whatever. He loves to scramble from one end of the couch to the other.

Independent Playtime- Still about 30 minutes each day. He’s in the “toss everything out of the pack-and-play” phase. I often come in to find him standing up, chewing on the rail, and waiting for me to put his toys back in. At least he doesn’t cry while he waits!

Personality- here’s an illustration- he skipped his first nap today (totally out of the blue, I have NO idea what caused this) so he was up 6.25 hours before his nap. He was laughing, giggling, and smiling while I put him down. He is just one delightful little man.

Our Schedule:

5:45-6:15 wakes up, plays around in crib
6:45 nurse, eat breakfast, free play
8:45 nap
10:30/45ish wake, nurse, independent playtime, walk, sibling play, lunch, play with Mommy
1:30ish nap
3:00/3:30ish wake, nurse, afternoon whatevers with Mommy and Hula Girl (sometimes we go out, sometimes we stay home)
5:15 eat dinner, then family time
6:00/15 bath, pjs
6:15/30 nurse, bedtime story
6:30/45 bed

Watch for his next summary… one year old. Whoa.

Oy, Today.

You guys. I just have to take the opportunity to say that today is a nightmare.

Lots of stuff going on that I had under control but suddenly found out wasn’t in my control at all… but it’s now up to me to fix it. (Wow, that’s vague and confusing.)

And then Hula Girl is tired and cranky and… three. For those of you without children, here’s an FYI- “terrible twos” are a flipping walk in the park when compared with the “curious threes.” Ever read a Curious George book? That monkey is three. Except somehow everyone always thinks his bad choices are cute in the end. Scratch that from reality. No one thinks those choices are cute, nor do they produce an “Aww”-worthy ending. Ever. Just sayin’.

To top it all off, I am finally giving in to the fact that my son is not a big sleeper. Yes, it has taken me 11 months to admit it. The cause? HE SKIPPED HIS MORNING NAP. Hula Girl NEVER skipped her morning nap. She didn’t even skip her afternoon nap until she was like 15 months old, and then I just stuck with it and she kept napping twice daily until 18 months old. I have never ever in a million years imagined that my second child would ever skip a nap like that. The average age for dropping to 1 nap (in the Babywise community, anyway) is 15-21 months. I was hoping for at least 15 months with him… but he rarely sleeps full naps twice daily anyway. He just needs less sleep. And that is just NOT cool.

Ramble ramble grumble grumble. Today stinks.

“at” story

Today, Hula Girl and I worked on rhyming “at” words. Here is her “at” words story:

Once upon a time, there lived a lot of people named Pat, Mat, Bat, and Hat. They sat at a playground and they played on swings and slides. They met a fat cat named Pat. They had a daughter named Sally. There was a fire in their house and then it went out and it was good.

I caught a glimpse of my little boy

Today Gelato was scurrying along the couch in a mad dash from end to end when he paused, put his head down, and looked at me with a huge goofy toothy grin. He waited for a few seconds until I tickled him, then he flopped his whole body around, laughing and laughing. With those lashes and that dimple and all those big-boy teeth… wow. He just looked so grown-up.

My baby will be one in a month and a few days. Fortunately he still does the whole-body waving thing to show he’s happy to see me. The baby in him is still alive and well.

I know the baby has to go to make room for the toddler sooner or later. But when he’s nursing and waving his little arm around and screeching with glee over a newfound ball, I can’t help but wish I could freeze-frame those moments forever.

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