Hello, 13 Days Later.

Well, life has been anything but busy lately. I have just been lazy and sick and puttin’ off my bloggin’ duties. However, I have decided that I’m going to print my blog into blog books for the kids since I do a terrible job keeping memories any other way. Really. I forget the camera all the time. I capture things on my cell phone- but really, who knows how to get all those off the phone and somewhere usable!? The most recent entry in Hula Girl’s baby book is on the page marked “On the Day we Brought you Home.” And Gelato doesn’t even have a baby book. So this blog is it. Really. I might need to reconsider my “no pictures of my children” policy. Or at least figure out how to download all my pictures from Facebook as a group (or at least albums) rather than one-by-one. (Anyone know how to do that? Emily Parker, I’m talking to you!)

So yeah, I need to get busy on this blog. I have several posts outlined in my notebook. I promise not all my posts are “this-just-happened-five-seconds-ago-and-I-just-can’t-wait-to-blog-about-it!!!!!!” posts… but some of them are. Not going to lie.

Twenty-three days ago, our groundhog saw his shadow and said we’d have six more weeks of winter. It has been cooooold. Accurate prediction. Now we have three weeks left. Let’s just pray that little groundhog guy was right and that spring comes early again this year! I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can get my kids outta the house!

Twenty-three days ago, I sold a swing and several other baby items on Craigslist. The lady never came to pick them up, until I gave up on her and left the house, after waiting around for her for an hour and a half. Of course, Jonathan didn’t pay attention when I told him the prices I wanted for the items… so we made an extra $20 that day. Guess it’s good to have selective hearing after all, right Dear?! 😉

Twenty-three days ago, I went to Goodwill and got a wreath for our door. It was wrapped in purplish cellophane and had old ugly silk flowers hot glued to it. I stripped it of its adornments and refashioned it into something adorable for my living room.

And I will now proceed to fill you in on the rest of the time between then and now (* indicates future blog posts to watch for to get more details):

22-13 Days Ago: A lot of the same ol’ stuff. Probably went to Storytime. Probably played a lot of Candy Land. You know, the usual.

12 Days Ago: We went to Storytime and saw our friends there. Hula Girl was very excited to see everyone, and she had her first fruit snack. She now calls them “snack fruit” and asks for them every day. She has not had any since. (Lucky girl is in for a surprise today- I found organic fruit snacks on sale this weekend!)

12 Days Ago: We cleaned and prepared and washed and cleaned and prepared and decorated for our Valentine’s Day party.

11 Days Ago: We had our V-Day party* and it was a blast!

10 Days Ago: Hula Girl and Gelato came down with a nasty cold.

9 Days Ago: Mommy came down with the same cold.

8 Days Ago: Daddy kept our family alive while the three of us languished with a horrid horrid horrid cold.

7 Days Ago: Jonathan stayed home from work to keep the kids alive while I suffered with the worst cold ever.

6 Days Ago: I handled the kids while I was sick. It was a horrible day and I spent the entirety of it feeling like an awful mom. I even posted a topic thread on my Babywise moms google group asking for resources for rejuvenation when one feels like she has become the world’s worst mom. Embarrassingly bad, actually, is how my parenting skills were that day.

5 Days Ago: My throat finally stopped hurting and the kids were somewhat better. A better day overall

4 Days Ago: Felt better and Jonathan and I prepared him for his work’s employee appreciation luncheon.

3 Days Ago: Jonathan won the Hula competition and came in third in the best-dressed Hawaiian competition. Looks like our hard work paid off! 🙂

2 Days Ago: Hula Girl started acting sick again.

1 Day Ago: Hula Girl laid on the floor all day long and cried/whined. Sickie sick sick.

Today: Well, I will write a post about it.

Did you miss me?


  1. kristypowers said,

    February 25, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    I missed you! Bad bad colds can be soooooooooooo much worse than they sound.

    • February 25, 2013 at 8:18 pm

      I am glad someone said it! Someone at Jonathan’s work got quite frustrated and wondered why Jonathan stayed home on Monday. He was like, “Isn’t your wife a stay-at-home-mom?” As if that means I can just handle it. Bah! I challenge anyone to be as sick as I was and just handle it. I think I’d win the challenge.

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