Gelato’s 6-Month Update

Yep, my little man turned 6 months old on Thursday. We had his appointment yesterday morning, so here’s the scoop!


Our little chunker is 17 pounds 7 ounces. That puts him about in the 75th percentile! I remember Hula Girl started to be “normal sized” around 6 months, too. Both my kids got really active in the 5th month, so even though they ate more than most babies their age (I kept 6 nursing sessions per day for them until the end of 5 months; I’m basing averages on babies who are raised with Babywise), they still started to average out in size.

He is 25.5 inches tall. That’s the 50th percentile. Interesting! He has never been very long for his age. At least he’s not short? I don’t really care about height. 🙂

His head circumference is 17.25 inches, which is about the 50th percentile. When the nurse measured, she entered his head size as the same size it was last time… so, no head growth from 4-6 months. The doctor got really worried and re-measured…and we were reassured. He is not a pinhead, after all.

Other stuff:

On his physical skills test, he measured at about 7 months 2 weeks. He still can’t sit unsupported for very long. But I don’t ever try to make him do that… so it’s no wonder. I have an internal debate raging over that issue right now. I am trying to give him space and follow Janet Lansbury’s advice to just let him develop on his own. It has worked- so far he has hit all his developmental milestones early or on time. But this one is sticking in my brain- I feel like I should be working on getting him to sit up? I don’t know. I mean, how will he learn how to do it if he is never placed in that position? How did humans decide that sitting is even something we like to do? So strange to me. Anyway. He sits in his high chair and on my lap when I’m reading to him or whatever. I guess  he’ll learn from that?

The doctor asked about his solids. I had told her we were going to be using Baby-Led Weaning with him and I let her borrow the book a few months ago. She wasn’t super keen on it, but she gave us her cautious blessing when she learned that both of us are CPR certified. Anyway. So far, Gelato has had sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, apples, peaches, avocados and bananas. He is the only baby I have ever heard of who does not like pears. He makes a face and won’t touch them after he tries his first lick. I have tried them three times now, and I plan to keep trying them, but I’m not forcing the issue. He loves carrots. Maybe he’ll be a veggie kind of boy! I babysat a set of boy/girl twins when I was in high school, and the boy twin hated fruit but loved vegetables. (The girl was the opposite!) Anyway, stranger things have happened.

We have also started with a sippy cup. Gelato has figured out how to suck on it and get water out and he doesn’t even act all that surprised when he gets water! He’ll get a little  exuberant, though, and then he has to cough a bit.

Sleep has really evened out over the past few weeks.

I can count on his naps being 1.5 hours or more about 75% of the time. If he takes longer than 5 minutes to fall asleep, whether he is squawking happily or fussing, I know it will be a short nap. Apparently 45-minute naps mean he’s actually undertired, which is not the norm for most babies his age. After troubleshooting his short nap situation for months (literally), I finally gave up on logging and calculating and Jonathan and I just sat down and observed him. We noticed his waketimes were much longer than we expected them to be (we were doing about 65-70 minutes; he needs about 90-100 minutes). We also noticed that he slows down a bit and squawks in a less chipper tone when he’s getting about 10 minutes away from nap time. Then he’ll start rubbing his nose. If we get too far past that, he’ll get overtired. If we get to a yawn, the nap isn’t going to go well.

His night sleep is predictable, but we’re trying to shift its pattern. When we were doing short waketimes, assuming he was overtired, he ended up getting overtired by the end of the day because all his naps were only 45 minutes long. So we’d do an early bedtime. Then he’d sleep 12 hours and be up and ready to go super early in the morning. We’re trying to break a 5:15-30 a.m. wakeup habit. Yuck. This whole “early sleep phase” thing is lame-o. My being too cautious made all of us darn exhausted. “All of us” refers to me and Jonathan, of course. The kids are well rested. Good for them. Anyway, we’re working on slowly shifting his schedule later in the day, to a 6:30 a.m. wakeup. If all else fails, this will happen naturally on March 10. I have never in my life been so excited for the time change.

Gelato wakes super happy and remains so after every sleep period. He is a mild, easygoing baby. He loves to be gently bounced up and down and tickled with Mommy’s hair. When I get him from naps, I unswaddle him (oh yes, he’s still swaddled!) and then spend a few minutes kissing his belly before picking him up- he laughs and laughs! His smiles and laughs are not easily won- he would rather observe and ponder things seriously. But he also rarely cries or whines. In fact, if he is crying or whining, I know something is REALLY bothering him, or he’s VERY ready for a nap.

He likes to spend his waketimes hanging out with the family, but prefers doing his own thing on the edges to being the center of attention. He puts up with his sister’s smothering techniques, but rolls away from her when he gets too claustrophobic. He likes to lie on his belly and play with toys. He can spin and roll and scoot pretty much anywhere he wants to go now (within a 6-foot radius) and he is quite fond of pushing up on his arms like a sea lion to take in the sights. We put him in his jumperoo for a few minutes a day, and confine him to his carseat for at least 20 minutes or so when we go out for a walk. Aside from his time spent in his high chair, he is otherwise free to “roam” about. Apparently this is the time he’s supposed to be learning to sit up… without being taught. (Can you tell I’m still questioning?!)

He likes to talk. He says a lot of “Da! Da! Da! Bmmm! Bmm! Yee!” and so on. All his speech is loud. This morning in my shower I seriously thought a bird had gotten in somehow… nope, it was just my son chirping away downstairs. Loudly enough to be heard over my shower. Ha!

He does independent playtime for 15 minutes each day. I will be extending this to 30 minutes when he can sit up and/or crawl. I feel like 30 minutes of rolling/spinning in his playpen is a bit much now. He squeals and laughs and generally has a blast listening to his music and chewing on his toys. I love that we started IP at 4 weeks of age. Very glad we did it.

I am really feeling sad that he’s getting old so fast. Seriously. This time around, the time has flown by. I remember feeling like we’d really achieved something when Hula Girl turned six months old… like somehow we’d arrived. Now I just feel like I blinked and my tiny newborn started eating solids! It is truly unreal. Sometimes I have fleeting thoughts like, “I want another baby! This can’t be the last one! I want to snuggle a newborn forever!” But then I think about the cost- financially, emotionally, SLEEP, etc., and I think we’re set. Two’s good. I truly have enjoyed every moment of Gelato, even though he’s got some sleep issues (don’t they all?) and he pinches and scratches me when he nurses. I’ll get him back for that one day. I see lots of early Saturday morning chores in his future… 😉


  1. February 12, 2013 at 10:13 pm

    lovely update – wow 6 months!!!! Very interested in the Janet Lansbury stuff you mentioned, especially as I now have a newborn since I started reading her stuff. LOL – i also have a bit of an internal debate about some of it so was cool to hear you say he is diong so well w his freedom to go at his own pace! But yeah, w sitting and stuff I do question how it does all come together!! I recall reading/wathcing a video or something related to that on her site but cant recall exactly. But anyway, I am excited to implement some of her strategies esp the giving them more time to play freely on blankets/not pushing them into stuff they are not developmentally able to do themselves and also the FREEDOM FROM GUILT about feeliing like its ‘better’ to entertain them rather than let them entertain them selves! excited /curiosu to see how it unfolds!

    • February 13, 2013 at 3:47 pm

      Yes, I get strange looks at Storytime when I bust out the blanket and just lay my baby there instead of sitting him on my lap and clapping his hands and making him follow along (at 6 months!)… All the other infants are “puppeted” through all the motions and their moms are squealing in their ears, “Look at the piggy! See the wolf!” and such. I am glad to just let him be.

  2. Rachel said,

    February 13, 2013 at 7:50 am

    H was a bit of a “late” sitter. He would do just fine for about 2 seconds, and then get distracted and tip over. Our ped suggested putting a ball in a small shiny metal bowl so that he could practice both reaching into something and sitting up. It helped him focus on what was going on right in front of him instead of everything going on around him.

    • February 13, 2013 at 3:44 pm

      It’s just a question of how he actually gets into the sitting position, really. He can sit unsupported for about 15-20 seconds. But that’s only when I place him in that position, not being able to get there himself. You know?

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