How they’re Sleeping

Well, the good news is that our sleep is more consolidated. Finally.

Hula Girl has been back to her normal sleeper self, with very few disruptions in the past few weeks, even with Christmas and illness. She did wake several times one night, which was how we knew sickness was on the horizon. Sure enough, she woke up the next morning with a veeeery runny nose. Boo. But that was before Christmas, and she has since gotten much better. In fact, no vestiges of her cold remain. So most days now she’s sleeping 7-6:45ish and taking a 2.5-3 hour nap starting around 12:30.

She is still in her crib. Yep, my above-average-height-and-weight girl is still sleeping in her baby jail. She’s so funny because she lies on her back across her crib at the end so her head and side are all up against the rails. Then she puts her feet up on the front while I tuck her in. She sometimes remains in this position while she sleeps. Other times I find her sprawled on her belly the normal direction. Something tells me we’ll appreciate the rail when she moves to a big girl bed.

Hula Girl still sucks her thumb and sleeps with her very beloved bear, Daisy, three blankies (pink, white, and purple flower), and her pillow that I made for her.

Gelato has been doing better… and worse. Better at night. I put him down at 6 or 6:30. Then I go and nurse him without waking him (dreamfeed) at 10. Then he sleeps until 5 or 5:30. Then he sometimes falls back asleep unassisted, but sometimes I nurse him back to sleep just to get him on his normal starting time for the day without being overtired. He gets up for the day at 6:30. (Can I just say that I am extremely looking forward to March 10, when he will be getting up at 7:30? I will probably adjust his schedule 30 minutes backward, so he’ll be on a 7-7 schedule. Hula Girl’s may or may not adjust. We’ll see how things go.) The “worse” part of his sleep is that we’re back to battling 45-minute naps. I just can’t seem to nail down his optimal waketime. In the past weeks, we’ve done waketimes ranging from 65-140 minutes, and it seems like the best naps he’s gotten (1.5-2 hours in length) have been from the longish waketimes (mostly within the 90-110 minute range). However, a 70-minute waketime yielded a 2.5-hour nap the other morning, so WHO KNOWS?! what this kid should be able to handle. It’s all very frustrating, especially since he gives ZERO sleepy cues. He just doesn’t fuss. He doesn’t yawn. He doesn’t rub his eyes. Oh wait. He DOES. After we’re already swaddling him and tucking him in. But never in any sort of time frame that would help us determine the proper waketime. Silly boy. You’d think he wants to stay awake and enjoy his family or something!

Gelato is still swaddled. We attempted to drop his swaddle while Jonathan was home on vacation. Um, no go. We’ll try again soonish. Gelato is getting pretty skilled at rolling during his waketimes. I’ve found him smashed up against the rails of the crib several times (still safely on his back- he has not rolled while swaddled yet). He does this back slide-hop thing that really gets him places. Anyway, I would love to put him down just in his jammies, but he seems to really like being in his straight jacket. Okie dokie then. I am betting he won’t be a thumb sucker since he can’t right now. When he has his hands free and he happens to get hold of his thumb, he doesn’t suck it long. It’s merely a passing fancy. So we’ll see what he ends up doing.

In anticipation of dropping the swaddle, I cut up one of his muslin swaddle blankets into four pieces and I have been working on getting him attached to them. I place one in his hand while he nurses and put it next to his cheek while we cuddle. It seems that he likes soft things like blankets very much. He will choose fabric over plastic for gumming every time. So let’s hope I didn’t ruin a very expensive swaddle blanket for nothing!


  1. Kristy said,

    January 8, 2013 at 8:00 am

    That swaddle blanket idea is a great plan. I hope it works just the way you want it to!

    Nick still sucks his thumb at 3.5 years old. But only when he’s in bed or extra tired, so I don’t consider it a problem right now. When he was about 2, I would say that phrase from Valerie when I saw him sucking his thumb outside of bed: “You don’t need your thumb in your mouth!” in a very friendly tone of voice.

    That reminds me of something. I may ask you a six-year-old type question via email soon. 🙂

    • January 8, 2013 at 3:17 pm

      Kristy, I hope you got my response this morning. I asked Jonathan for his thoughts as well. 🙂
      Yes, I will be using that phrase with Hula Girl if she doesn’t just stop sucking her thumb on her own. I haven’t seen her sucking her thumb much lately- only when tired or emotional. So maybe she’ll be one who drops it naturally? I try not to mention it or have anyone talk about it in front of her so she doesn’t get any reinforcement. haha!

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