So, to begin the season right, take a little listen to my favorite favorite favorite Christmas Season Song. (I actually have a different Favorite Christmas Eve Song, so be prepared for that one in a few weeks.) And yes, I only like this song when Nat King Cole sings it.

What is Big Fat Fabulous Friday?

Well, it’s the day that begins the most wonderful time of the year, of course.

Sure, many people are out being crazy and mauling each other in order to gain possession of that one special item. That’s not exactly the most wonderful time of the year. I will admit that I have participated in Black Friday deal hunting, and that I look forward to it again in the future. But I am not a die-hard, get-there-at-the-crack-of-8:30-p.m.-on-Thanksgiving-and-shop-all-night kind of girl. No, no. I prefer getting up around 5:30, stopping by Starbucks, loading up on caffeine and FAR too much sugar, hitting a few fun stores, feeling absolutely sick by 7:30, stopping for breakfast, getting out to a couple more stores, and then heading home by 10. That’s the extent of my Black Friday. And I like to leave it that way.

But Black Friday is NOT the same as Big Fat Fabulous Friday.

Big Fat Fabulous Friday is the day when we bust out the ol’ Christmas decorations. Big Fat Fabulous Friday is the day when Jonathan spends FAR too much time on the roof putting up lights. Big Fat Fabulous Friday is the day when our little family piles in the car and gets our CHRISTMAS TREE!!!

So, it’s safe to say that Big Fat Fabulous Friday is awesome.

This year, Hula Girl is old enough to understand and participate in some of the rituals. She will be outside with us when I help Jonathan string the lights on our outdoor trees. She will be inside with me, jamming to our favorite carols and sipping hot chocolate, while I put up the few decorations that last year-to-year. She will get to help Jonathan choose the very best tree while I carry Gelato around the tree lot. And she will be able to help me water the Christmas tree every morning and afternoon until it stops drinking water or January comes.

Can I tell you how excited I am to be sharing some of these things with my kiddo!?!?! I mean, this is the first year we will actually start traditions with her! She gets to hang her own ornaments! She gets to make cookies for Santa! She gets to leave cheese for Santa Mouse and a carrot for Rudolph! (Her current thinking on Santa/reindeer is that Santa will come wake her up in the night when he gets here so that she can come downstairs and feed an unpeeled carrot to the reindeer. Yes, she specified that the carrot will not be peeled. ??? She has also expressed concern that Santa Mouse will need to hide her present in the MIDDLE of the Christmas tree so that she can crawl under the branches and look up to find it. No joke. She is hilarious.) 

Another tradition we’re SO excited to begin is one I heard of somewhere out in blogland- we’re going to set out a small empty manger and every time someone in our family shows kindness, joy, or love, we’ll add a piece of straw. We hope to make a nice, soft bed for Jesus for his arrival on Christmas Eve.

I have come up with a Christmas-related topic for every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, and have planned 2 activities to go along with each topic. Hula Girl will LOVE Christmas by the time December is over. And not just for the toys. We’re focusing on things like the characters in the Christmas story, the advent wreath, and Christmas traditions like candy canes and stockings. I plan to keep it quite simple (duh, she’s 2) and not try to hit on EVERYTHING this year (we do have several Christmases ahead of us, after all), but I also want to try to give her a bit of an understanding of the miracle and why we celebrate so very much. I mean, 1/12th of our LIVES are spent in celebration of this one event… she may as well understand why we go so crazy over it (especially if her understanding diminishes the importance of TOYS and emphasizes the importance of…oh, I don’t know… SALVATION)!

So, back to our plans.

We’ll get up, have an awesome Christmas-themed breakfast (I’ll post about that when it happens), and start up the carols. Hula Girl and I will start reading a few Christmas stories that we have here at home (we have, like, 1000 books-no joke- so I’m sure we have at least 20 books about Christmas). Then Jonathan will bring in all the Christmas decorations and lights, and we’ll figure out what goes where and which strings of lights need replacing, etc. Next, we’ll head outside to watch Jonathan start putting up lights. When Hula Girl tires of that, we’ll head inside and start decorating the inside of the house (because, of course, we’ll have taken down all Remnants of Fall on Thanksgiving night). I can’t wait to show her the special decorations we have and tell her what they mean to us. I’m thinking particularly of a little statue we have that has 3 snowmen. I got that for us when we learned we were pregnant with Hula Girl. She will ADORE having a snowman self. Of course, lunch will be Thanksgiving leftovers. While Hula Girl naps, Jonathan and I will finish up with the lights and decorations. I will also start some turkey soup so that when Hula Girl and Gelato get up from their naps in the afternoon, we can head out as a family and choose our TREE! When we get home, we’ll set it up in the garage to let its branches fall a bit and we’ll enjoy turkey soup for dinner. Once the kids are in bed, Jonathan and I will plan this year’s extra-special decorations… I plan to go crafting-crazy, and I will have to shop on Saturday to purchase all the extra supplies I need. 🙂


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  1. Kristy said,

    November 22, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Exciting!! I too love authentic (authentic in my own personal opinion, of course) Christmas carols. I’ll be starting them up tomorrow, but I doubt we will have quite as fabulous a Friday as you will. 🙂

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