Thanksgiving, Our Way

Well, tomorrow Jonathan and I will be hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner. Yep, we’ve been married five years and have yet to celebrate the holiday at home. We HAVE cooked the entire meal once before, and all the separate dishes numerous times. So we’re not sweating the food (for once!- y’all know me… not exactly a Top Chef candidate). Here’s our menu:

  • Turkey
  • Gravy
  • Stuffing
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Turnips
  • Yams
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Carrots (haven’t decided how to prepare them yet- I will likely roast them)
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Rolls
  • Pickles
  • Olives
  • Jell-O Dessert Thing (it has no name)
  • Pies






Stuff in brown is food we’re preparing here at our house. Stuff in orange is food my mom’s preparing early and bringing. The Jell-O Dessert Thing is my grandma’s creation. 

Anyway, we’re quite excited to have my mom, dad, and grandma join us for dinner. I might even see if our next-door neighbor wants to come. Nothing like a holiday to practice a little hospitality! 

So my tasks this afternoon and evening are numerous. First, I have to go through recipes and solidify my exact plans for all the food we’re going to prepare. Next, I have to prepare some of the food tonight so we aren’t relying on an already-full oven for any dishes tomorrow. Then, I have to clean. Ugh. Cleaning. Finally, I have to make Jonathan’s Thanksgiving To-Do List. Since my parents are coming tomorrow, and it’s going to be SO nice outside (it’s currently 72º), we will rely on them to take Hula Girl to the playground. That means Jonathan will have ample time to get out in the backyard and clean it up in preparation for the winter AND in preparation for Big Fat Fabulous Friday*. (Anyone recognize the reference there? Bonus points to the first person who correctly identifies the show in the comments below!)

Tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day) we will attempt to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade… that is, if we can find it online. I’m sure we’ll be able to. update: I just googled it and, YES, we will be able to watch it on the Macy’s website or NBC’s website. So if y’all are in a bind like us, there ya go. Hula Girl is old enough to watch a little show here and there, and I think the holidays are a great reason to relax our strict NO-TV rule. Also, she wakes up at 7, which is when the parade starts, so why the heck shouldn’t we watch it!?

While we enjoy the parade, we’ll be cookin’ and waitin’ for the company. We might also vacuum a bit. Since we live in such a small house, we can’t really vacuum while the kiddos are sleeping. So we wait until we’re both home and both of them are awake… which happens for about 10 cumulative hours per week. Ha!

When the company arrives, my parents will abscond with Hula Girl, Jonathan will retreat to the backyard, and my grandma and I will chill in the living room, snacking on celery (her) and pickles and olives (me). When Hula Girl goes down for her nap, we’ll likely try to stream a football game so my mom, grandma, and husband can watch. My dad couldn’t really care less. 🙂

We’ll eat our official Thanksgiving Dinner around 5, which is when Hula Girl is used to having dinner. It’s a bit on the late side as far as Thanksgiving Dinners go, but it’s what works for our family. I just see no reason to try to give her a huge old meal in the middle of the day when she’s not used to that, and then expect her to eat well for her real dinner, too. And since I’m hosting, I can make the plans! You don’t like ’em, you don’t have to come! HA. (Fortunately, my family is quite flexible and they work with Hula Girl’s schedule all the time.)

And now, I must ask your opinion. So, here’s a little poll to help my family out.

*Big Fat Fabulous Friday plans to follow in another post.

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