Not a Baby Anymore

I took Hula Girl swimming on Saturday. It was the first time we’d gotten out of the house, just her and me, since Gelato graced us with his presence outside my belly. So overdue, and so much fun! We went to the pirate pool at the Y, and I wasn’t sure if she’d be hesitant at all, since we haven’t been there in months. But nope! She ran right in, no qualms, and had a blast.

On the way home from the Y, she was talking kind of randomly in the back seat. Suddenly, she got quiet and then said, “Mommy? I am not a baby anymore.”

No, Little, you’re not. And that kind of breaks my heart, to be honest.

Her obsession with all things “toddler” has grown and flourished lately. She grew over an inch in one month, which meant that suddenly, all the fall and winter clothes that fit her in September no longer fit. I culled through her dresser and pulled out anything smaller than a size 3T (!- she’s not even two and a half!!!). She watched me and commented, “Those things are too small for me. Those things are for babies.” Then we went shopping and bought her three new pairs of pants (sparkly jeans, khakis, and stripey fleece) the next day. She proclaimed them “toddler pants.”

She also likes eating “toddler” food with her “toddler” fork. She likes reading “toddler” books and wearing “toddler” shoes (which reminds me, I need to go through her shoe bin as well- her feet are ginormous these days). She likes sleeping in her “toddler” crib (not sure how it is ANY different from a “baby” crib, especially since it’s the SAME ONE she’s been sleeping in her entire life… but, hey…). And she especially likes the fact that she’s the toddler and Gelato’s only a baby.

We often talk about how she can do so many cool things that he can’t do because he’s just a baby. Things like walking, running, jumping, eating, singing, reading, and so on. But lest you feel worried that we’re playing favorites, let me inform you that Hula Girl is doing her very best to teach him how to do all the things she likes to do. I showed her how to “bicycle” his legs and arms to make them strong for walking and running. I showed her how he likes to lift his head when he’s on his tummy, to get him ready for sitting up, swimming, and other skills. I showed her how to gently pat his legs while she’s singing her ABCs to him. I showed her how we can prop him up so he can sit and read with us. She looooooves being “in charge” of him. And he’s not going to be able to get away with anything. Something tells me we’re going to have a lot of discussions related to tattling in our home in the next few years. 🙂

Yes, Hula Girl is growing up. She amazes me with her thoughts, words, and actions. She seems so much bigger and more mature than she was when Gelato was first born. I suppose she really is- after all, now she has the 2-year molars and new pants to prove it. I’ll leave you with her astounding question from this morning: “Mommy, what’s on the back of those mountains over there?”

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  1. Kristy said,

    November 2, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    Ha ha! We are having those tattling discussions!

    Hula Girl’s mind is wonderful. 🙂

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