“May I Take off my Pants?”


Bwa, ha, ha!

This is going to be one of those posts that I think I might have Jonathan read at Hula Girl’s wedding reception. She’ll appreciate it, I’m sure.

Lately, Hula Girl has busted out with some funny funny material.

The other morning she heard me saying, “Yippee.” I was saying it sarcastically to express my mock-citement about having oatmeal for breakfast… again. She thought the word was fetching, and so she repeated it all day long. But she didn’t use it correctly. She said, “Yeppee,” and she said it in response to any question we asked her. Until she started saying, “Nopee.” Ha.

When we had all our family members here for Jonathan’s surprise party, Papa asked Hula Girl if she was shaking her booty. She turned to him and said in a very surprised-and-affronted-sounding voice, “I don’t have a booty!” Except her enunciation skillz are lacking, so it came out, “I no-wn have a booooooooooooo-dee!”

Today I asked her if she has a booty. She told me, “I ay-am not a boodee! I no-wn have a boodee! I have yocks and yoos! Onyee babies have booties!” So no wonder she told Papa she didn’t have a booty! And no wonder she was so offended- she is a toddler, after all. 😉

I went to get her out of her room after today’s roomtime, and I found her standing up on her ottoman, looking out the window. She got very excited to see me and said, “Yook, Mommy! Yook! An excavator! I see an excavator digging a hole right outside my window!” An excavator? Huh. What do you know? It really was an excavator. Her “Trucks” book really taught her something! We went outside and took a picture with the excavator.

And for the finale. Her favorite thing lately is to ask very politely for permission to do anything. In fact, I’m surprised she doesn’t ask for permission to breathe. Not kidding. “May I wash my hands? May I brush my teeth? May I touch the computer? May I jump up the stairs? May I have a nap? May I take the cover off of your makeup and smear it all over my face?”

So today I was pushing her on the swing. It’s a Little Tikes swing like this one here. So there is a back on it, and she can kind of twist around and move somewhat freely without falling off.

She says to me, “May I take off my pay-ants?”

I told her no.

Her response: “I am yeaching ayound ay-and taking off my pay-ants a edoo bit in the back yo you ca-yant yee me doing it.” (I am reaching around and taking off my pants a little bit in the back so you can’t see me doing it.)



1 Comment

  1. Kristy said,

    October 22, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    I am going to die laughing if I let myself go. She reminds me of myself as a little girl with that one!

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