Gelato’s 2-Month Update

Hello Friends and Family,

Here’s a little 2-month update on our Gelato’s development.

Gelato rolled over yesterday! I set him down to do some Tummy Time, and he leaned over a little too far to his right. His big ol’ noggin got him going and the rest of his body just followed along! He didn’t act surprised or anything. I didn’t make too big of a fuss about it- no jumping up and down and screaming. That would have freaked him out. 🙂

We went to Gelato’s 2-month checkup today. 

(As an aside- I am liking our new pediatrician. She seems to get the fact that I’m an intelligent being. It’s so nice not to have a pediatrician talking down to me, explaining things that really don’t need explanations. It makes me really respect her opinion, even when I am better informed than she is, like in the case of reflux and the different treatments for it. But I am pretty sure not many doctors have really researched reflux as in-depth as I have. I kind of had a vested interest!)

Anyway, here are his stats! 

Length: 23.5 inches (75th percentile)

Weight: 13 pounds (75th percentile) 

Head Circumference: not sure the exact number (25th percentile)

 Side note about his weight – I think the nurse rushed through and didn’t weigh him properly. I am sure he’s at least 13 lbs 2 oz. That’s what they get for not having a digital scale!

 At Hula Girl’s 2-month checkup, she was in the 95th percentile for length and weight and the 85th for head circumference. Funny how they differ so much! I will also note that even though Hula Girl’s percentiles were higher, Gelato’s numbers are bigger. But since he’s compared to baby boys in general, his percentiles look lower. 

 Gelato has reached all his developmental milestones. He actually tested at a 4-month level… meaning he is physically capable of things a young 4-month-old should be able to accomplish. He can put his head at a 45 and 90 degree angle when he’s on his tummy. He can touch his hands together. He can squeal. So forth. 

 We have decided to put/keep him on Zantac for the time being. I was concerned he might have silent reflux because he’s quite congested a lot of the time and his voice was very hoarse and raspy for several days. So we put him on Zantac 3 weeks ago. For those of you who remember, Zantac did nothing for Hula Girl’s reflux at all. So I was very concerned that Zantac would not be effective for Gelato and we’d have to move up to Prevacid or some other PPI again. However, after reevaluating, we’re actually going to keep him on the same dose he’s on and give it another month. He is no longer showing signs or symptoms of reflux aside from his congestion and the occasional wet burp. This could be because Zantac is working or because he’s getting more mature. By keeping him on the same dose, we will be testing to see which is the case. Zantac is highly weight-sensitive, so if his body is depending on the Zantac to ease reflux, we’ll know soon since he will have outgrown the dose, and we’ll just up his dosage. If we notice nothing bad in the next month, we will just stop giving him the Zantac altogether. I’m hoping for that option! 

 Gelato got his first immunizations today. He screamed for about 5 minutes, then stopped when I put him in his car seat. He fell asleep (!?!?!?- this kid does not like to sleep in his car seat) and when we got home I just transfered him to his crib. He opened his eyes a little bit when I swaddled him up, but as soon as his head hit the crib mattress, he was back asleep. Nice. So apparently he’s one of the kids who actually sleeps after immunizations. 

 We have finally been getting some longer stretches of sleep at night. For a while, Gelato was going 5-6 hours at night (around 5/6 weeks). Then from weeks 6-8, he was up every 3 hours, like clockwork, all night long. If I fed him at 10, he’d be up at 1 and 4. If I fed him at 11, he’d be up at 2 and 5. Now. Let me just clarify this: I know several people who think that waking only twice a night is great for a baby his age. And yeah, it is. I was still getting enough sleep- just fragmented. But I have been doing everything “by the book” since day 1 with him- waking him every 3 hours during the day, etc., to ensure good long stretches at night by 8 weeks. And when they didn’t come, I was soo disappointed. But the night before last, he miraculously slept 5.5 hours. And then last night, he slept 7.5 hours! Glorious. I expect we’ll have some more fragmented nights here and there, but I also expect some more frequent long stretches at night. The goal right now is to have him sleeping from 10-7 within a couple of weeks. We’ll see what we get.

 Gelato’s general schedule looks like this, with about 30 minutes’ variation each day: 

 7 wake, nurse, play a bit with Daddy

7:45 nap

10 wake, nurse, tummy time and independent playtime

10:50 nap

1 wake, nurse, more tummy time, blanket time

1:50 nap

4 wake, nurse, sibling playtime

4:50 nap

6 ish wake, family time

6:30 bath, bedtime routine

6:45 nurse

7 bed

10 “dreamfeed”- I nurse him and put him back to sleep without any play time

 So there you have it! 

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  1. Kristy said,

    October 9, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Exciting about his rolling over! I respect your ability not to jump and scream in excitement. It’s hard to hold back, sometimes. 🙂 Glad to hear the reflux symptoms don’t seem to be bothering him, and very glad that nights are stretching out. Now THAT is exciting!

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