“May I Take off my Pants?”


Bwa, ha, ha!

This is going to be one of those posts that I think I might have Jonathan read at Hula Girl’s wedding reception. She’ll appreciate it, I’m sure.

Lately, Hula Girl has busted out with some funny funny material.

The other morning she heard me saying, “Yippee.” I was saying it sarcastically to express my mock-citement about having oatmeal for breakfast… again. She thought the word was fetching, and so she repeated it all day long. But she didn’t use it correctly. She said, “Yeppee,” and she said it in response to any question we asked her. Until she started saying, “Nopee.” Ha.

When we had all our family members here for Jonathan’s surprise party, Papa asked Hula Girl if she was shaking her booty. She turned to him and said in a very surprised-and-affronted-sounding voice, “I don’t have a booty!” Except her enunciation skillz are lacking, so it came out, “I no-wn have a booooooooooooo-dee!”

Today I asked her if she has a booty. She told me, “I ay-am not a boodee! I no-wn have a boodee! I have yocks and yoos! Onyee babies have booties!” So no wonder she told Papa she didn’t have a booty! And no wonder she was so offended- she is a toddler, after all. 😉

I went to get her out of her room after today’s roomtime, and I found her standing up on her ottoman, looking out the window. She got very excited to see me and said, “Yook, Mommy! Yook! An excavator! I see an excavator digging a hole right outside my window!” An excavator? Huh. What do you know? It really was an excavator. Her “Trucks” book really taught her something! We went outside and took a picture with the excavator.

And for the finale. Her favorite thing lately is to ask very politely for permission to do anything. In fact, I’m surprised she doesn’t ask for permission to breathe. Not kidding. “May I wash my hands? May I brush my teeth? May I touch the computer? May I jump up the stairs? May I have a nap? May I take the cover off of your makeup and smear it all over my face?”

So today I was pushing her on the swing. It’s a Little Tikes swing like this one here. So there is a back on it, and she can kind of twist around and move somewhat freely without falling off.

She says to me, “May I take off my pay-ants?”

I told her no.

Her response: “I am yeaching ayound ay-and taking off my pay-ants a edoo bit in the back yo you ca-yant yee me doing it.” (I am reaching around and taking off my pants a little bit in the back so you can’t see me doing it.)



Happy Birthday to Me!

Yup, me and seven of my good friends. Can you believe it?! I have SEVEN friends whose birthday is the same as mine. Yowza. However, I do not have the most common birthday: September 16. So that’s good, I guess.

Anyway, I’ve been absent from posting for quite some time because we have had a whirlwind of adventure around here.

Jonathan was asked by his supervisors to attend the Love and Logic conference to become a trainer for their facility. It was a 3-day conference and I was terrified to attempt single-parenting for the duration of that conference, so I decided to take the kids to my parents’ house so I’d at least have help for bedtime. Several firsts happened there; namely, Hula Girl slept in a big bed for the first time (and stayed in it all night, albeit waking several times), and Gelato slept through the night from his dreamfeed until our first morning feeding. Unfortunately, Hula Girl woke five times that night, screaming, so I wasn’t able to relish the sleep. Also, Gelato hasn’t slept through the night again since then, and in fact, he’s getting worse. So. Frustrating.

Moving on.

On the 13th, we celebrated my grandma’s 90th birthday. We threw her a surprise party, and she just loved it. Of course, we had to have ninety candles on the cake- it was definitely glowing. Then my grandma allowed Hula Girl to swipe the frosting off the cake with her finger and eat it… gross. I am still not sure exactly how much cake Hula Girl consumed that day.

That evening, Jonathan’s parents arrived from California for a week-long visit. It was wonderful having them here! Gelato was really thrown off his sleep game by our “vacation” and the first few days back were really really hard. But since Ama and Papa were here to take care of Hula Girl, I was able to focus on Gelato and be consistent with him where I needed to be consistent. So now he’s back to pretty good naps. Thank goodness. I will be writing a separate post detailing Ama and Papa’s visit.

Saturday, I threw Jonathan a surprise party for his golden birthday. He turns thirty this month, and since his parents were in town, I wanted to celebrate a bit early. I have never been able to keep anything a secret or a surprise from him before, but I worked really hard on it this time and he was totally unaware! Our across-the-street-neighbor made a Quidditch pitch cake with golden Snitch cake pops, all the decorations were gold, and I stuck with gold-themed gifts. Hula Girl and I even painted our toenails (and my fingernails) with gold glitter nail polish. It was fun!

Sunday, Jonathan took Ama and Papa to the airport and then we spent the afternoon and evening settling back down into our little family-of-four routine.

Today I have worked hard to just get right back into Hula Girl’s and my regular routine. We had milk, read books, ate breakfast, did chores, colored, read more books, had roomtime, went outside, had lunch, and now she’s down for her nap. This afternoon I will be taking her outside in the backyard so she can have a bunch of free play time out there.

I am hoping to get my little Gelato man to sleep longer tonight. That would be the ultimate birthday gift. I. am. so. exhausted.


Hula Girl – 28 Months

Hula Girl is 28 months old, or two-and-a-third years old, today. Only two thirds of a year left until she’s THREE. Yipe.

Current Schedule:

7:45 out of crib, milk, get dressed (maybe)

8:00 go downstairs, play while breakfast is prepared

8:15/30ish breakfast, followed by hand-washing and teeth-brushing

9:00ish play indoors (project, reading, toys, whatevs)

10:00ish roomtime

10:45ish play outside

11:30ish play while lunch is prepared (she usually runs around singing and being silly)

11:45/12ish eat lunch, followed by hand-washing and teeth-brushing

1:00ish nap

3:30/45ish snack and low-key activities

4:00ish sibling playtime (closely attended by Mommy)

4:45ish roomtime

5:30ish Daddy time

6:00 dinner, followed by hand-washing and teeth-brushing

6:30ish family time

7:00 bedtime routine (bath, potty, lotion, jammies, stories)

7:30 in bed


Hula Girl has started doing better at the table. She is no longer thinking it’s a fun game to leave the table as many times as possible in one single meal. Her new thing, however, is to say, “I want something else.” She says it in a very demanding voice. The funny thing is that she doesn’t get “something else”… ever. I simply say, “Well, we’re having ______ right now. You can have something else at your next meal.” She then eats whatever I’ve given her, and usually asks for more. She’s not super picky these days, which is nice. Lunch is by far her best meal of the day. I am starting to cut down on her snacks. She was getting one in the morning and one in the afternoon. However, she stopped eating as well at meals, so I cut out the morning snack and I have reduced her already-small-to-begin-with afternoon snack. Yesterday she had two slices of cheese for her afternoon snack and that was it. She ate a very healthy-sized dinner last night.


So, night sleep is better. We finally stopped the middle-of-the-night scream-a-thons. However, her naps are suuuuuuuuuuuuck-y. She has not slept past 2:15 in about 2 weeks. That means her naps are less than 1 hour 15 minutes each day. I am considering moving her nap back in the day to around 1:15 to see if that helps her sleep longer. ‘Cuz the shorter nights plus the lame naps are only going to get her overtired. Sheesh. I can’t wait for her to stop napping. And then when Gelato stops napping, I will throw a party. Yes, a party.


Hula Girl’s behavior is back on track. She’s kind of settling in and it’s normal for her to have a little brother now. It also helps that Gelato is not having short naps requiring Mommy-intervention several times a day. I can spend extended amounts of time with her and not feel nervous about having to stop whatever we’re doing and run upstairs at the drop of a hat. This means she has much less unsupervised time as I can plan to put her in roomtime at the appropriate times during the day. Hallelujah.

A brief anecdote about her awesome behavior: Yesterday when we went to Gelato’s 2-month checkup, the pediatrician made a face when she walked in the room and noticed Hula Girl was there, too. It looked like she was thinking, “Oh Geeze, she brought a 2-year-old, too. This appointment is going to be hectic.” Well. Hectic is not the way Hula Girl adds to appointments. Cuteness, sweetness, helper-ness, and kindness- these are things she adds. Hectic just isn’t in her. She is an obedient girl who knows the rules and understands when it’s time to ask for Mommy’s help (unless Daddy just got home and she is keen to have BOTH parents’ undivided attention). Anyway, Hula Girl spent the majority of the appointment looking out the window and singing quietly to herself. Then I put Gelato on the ground (on a blanket!) so I could finish talking to the doctor, and Hula Girl jumped down and talked to him to keep him from fussing. The doctor was impressed. She said, “Oh, are you going to talk to your brother so that we can finish talking? That’s so kind of you!” And when the doctor left the room (after witnessing how Hula Girl followed my directions and re-packed the diaper bag all by herself (as I comforted a screaming, just-had-shots baby), she smiled and said, “Bye [Hula Girl]! It was nice to see you today!” Heh. My good girl.


I wrote this about her last month, and it still rings true today:

Sunny, chipper, happy-go-lucky, giddy, gleeful, no-flies-on-her. That is exactly the way I would describe my little Hula Girl. She loooooooves to sing, dance, laugh, play, create, joke, invent, explore, explain, hide, seek, chase, read, and snuggle. Her primary concern in the day is whether or not Mommy and Daddy are happy, too. She rarely has a moment where she feels grumpy or mad. She does not stay grumpy or mad longer than about twelve seconds. She takes correction with a smile and says, “Okay, Mommy! I won’t do that again!” She is unstoppably carefree and delightful… and it’s catching. Spend one hour with my little drop of joy, and you’ll feel lighter for a week. I adore this quality of hers.

When she DOES get upset or hurt, she is quite loud and everyone will know it. Make no mistake, she wears her heart of her sleeve. Gotta love that. However, I am aware that I need to be helping her determine when and how it is appropriate to tip her cards. I don’t want her heart getting smooshed.

I will have to do a separate post on her language skills and other attributes. I am out of time today!

Gelato’s 2-Month Update

Hello Friends and Family,

Here’s a little 2-month update on our Gelato’s development.

Gelato rolled over yesterday! I set him down to do some Tummy Time, and he leaned over a little too far to his right. His big ol’ noggin got him going and the rest of his body just followed along! He didn’t act surprised or anything. I didn’t make too big of a fuss about it- no jumping up and down and screaming. That would have freaked him out. 🙂

We went to Gelato’s 2-month checkup today. 

(As an aside- I am liking our new pediatrician. She seems to get the fact that I’m an intelligent being. It’s so nice not to have a pediatrician talking down to me, explaining things that really don’t need explanations. It makes me really respect her opinion, even when I am better informed than she is, like in the case of reflux and the different treatments for it. But I am pretty sure not many doctors have really researched reflux as in-depth as I have. I kind of had a vested interest!)

Anyway, here are his stats! 

Length: 23.5 inches (75th percentile)

Weight: 13 pounds (75th percentile) 

Head Circumference: not sure the exact number (25th percentile)

 Side note about his weight – I think the nurse rushed through and didn’t weigh him properly. I am sure he’s at least 13 lbs 2 oz. That’s what they get for not having a digital scale!

 At Hula Girl’s 2-month checkup, she was in the 95th percentile for length and weight and the 85th for head circumference. Funny how they differ so much! I will also note that even though Hula Girl’s percentiles were higher, Gelato’s numbers are bigger. But since he’s compared to baby boys in general, his percentiles look lower. 

 Gelato has reached all his developmental milestones. He actually tested at a 4-month level… meaning he is physically capable of things a young 4-month-old should be able to accomplish. He can put his head at a 45 and 90 degree angle when he’s on his tummy. He can touch his hands together. He can squeal. So forth. 

 We have decided to put/keep him on Zantac for the time being. I was concerned he might have silent reflux because he’s quite congested a lot of the time and his voice was very hoarse and raspy for several days. So we put him on Zantac 3 weeks ago. For those of you who remember, Zantac did nothing for Hula Girl’s reflux at all. So I was very concerned that Zantac would not be effective for Gelato and we’d have to move up to Prevacid or some other PPI again. However, after reevaluating, we’re actually going to keep him on the same dose he’s on and give it another month. He is no longer showing signs or symptoms of reflux aside from his congestion and the occasional wet burp. This could be because Zantac is working or because he’s getting more mature. By keeping him on the same dose, we will be testing to see which is the case. Zantac is highly weight-sensitive, so if his body is depending on the Zantac to ease reflux, we’ll know soon since he will have outgrown the dose, and we’ll just up his dosage. If we notice nothing bad in the next month, we will just stop giving him the Zantac altogether. I’m hoping for that option! 

 Gelato got his first immunizations today. He screamed for about 5 minutes, then stopped when I put him in his car seat. He fell asleep (!?!?!?- this kid does not like to sleep in his car seat) and when we got home I just transfered him to his crib. He opened his eyes a little bit when I swaddled him up, but as soon as his head hit the crib mattress, he was back asleep. Nice. So apparently he’s one of the kids who actually sleeps after immunizations. 

 We have finally been getting some longer stretches of sleep at night. For a while, Gelato was going 5-6 hours at night (around 5/6 weeks). Then from weeks 6-8, he was up every 3 hours, like clockwork, all night long. If I fed him at 10, he’d be up at 1 and 4. If I fed him at 11, he’d be up at 2 and 5. Now. Let me just clarify this: I know several people who think that waking only twice a night is great for a baby his age. And yeah, it is. I was still getting enough sleep- just fragmented. But I have been doing everything “by the book” since day 1 with him- waking him every 3 hours during the day, etc., to ensure good long stretches at night by 8 weeks. And when they didn’t come, I was soo disappointed. But the night before last, he miraculously slept 5.5 hours. And then last night, he slept 7.5 hours! Glorious. I expect we’ll have some more fragmented nights here and there, but I also expect some more frequent long stretches at night. The goal right now is to have him sleeping from 10-7 within a couple of weeks. We’ll see what we get.

 Gelato’s general schedule looks like this, with about 30 minutes’ variation each day: 

 7 wake, nurse, play a bit with Daddy

7:45 nap

10 wake, nurse, tummy time and independent playtime

10:50 nap

1 wake, nurse, more tummy time, blanket time

1:50 nap

4 wake, nurse, sibling playtime

4:50 nap

6 ish wake, family time

6:30 bath, bedtime routine

6:45 nurse

7 bed

10 “dreamfeed”- I nurse him and put him back to sleep without any play time

 So there you have it! 

Learning About Colors


This morning I was reading a story to Hula Girl about mixing colors. It’s called The Color Kittens. I was therefore inspired to do an activity with Hula Girl that showed her the same concept. Since it was so cold outside today, and I don’t yet have a nice winter coat for Hula Girl, we did a longer experiment than we normally would have done. This ate up about 40 minutes. Nice! (In Toddler Time, 40 minutes is like an eternity. Keeping her focused on one activity for this long was amazing.)

So this little activity is all over the internet in Mom Blog Land. Baking soda + food coloring + vinegar = fun foaming way to entertain and teach your toddler about colors. I was particularly fond of doing this “project*” in muffin tins as it really worked well to keep everything contained.

*Hula Girl refers to every single thing we do requiring supplies or materials of any sort as a “project.”

Anyway, we started out just learning what happened when we dropped vinegar in baking soda. Then we saw what happened when we added each of the colors separately. Finally, we used the second tin to do our color mixtures. She was STUNNED by the results! I had her make guesses to see what colors she thought would result from the mixtures. Her guess for red + yellow? Green. Surprise! How about blue + red? Pink? Surprise again! She was very excited to announce the color of the foam as soon as it appeared each time. We documented our color findings very carefully on a separate sheet of paper so we can use it again as reference when we’re mixing colors in the future. She will also be psyched to show Daddy her discoveries when he gets home!

But her very favorite part: squirting the vinegar out of the medicine syringe, of course. 🙂








Catching Up

It’s officially fall here, folks. Today’s high was 54°. When Hula Girl and I went outside to play on the swing, the wind chill was 36°. Yep. Chilly.

I wish I had posted on Monday. We had a perfect day on Monday. Perfect. I loved my children like mad because I didn’t even have to think in order to get through the day. Hula Girl was on best behavior, she was well rested, and I enjoyed spending every moment with her. Gelato slept well for all his naps and was cooing and smiling up a storm. Ah.  The good ol’ days.

Today I was struck yet again with how very sporadic the early baby days, weeks, and months can be. As soon as we hit our “groove” in the earlier part of this week (hey! We beat the 45-minute intruder!!!!!!), today was crazy because Gelato is now experiencing Wonder Week 8. Basically, his sleeping, eating, etc., are going to be “off” for a few days because his brain is experiencing a huge developmental leap. So yeah. We had a perfect little 3-hour schedule happening for a few days… and today he ate every 2-2.5 hours. It’s not like his naps were short, either. That’s what kills me. With the 45-minute intruder, I felt confident letting him fuss or helping him get back to sleep because I know a 45-minute nap is just not long enough. However, with his naps today, I had no justification for trying to let him/help him fall back to sleep because each time he’d been sleeping for over an hour and a half. That is a decent length for a nap! So when he woke early, I went ahead and got him. We ended up adding a feeding and a nap today. Ugh. SO not my favorite thing.

Also, because of Gelato’s unpredictability today, Hula Girl’s schedule shifted. She didn’t get roomtime until 5:00 this evening… and that was just crazy. She needs her morning roomtime in order to make it to lunch happily. I have made it my personal goal to ensure she has roomtime in the morning tomorrow.

Can I just put another little complaint out there (in the hopes that some of my BW mom friends will chime in)? I have been doing everything by the book since Gelato was born. I made sure we got full feedings. I woke him every three hours during the day, every 5 hours at night. He was on track- sleeping 5 hours at night during his fifth week. Then he regressed during his 6-week growth spurt and we haven’t seen a nighttime stretch longer than 4 hours since. Some might say that I should drop the “dreamfeed” (his 10 p.m. feeding that I wake him for) but even if I do that, he still wakes around that time. And after his late evening feeding (around 10ish) he consistently wakes every three hours afterward. Feed him at 10? He wakes at 1 and 4 a.m. Feed him at 11? 2 and 5. He is so stuck on eating every 3 hours!!! So I try letting him sleep. He’ll wake at 10:30 or 11:30. And wake every 3 hours after that. BAH. By 8 weeks, he’s supposed to be able to sleep 7-8 hours at night. If you ask any pediatrician, babies can “sleep through the night” (general definition of that is about 6 hours) by the time they’re 12 pounds. My kid passed 12 pounds about 2 pounds ago… and here we are. Awake every flipping 3 hours. What am I doing wrong here?!!??!?!?!?!?! Vent over.

On the bright side of things, Hula Girl is getting funnier and funnier and more sophisticated in her conversational skills lately. She has started giving out step-by-step directions. “Here, I will show you. First you… Then you….” So funny to hear her describing things like how to put her blankie in the proper corner of her crib! It’s also a great experience to finally have a child who is able to express every thought she has in her head so that I can actually understand her the majority of the time. Some of her thoughts are supercute due to the fact that she’s two and can’t conceptualize things yet. For instance, yesterday we were talking about how my grandma turned 90. I said, “Isn’t it amazing that Great Gramma is 90 years old today? Do you think you want to be 90 years old someday?” She said, “Yes! I want to be 90 years old. And Great Gramma will hold me!” So I guess 90 years old is actually destination where your loved ones will wrap their arms around you and hold you. Hm. Might not be too bad after all!

Gelato is developing in his own little baby way. He has discovered his little hands and is perfectly content to sit and suck his knuckles all during his waketime. He’s learning to laugh and to use his consonants. He’s good with /g/ these days. He also likes to squeal, coo, and gasp. But his laugh is the best. I also enjoy his willingness to just sit and stare into my eyes while smiling his gummy little baby smile. He knows his Mommy. And I love that.

Something else I want to make note of for my own future reference (as if I could ever forget) is the differences in the ways my children smell. I swear their scents match their personalities. Hula Girl has always had more of a “sharp” smell to her. When I nursed her I could smell her sharpness mingled with the smell of the milk. However, Gelato has more of a soft, fresh smell. I have also not noticed the scent of the milk when I nurse him. That’s probably because he gulps it all down faster than I ever imagined possible.

Jonathan and I have gotten into Grey’s Anatomy. We just finished season 1 tonight. So far, it’s an okay show. Nothing to write home about. But we will continue to watch, because we are deprived of the ability to actually leave the house much. Here’s hoping it gets…better?

Well, it’s 10:00… time to do the dreamfeed. Let’s hope we don’t do another feeding at 1 and 4! Maybe my littlest man will surprise me!

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