Prayers are Powerful…

…in more than one way.

Just want to share a quick anecdote about my children.

As you all know, Gelato has been really really struggling with 45-minute naps. Meaning, he is not sleeping through his transitions, which makes it really difficult for all of us when I need to go assist him to get back to sleep but his sister is desperate for me to push her five more minutes on the swing. I then feel like I can’t spend the full 7 minutes I need to spend with him (really, that’s all it takes to put him back to sleep, seven whopping minutes) and I rush it so he doesn’t get fully settled, and I end up sprinting up and down the staircase, likely leaving both of my offspring extremely confused (“Why won’t Mommy just stay with me?”) for the next half-hour while I try to parent both at once.

Needless to say, it has been my constant prayer that Gelato will learn to sleep through his transitions. Hula Girl has witnessed me, on several occasions, drop everything and say a prayer out loud, usually along the lines of, “Lord, please just help Gelato go back to sleep!”

Today when Gelato woke at his transition in his first nap, Hula Girl was on the potty. I heard her finish up, then she started back toward the kitchen. Then she stopped and I heard, “Yoad, peese hewp [Gelato] go back to yeep. Thank you, Yoad. Amen.”

My heart was overtaken with awe and the realization that what I am modeling daily really really does become her habit. What a great reminder to stay the course with grace, integrity, and above all, reliance on God.

Y’all should see her fold her little hands and bow her sweet-smelling head at the dinner table every night. Even while she’s peeking and occasionally unfolding her hands to “sneak” a bite of her favorite dish, she’s so innocent and precious. Sigh.

1 Comment

  1. Kristy said,

    September 26, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    Yes, so precious.

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