40 Weeks 4 Days

Since I don’t typically post on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, I didn’t post this weekend. And a lot of people assumed it was because I was in the hospital giving birth. Sorry, friends. I was not.

Gelato is still in there, cooking away. Getting bigger and bigger every moment. Yipe.

Jonathan is now officially on vacation. I told him that I would appreciate him being home even before Gelato comes, just so he is HERE and can help with Hula Girl. She is over the moon happy that her Daddy is home with her all the time now. What little girl wouldn’t love a chance to hang with her Daddy during all her waking hours? I will say, though, that even though she’s thrilled to be with Jonathan a lot, she still wants me. She comes to find me and sits with me on the couch and snuggles and reads books endlessly. When I walk into the kitchen, all she wants is for me to pick her up and hold her while she rests her head against my cheek and shoulder. When she comes out of her room after sleeping, she comes straight to me and says, “Mommy, are you coming downstairs with me?” SUCH a mommy’s girl. And I love it. L.O.V.E. it.

This past weekend was pretty uneventful as far as things go.

We went to swimming lessons for Hula Girl on Saturday. They were quite a bit more challenging than the previous lessons have been, but Hula Girl did very very well. She is great at following directions and she is not afraid of the water. Both of these characteristics make her an excellent swimming lesson participant! The class started working on keeping their arms out in front of them when they are swimming or jumping in. Hula Girl and the other little kiddos had to wear these floatie belt things around their waists. Hula Girl’s was too loose and it kept slipping up to her armpits, but she didn’t care. She kept on swimming and kept on jumping like a pro.

After swimming lessons we spent a chunk of time skyping with Ama and Papa (Jonathan’s parents) and Hula Girl impressed them (and annoyed all of us eventually) with her constant LOUD chatter. Kid never stops talking. And her talking voice is pretty much a shout. That evening at dinner we implemented “medium voice” practice. So far it’s going well.

Sunday was full of naps for me and laid-back stuff for the family. We went shopping in the morning so Jonathan and Hula Girl can eat this week. Then we came home and Jonathan pushed her in the swing while I napped. After her nap we made brownies as a family. Hula Girl has never had brownies before, so she wasn’t sure what that meant. But when she got up from her nap, I heard her singing, “We are making brownies! We are making brownies!” all the way downstairs. And the whole time she was pouring, stirring, and sniffing the batter, she kept looking up and grinning like the Cheshire Cat while proclaiming, “I am making brownies!” She got to eat one after dinner, and I’m pretty sure she’s hooked now. 🙂

Today Jonathan took Hula Girl out and about to return about $100 worth of random items from various stores around town. We often end up buying the wrong thing or too many of one thing, but we are SO BAD about returning the items we don’t need. They pile up in random places around our house- garage, bedroom, kitchen peninsula, etc. I think Jonathan realized we’re hoarding a jackpot and decided today’s the day to cash it in! It’s nice to be home alone.

Okay, onto the PREGNANCY stuff. 

I have been begging, pleading, longing, hoping, crossing fingers, praying, and generally pining for labor to begin. I have had several false starts, including one last night.

Yesterday I felt slightly different from the way I had felt previously. In fact, on Saturday, I felt GREAT! I had no contractions, no pressure, and no pain at all. All of Saturday. Then yesterday I felt crampy and all those random twinges, pokes, pinches, and sharp pains were magnified to a significantly higher level of pain than what I’d been feeling before. Then I woke in the night at 2:00 and was in a lot of pain and I was having contractions that were 8ish minutes apart…for over two hours. I laid in bed trying to fall back asleep, but making an entry in my phone’s contraction timer app each time I had a contraction kept me awake for a long time. Around 3, I decided to go downstairs and eat because I was starving. I last looked at the clock around 4:15, and I think I managed to fall back to sleep soon thereafter. But I was convinced that I’d be waking up and heading to the hospital.

When I woke up, nothing seemed very different anymore. No pain. Some contractions still, but not enough to really take notice and start tracking them again. So, here we are.

Warning: possibly gross details to follow.

I did lose the mucus plug today, which is not a definite labor sign. It can happen any time after the 7th month, and the plug itself can regenerate. But since I hadn’t lost mine yet, I am kind of thinking that things are finally starting to move in the direction of labor. Since I lost it, I have been feeling stronger pains and my backache hasn’t gone away. So, without making any promises… maybe today/tonight?!

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  1. kristypowers said,

    August 7, 2012 at 5:26 am

    Thinking of you lots!

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