Refusing Breakfast

So today my little Hula Girl pulled a stunt she’s never in her life tried. She refused to eat breakfast.

I went in her room at 7:45 with her cup of milk. First she informed me that I needed to turn on the light. Then she told me, “[Hula Girl] ees HUNNY, Mommy. [Hula Girl] want eedoo nack.” (Hula Girl is HUNGRY, Mommy. Hula Girl want little snack.) I told her that we would have her milk and then we’d go downstairs for breakfast. She said, “No bock-bah, eedoo nack.” (No breakfast, little snack.)

I distracted her, she sucked down her milk, then she went downstairs in search of Daddy so she could tell him goodbye before he left for work.

Fast forward 20 minutes or so, and I set a plate of cinnamon sugar toast (delightful treat!) and grapes before her. “[Hula Girl] want eedoo nack intead.” (Hula Girl wants little snack instead.)

I told her she could eat her breakfast or nothing. Then I told her that if she decides to leave the table, breakfast is over.

She left the table. Breakfast was over. I stuck the food in the fridge, because I had a premonition that told me I should keep it ready, just in case.

She drank about 3 sippy cups’ worth of water this morning. At about 9:00, just when I started to get ready to leave for storytime, she said, “[Hula Girl] ees HUNNY, Mommy.” (Hula Girl is HUNGRY, Mommy.) So I pulled out the toast and the grapes and set the plate in front of her. She ate one bite, and declared herself done. Again, the food went back in the fridge.

We went to storytime and she was fine. Crabby (I think she’s also got a fever- discovered that in the middle of storytime), but fine.

And then we left. As soon as her bottom hit her car seat, all I heard was, “[Hula Girl] HUNNY, MOMMY! I BE HUNNY! I WANT EEDOO NACK!” the entire drive home. I reminded her that she was hungry because she didn’t eat her breakfast. She agreed.

So we arrived home and I put her in her chair and brought out… you guessed right!… the toast and grapes. And she ate the entire thing. Cold toast and all. And then she asked for more. Nope. I’m not about to let her ruin her appetite for her next scheduled meal!

It’s times like these when I am super thankful for the community of moms I have found through my google group. I would not have been prepared or have known what to do in this situation before. Seriously? Keep offering the same old, cold, nasty toast? Yep. I was cringing on the inside, but she ate it. I won that battle. And I won it with a smile. 🙂

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  1. Kristy said,

    August 8, 2012 at 11:19 am

    You will be so glad of this! 🙂 We are still working on our 3-year-old’s eating habits… Luckily we have had practice with our older guy, and he does pretty well.

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