How did this Week get so Busy?!

I like to keep Hula Girl’s and my weeks a nice healthy mix of busy and not-so-busy. Therefore we have days where we are going from the moment she gets up until the moment we return home in time for roomtime, lunch, and nap, and other slower days where we take our time getting “ready,” going outside, and playing with all her toys on the living room floor. But suddenly this week became GO TIME. I do feel really bad when weeks happen to be full of activity. If you ask Hula Girl what is her favorite thing to do, she will automatically respond, “Play toys.” She looooooves sitting down/crawling around in the living room making her ponies eat hay or go for a run, or building stables for her ponies with blocks, or setting up the bowling pins and knocking them down an infinite number of times. She also loves to listen to music while we play so she can stand up and bop to the beat whenever she feels the need.

But not this week. This week will be full of busy busy busy. We have something going on every single morning until Friday! Quite unusual. I am actually kind of glad that it’s happening now, because then maybe Hula Girl will actually appreciate and enjoy all the time we’ll be spending at home when Gelato is little.

Yesterday we ate breakfast out on the patio because it was raining!!! and it felt nice and cool for once. Then we went for a little walk (Hula Girl actually ran the entire time, with her mouth hanging open and her little voice yelling, “AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Mommy, look at me! I’m yunning!!!!!!). After that, we piled into the car and went and met my mom to do some shoe shopping. We returned home just in time for roomtime, lunch, and nap.

Today we will be heading out right after breakfast so we can get to Lowe’s* and pick out paint for Gelato’s changing table (my dad has built changing tables for both of my children- how great is that?!). After Lowe’s, we’ll be heading to the library for weekly storytime. Hula Girl has really started to interact with a few specific children at storytime, and many of her friends have new siblings. It’s really fun for her to be able to see the baby brothers- she is so curious about them!

*Quick anecdote about Lowe’s: The other day I said something to Jonathan about having to visit Home Depot for something. Hula Girl piped up from the living room floor and asserted, “Not Home Depot, Mommy! Yowes!!!!!! YOWES!!!!!!” Haha. 

Wednesday we have to be at the hospital at 10 for our preadmittance appointment. I just don’t understand the point. I mean, really. I could fill out the stupid paperwork and email it to them. Why do I HAVE to visit? I don’t necessarily want or need a tour. Sure it’s a different hospital from where I delivered Hula Girl, but hey, it’s a hospital. And my kid’s coming out there regardless of whether I think the accommodations are, well, accommodating. So really, making me drag my two-year-old to the hospital for (what will be for her) a very boring time is just plain silly if you ask me. Rant over.

Thursday we have to be at my OB’s office for our 37-week appointment. Remember when I told them I couldn’t do 3:40 and I reminded you that they are late every single time I go for an appointment?  Well, yesterday I get a call from someone in the office asking me if I could do 3:40 instead of 9:10. Apparently I have been double-booked with a new patient, so my appointment is going to take longer than normal. G.R.E.A.T. So I plan to bring Hula Girl’s ponies- we can surely have a grand old time making them tour the waiting room, right? I’m sure we’ll have enough time to really get to know the ponies individually and be able to throw them each a personalized theme party before I’m even weighed.

Ah, but Friday… glorious Friday… we are staying in our jammies all day long. So say I. 🙂

I’ll have another post later today detailing Hula Girl’s language funnies!


  1. Kristy said,

    July 11, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    She is so smart! I mean, obviously, but that is really funny that the words Home Depot prompted a correction from her. How helpful that she gets to look at other baby brothers ahead of time at the library!

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