Not Right Now… Maybe Later… and Where are You, God?

Hula Girl’s new favorite thing to say whenever I ask her to do anything. “Not right now, maybe later.” It comes out like, “Not yight now, maybe yay-dee.” Super cute, but definitely not something that’s acceptable. I tell her, “[Hula Girl], remember you must listen and obey.” This usually gets her to say, “Yes, Mommy!” and then she does whatever task it was to begin with.

We’ve been having many talks about listening and obeying lately. My favorite ones are the ones that go like this:

Me: [Hula Girl], put on your shoes.

HG: Not yight now, maybe yay-dee.

Me: [Hula Girl], remember you must listen and obey.

HG: Yes, Mommy. (Runs off to get shoes and returns.) Mommy e-seen and obey?

Me: Yes, Honey, Mommy must listen and obey. Mommy must listen and obey God.

HG: [Hula Girl] e-seen and obey God, too?

Me: Yes, you are practicing to obey God when you obey Mommy.

So precious. Today at lunch she asked me where God is. It came out in the same form as any other question about an object or a person’s whereabouts, “Where are you, God?” shouted at the top of her voice.

I told her that God is in my heart. “And in my Bible book?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied, “in your Bible book, too.” Then she wanted to make sure Jesus was there, too. I assured her he is.

Then she asked if God and Jesus are in her heart, “God and Dee-duss in my… hhhheart?” I said, “If you want Jesus to be in your heart, you just have to ask him to come in to your heart.” She said, again at the top of her lungs, “Mum into my…hhhhheart, Dee-duss!”

Yep. That’s what we’ve been hoping for… conversations like these so we can help shape our children’s hearts. We pray that her little self will continue to love Jesus and want him in her heart for her whole life. We pray that we will raise her and Gelato to know how to listen and obey. What a task we are charged with as parents!


  1. Kristy said,

    July 1, 2012 at 9:11 am

    If I could just be as open as your sweet daughter, I’d be in better shape! I can imagine how much better I would feel when things are going badly if I just shouted, “God, where are you?! Come into my heart, Jesus!” Toddlers can teach us so much.

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