Shoo, Fly! Don’t Bother Mommy!

We’re sick. I started feeling a sore throat last Friday night, which progressed to a really runny nose by Wednesday, and now I’m coughing frequently. No one around me had gotten sick, though, until yesterday. Hula Girl woke up from her nap an hour and a half early, crying. Yep, that’s a sure sign that she’s getting sick.

We got her in bed as early as we could, at 7:15, but she still took a long time to fall asleep. Many “curtain calls” later (which we will happily participate in when our kiddo’s sick, but at no other time), she finally fell asleep around 8:30. But then she woke again at 9:15 and was awake, crying in between visits from Jonathan and me, until midnight.

We gave her several sips of water to hydrate her little body, Tylenol to bring down her fever, and Baby Rub to help her breathe better. I rocked her several times, each time telling her more of our special story (a story that I’m making up as we go- it’s about a beautiful princess who has a gleaming white horse named Sparkle and a little gray bunny named Buttercup that the princess and Sparkle rescued from a hole in the ground). Last night, Sparkle and the princess discovered an enchanted waterfall in the middle of a beautiful wood that smelled like cinnamon. 🙂

Anyway, after a loooooong evening, we just let her sleep in. She slept until 8, which is 15 minutes past the time I normally get her out of bed. 8 hours of sleep all night… for a kid who usually sleeps 10-12 hours… needless to say, she’s a bit crabby today. Add in the fact that her nose won’t stop running and she probably feels a bit achy, and it’s no wonder she’s slightly mulish.

But do you know what? Today (so far) is one of the best days we’ve had together as a family in a while. Hula Girl’s sickness has forced us to just really slow down and spend lots of quiet time on the living room floor playing with toys and on the couch reading books. Hula Girl is wearing two of her tutus, five leis, and her stripey jammies. She is sporting a ponytail “just like Mommy’s” and carrying her “pink blankie” with her wherever she goes. Jonathan is being super sweet and making sure she drinks 4 sips of water every 20 minutes.

Anyway, even though she’s feeling sick and awful, she’s still our funny sweet girl! She’s giving kisses left and right, she’s asking to help us or to watch us do everything we do, from breakfast to throwing away tissues. And my favorite- she’s singing all her favorite songs. Even last night when she was wide awake (in between crying spells), she was singing her ABCs. She also really loves the “Shoo, Fly! Don’t Bother Me!” song… and that’s where the title comes in. She saw a little fly flying toward me while I was researching our mattress-wrapping technique, and she sang, “Shoo, fly! Don’t bother Mommy!” How sweet. 🙂

Hope y’all have a great weekend! We’ll try to rest and get better ASAP! After all- we only have 5 more weekends left as a little family of three, and swimming lessons start next Saturday!

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