34 Weeks… a day early

So I included some things about this pregnancy in yesterday’s post, but I decided to go ahead and expand the topic a bit more so I can remember in the future! 🙂

Babycenter tells me that Gelato is 4.75 pounds (about as heavy as a cantaloupe) and about 18 inches long. It also describes how the fat layer is thickening (to achieve that squishy baby goodness!!!) and the skin is smoothing out. I can also stop worrying about preterm labor as much, since babies born in this time frame are generally healthy and have very few (mostly short-term) complications.

That means I can kick him out and enjoy the rest of summer, right!? Right!?

Um… no… I suppose not. But this summer really has shaped up to be one of the hottest, driest on record in this fair state in which I reside. That plus me being ginormous has equaled me pretty much boycotting the great outdoors, with the exception of visiting our backyard when Hula Girl gets the squirmies. At least I can find some shade out there, and I can plop in a chair while she runs around barefoot. So even when it’s 104°, I don’t feel TOO terrible. I DO feel terrible when we decide to go to the playground and Hula Girl wants to swing forever. I have to stand in the hot sun and push her… and that’s just not good.

See, another issue I’m having is that I can’t stand still. I have felt this way since about 5 months along. I don’t know if it has something to do with the way I stand, like maybe my spine pinches a blood vessel or something, but every time I stand still for more than like 30 seconds, I feel awful. I feel as if I have just run 3 or 4 six-minute miles… as in, out of breath with lactic acid coursing through my arm and leg muscles. I also feel like I’m going to have a nosebleed. (I can actually make this comparison because a few years ago I was training for a marathon. I can’t WAIT to feel that way again… because I actually ran it, not because I stood and pushed my kiddo on the swing.) Anyway, standing still is hard for me. I either have to sit, lie down, or walk. All of which are not without drawbacks. But I won’t elaborate on that right here, right now.

It is getting difficult for me to fall asleep again. Nighttimes are just rough in general! I’m always exhausted from the day, but trying to get comfortable while dealing with RLS (restless leg syndrome) is really hard! Fortunately, a big part of doing Dr. Bradley’s method of natural childbirth (more on this in upcoming paragraphs) is being able to relax and shut down your body’s impulses… and I have to say that I’m getting pretty good at it! Last night it only took me about 10 minutes to fall asleep!

I am at the point in pregnancy where my stomach is just so squished that I’m pretty much never hungry except for right when I get up in the morning. And then a small something satisfies me easily. So although I’m still gaining weight (Gelato has to grow, you know?), I really don’t feel like I’m eating a lot. Just small snacks throughout the day-mostly because I know I need them, not because I want them. And Popsicles. 🙂

I am gargantuan again. I took Hula Girl to the playground today and a lady arrived with a young boy. She was pregnant, so of course we talked. Her first words, “When are you due?” (By the way, pregnant women are apparently only good for one topic of conversation- their due date and how much further they have to go and how much they’re suffering in the meantime.) I answered, “August 2. When are you due?” She replied, with no sense of decency, “I’m due today. But you’re not due until August 2?????!?!?!?! Are you having TWO?!?!?!?!” Gee, thanks… as if I don’t already feel huge… now I have another extremely pregnant woman confirming the fact that I look like a flipping blimp. At least she was honest! So yes, my friends, verification that I am correct in not posting pictures of my hugeness on Facebook this time around.

But now to the fun things. I am getting super excited to meet this little life-changer. When we first envisioned having a second child, we couldn’t have conceived how much Hula Girl would have changed and grown in those short nine months. Now I sit and watch her and think about how her life will change (all day, every day, it’s like I don’t have TV to keep me entertained or something…). She’s going to be a big sister. Can you imagine?! Jonathan and I now have the responsibility of not only keeping her alive and helping her do her best in life, but we have to help her get along with someone else so that they can have a real relationship for the rest of their lives! Whoa. I’ll touch on that again later.

Planning for this delivery has been far different from planning for Hula Girl’s delivery. (I promise the next few paragraphs will not get gross or graphic, so men- Ahem, Aaron- don’t feel like you need to skip this part.) With hers, I had no idea what to expect. I vaguely had an idea that I’d like to have a “natural childbirth” but I really had no idea what that meant. Sure, we attended a childbirth class at the hospital, but we spent most of the time hyperventilating from trying not to laugh at the instructor and her very explicit portrayal of the birth process. The other couples were really engaged in the class, and I fear we broke their concentration not just once when we were all supposed to be practicing breathing and labor positions. (Sorry other couples! Won’t happen again!) We just couldn’t handle the humorous aspect of sitting on the floor in the dark whispering “hee-hee-hoo-hoo” together. I challenge any of you to get your spouse, turn out the lights, look each other in the eye (by light of the moon, of course, because all hospital rooms are dark all the time… yeah, right!), and stay in rhythm while breathing some ridiculous chant (try “ho-hee-ho-hee”) together without laughing your fool heads off. If you succeed, bully. But we were hopelessly lost.

Anyway, the short of the long of it is that we were basically undecided as far as medication, interventions, etc., go. We kinda just figured the nurses and the doctors do this all the time- let’s just listen to them!

And you know what? It worked out just fine. Really. We have a happy, healthy, smart, wonderful 2-year-old to prove it.

But this time we decided to go ahead and research a bit. I mean, it’s not like we’ve never done this before, but perhaps we’d like to try something new? So we looked into the Bradley Method. Pretty much anyone I’ve ever asked about it (who has used it, anyway) has raved about it. Cool. So I read the book, passed it on to Jonathan, and here we stand. I am still not 100 percent against using pain remedies if things go nuts. Heck, we might even end up with a C-section this time. One never knows. But I do feel more confident in my own understanding of all aspects of labor and delivery and I will feel better being able to weigh my options more carefully. So, wahoo.

And the cute little tiny things!!! It’s funny how quickly I forgot how itty bitty newborn stuff is… and how fun it is to open packages and get things ready for the baby!

We have an abundance of clothing for Gelato thanks to my mom and to Jonathan’s coworker. I am actually asking people NOT to get clothes for him at all, because he is fully outfitted from newborn to about 18 months right now. I just can’t afford to give up any more closet space! I need to get those things all washed, sorted by size, and put away. Yikes.

Jonathan has gotten our crib halfway set up. We can’t do it while Hula Girl is sleeping (Gelato’s room is right next to hers), and our family time at home has been severely lacking in the past few weeks. But that will get done eventually. I’m still waiting on the mattress wrapper to arrive in the mail- once that gets here, we’ll officially have his bed ready.

We got all new cloth diapers this time around! We’re using Thirsties Duo Wraps with prefolds during the day and diaper covers over Fab Fitteds at night. That means nothing to childless couples. But for those of you who care, I am excited about this combo. I am even more excited because I emailed a couple of internet mom friends who use this combo (or similar set ups) and they L.O.V.E. them… that is really encouraging considering all the issues I had with our previous diapers. Now I just have to figure out how to fold the prefold so that we don’t end up with major breastfed-baby-liquid-poop blowouts! (I hear there’s a special technique…)

My BFF Jo also arranged a “virtual baby shower” for me since most of my friends and family are spread out across the country (or live at least 2.5 hours from me, if they’re in-state). We don’t have a whole lot on our list that we need, but we listed a few bigger items, like our monitor, swaddle blankets, and diapers. I am super grateful for this “event” because it means we can still be excited to share with our family and friends without having the stress of “but-she-lives-too-far-away!” It’s also tough for me to get a day away from home since Hula Girl is pretty much alive 24/7, and I’d like to keep her that way. Jonathan does a great job with her, but I don’t like to just pass her off on the weekends and say, “See you when I’m done enjoying myself… I know you work all week but now you can work at home, too!” (Let’s be honest… that does happen occasionally, but I try not to spend more than a couple hours away here and there.) Anyway, thanks, Jo, for your support and for your willingness to arrange something that doesn’t involve party games. 🙂

We also bought a new freezer for our garage a couple weekends ago. Yahoo! We’ve started stockpiling things like organic chicken (on sale for $1.99/lb!!! We bought 10 pounds!). We’ve also started building up our freezer meals so that when Gelato arrives, I can just pull out something for Jonathan and Hula Girl to eat. My mom contributed three items this past weekend, and we’ve already cooked a couple ourselves. So they won’t starve. They might get really sick’o’lasagna (that’s pretty much what we’ve got so far, plus some mashed potatoes), but at least they’ll be fed.

Okay, that was the longest update ever. Basically, things are slowly coming together and I am sick of being pregnant. Short and sweet….maybe I should have said that at the beginning?




  1. Jo said,

    June 20, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    I am still bummed at the lack of party games. Couldn’t even figure out how to integrate them into the Tumblr site.

  2. June 25, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    […] will also have a longer road ahead of me before I can exercise again. This is not good, people. As previously mentioned, I am ginormous enough that people think I’m having twins (and I still have a month and some […]

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