Quick Lil’ Update

Jonathan- BIG NEWS! Jonathan has been working toward receiving his full licensure as an LPC (licensed professional counselor) since graduating with his Masters in December ’09. Well… he got it! His license was effective June 1, and along with that came a raise at work. What great timing! We’re planning to get a bigger car (’10, ’11, or ’12 Toyota Highlander- anyone have a used one you’re selling?) because our little sedans just won’t fit all our stuff plus kids anymore. Plus, this means Jonathan has a lot more options available should he decide to pursue another career route (no, he’s not quitting his current job, and we have no plans for it! don’t freak out on me here!!!!). It’s just nice to know he’s just one more step ahead.

Me- I’m pretty tired of being pregnant. This time around has just seemed far worse than the first time, in almost every regard. I am dealing with a lot of fatigue and pain that wasn’t there last time. I’ve got frequent heartburn, and my legs simply won’t hold still at night. Falling asleep is the hardest part of my day, even though I’m always so tired. Sigh. I am grateful for how fast time has gone this time- I remember AGONIZING over how much time was left at 20 weeks with Hula Girl. It seemed like I had been pregnant forever, and I still had halfway to go! Now we’re down to 6 weeks and I just can’t believe that my girl is going to be a BIG SISTER in that short amount of time. Whoa. Our lives will change forever- and that’s kind of freaking me out. I feel much more relaxed and prepared for the labor/delivery aspect this time. We actually know what we’re doing and what our plans are. We’ve spoken to our doctor and have her on board for most things. We know how to breastfeed (trust me- there is NOTHING easy about it at first), we know how to change a diaper. We also (unfortunately) know just how tiring a newborn can be… let’s hope this one is a non-reflux awesome sleeper child. 🙂

Hula Girl- she’s great! I love her and she’s even more fun every single day. I do not enjoy her moods sometimes when she’s overtired (they happen to coincide with my hormonal “I-just-can’t-handle-it” moods–freakish, right?). But I do enjoy her enthusiasm, her new phrases, her curiosity, and her compassion for others. What a sweet girl she is. My favorite of her phrases right now: “Look at that, Mom! Look at that, Dad!” This makes me laugh because we’ve always said, “Look at that!” to show her that we see she’s accomplished something (rather than telling her, “Good job!” over something trivial like stacking one block on another- great when you’re 9 months old, nothing wonderful when you’re 2). It also cracks me up because she usually calls us Mommy and Daddy. But when she uses the phrase, “Look at that,” she switches to Mom and Dad. So silly.

Gardens- they’re growing! We had a recent infestation of flea beetles, which demolished our broccoli, kale, and brussels sprouts crops. Boo. But everything else is growing and thriving. We have to be very cognizant and remember to water at least twice daily. But since we (I say we, but really it was Jonathan) put down mulch and fertilized, the garden has been flourishing! Our corn is about 2.5 feet tall, our squash plants are starting to put out blossoms, and our lettuce is close to pickin’ time!



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  1. June 20, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    […] I included some things about this pregnancy in yesterday’s post, but I decided to go ahead and expand the topic a bit more so I can remember in the […]

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