May I?, Past-Tense Verb, and More!

This week has been a very tough week for me. I am really working on trying to find the joy instead of just getting by. Hula Girl is at the age of testing. And boy, is she testing. Constantly. It’s been… work.

We are working hard on first-time obedience right now. I will not expect 100% compliance until she’s much, much older, but it is important to me to train her well from the beginning (no need to do it twice). I am teaching her to say, “Yes, Mommy?” when I call her, just so that I know I have her attention right away. Then I give her a direction and remind her that she needs to obey Mommy. If she chooses not to obey, or does not obey within 10 seconds or so, she has been getting logical consequences. For example, I was putting her diaper and jammies on at naptime today, and I needed her to put her feet down (she likes flailing them in the air). I said, “Put your feet down please.” She kept them up there as if they were under a hover charm (Wingardium Leviosa!) and looked at me to see what I’d do next. Of course, I couldn’t put her in time out right before nap, so I did the next most AWFUL thing. I took one of her blankies away from her. Immediately she started crying and scrunching up her nose and asking for her blankie, “Mommy give [Hula Girl] white nankee, meese?!” I told her no, she lost her blankie because she didn’t obey. Her feet went down. 🙂 (But I kept the blankie until we moved on to the next step.) Anyway, it is mentally exhausting to keep up with such a curious smartie little kiddo all day long!

One of the very greatest things about Hula Girl in the past week has been her extension of the phrase, “May I…” from being asked to be excused from the table to asking for permission for just about anything! “May I climb on the couch?” “May I pick a book now?” “May I eat with my spoon?” “May I take Riley’s toys?” “May I talk to Grammy?” Super sweet. I like that she asks for permission!

She said her first past-tense verb today, and one of you (*cough, Kristy*) will groan. Whenever she toots, she says, “Moo me.” She generally adds a, “[Hula Girl] toot!” and a giggle. However, today, the car started to smell funky, and she said, “[Hula Girl] tooteed.” Yes, my friends, Hula Girl tooted. Tooted. Her very first past-tense verb. Her daddy will be so proud. As will her Grampy. Oy.

Hula Girl has also learned more of her favorite song, “Zacchaeus”… Here’s how she sings it:

Yah-dee-iss… wee eedoo mom, wee eedoo mom…he!

Mime up inee ick-a-mo dee, …he…see!

……Inee dee!

Yah-dee-iss! You! Mum! Nown!

Doh-deen… house… to-DAY!

Yes, she sings it often, and loud. I love it. She also likes the “Ask, Seek, and Knock!” song, as well as “Praise Him!”

She is also getting quite excited for her birthday. It is in sixteen days from now (we have a paper chain, so we can count as often as we like)! There are several things I told her she could do once she turns two: taste coconut milk, eat peanut butter, try honey, use a knife (toddler version), and others. Today at lunch she was eating leftover lasagna and I was eating cereal (granola) with coconut milk. She said, “When [Hula Girl] neen two, [Hula Girl] tie Mommy’s ee-ee-al?” (When Hula Girl turns two, Hula Girl try Mommy’s cereal?) Yup, kiddo. Yup. She is also excited because I have taken her to look at toys a couple times this week to get a feel for what kinds of things she might like to receive for her birthday. Her strongest penchant is toward “babies” (UGH! Is she really MY kid?! I HATE baby dolls!), closely followed by stupid Dora the Explorer instruments that would drive any parent nutso in 10 seconds or less. If you’re one of the folks interested in buying her a present, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, buy her a Dora the Explorer ANYTHING. I despise Dora, and she will absolutely not be part of Hula Girl’s childhood experience. I will seriously take the toy away from Hula Girl after it’s opened and throw it in the trash. Consider yourself warned.

We have a playdate scheduled for next Wednesday (our first one ever!) at the park. We will be meeting up with a little boy who is about four months older than Hula Girl, his new baby brother (like, 3 weeks old only!), and their mom. We met at storytime and we’ve seen each other all around town. So we decided to make it official! Yahoo! I am super excited. I really like this mom.

So, there ya go. More to come!

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  1. kristypowers said,

    May 25, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    I am very impressed with that past tense. So impressed I will forgo the groan. 🙂 Have fun at the playdate! Nick’s birthday is in 14 days! Fun times.

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