Garden Update! Finally!

I have high hopes for this year’s garden!

Jonathan built five 8’x8′ garden beds this year, each of which is fenced, and two of which are completely covered in netting as well (tomatoes and berries go in the netted ones- we have a lot of pesky birds… and by “pesky,” I mean, awesome… so we feed them- we just don’t want to feed them our fruit). Then we got a huge load of topsoil delivered (for free- our landlord really likes gardening, so he paid for all materials except the seeds and plants themselves). Then Jonathan completed the grueling task of wheelbarrowing (hey, Rachel, if “blow dry” is the verb, so is “wheelbarrow”) load after load of dirt to fill up our garden beds.

Once that task was complete, Jonathan spent several hours planning, drawing, and configuring our garden beds to make sure the plants that need the most water will receive it, and that the plants that need space will have it, and that the plants that need to climb surfaces will be near them. He did a fabulous job! Then he planted. And he planted. And he planted. Hula Girl and I were gone for 3 days, and that’s pretty much all Jonathan did- he planted.

And now… we’re starting to see sprouts! Yahoo! We have over thirty pea plants shooting up out of the soil. We’ve also got lettuce, kale, and something else. (I haven’t seen the diagrams, and I can’t get down low enough to the ground to read the sticks, and the “something else” is something I just noticed this afternoon during the midday watering session, so who knows what it is?!) We’re beyond excited to see little tiny green babies popping out of the ground here, there, and everywhere! Really, we take a lot of pride in our garden.

I can’t say that I did anything to help, though, which is sad for me. Jonathan will get all the glory this year… that’s okay, though. He needs a little glamour in his life once and a while, you know? 😉 Fortunately I will benefit most, as we planted several fruits, vegetables, and herbs he doesn’t even like, just so that I could have them! And no, I am NOT willing to share my tomatoes. So back off.

I think this weekend will be the “install the soaker hoses and timing device” weekend. My dad is supposed to give us a call to tell us how the “experts” would do it. I am excited to get these things in place, so we can mulch. It’s 90 degrees here today (not nearly as hot as it will be later in the summer), and by the time I watered midday, the ground was dry and cracked even though Jonathan watered this morning before work. Eep. We definitely need that mulch down. We really need to conserve that water! For the good of the veggies… and the landlord’s water bill!

Yeah, this isn’t the most exciting post I have ever written. How could I spice it up a bit?


Jonathan gave me two delightful garden gnomes for Mother’s Day. You all know that I love, love, love… absolutely love garden gnomes, right?!

One is your typical lil’ guy, green pants, blue shirt, red cap, white beard. He is about 10″ tall and he’s wearing an expression of curiosity and glee. The other is about 4″ long, but he is lounging on a large toadstool, which puts him about 8″ off the ground. He looks more relaxed and happy than anything.

I have been working on names. I’m thinking “Fumwallikin” for the tall one, and “Elmwinkle” for the small one. Any other suggestions?

1 Comment

  1. kristypowers said,

    May 19, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    Love it. You guys (Jonathan) are awesome! I am also on the three-a-day watering plan, with cracked scorched earth after a few hours. I like Elmwinkle.

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