Words, Nighttime Potty Escapades, Zoo, and a Tearful Moment

Words: Hula Girl’s vocabulary is growing and her pronunciation is getting better… and funnier. For example, she lengthens out short /a/ sounds to more of a /ee-yah/. Bread and bed both come out sounding like “bee-yab.” When she’s saying hi to the man in the car next to us, she says, “Hi, Mee-yam!” (Yes, it sounds like she’s calling him “Ma’am.” That’s another thing- words ending in /n/ come out ending in /m/ when she says them. “One” becomes “wum.”

Here’s how she counts to ten: “Wum, two, ee, oh-ee, wive, ix, wevem, eet, nine, nuhnnnnnn!”

Another catchphrase of hers is something she gleaned from my own vocabulary, “Oh my goodness.” Except when she says it, it comes out like, “Ohhh myyyy nee-neeessss!”

She calls books “boops” and the tube slide the “boob.”

When she wants another one, she’ll say, “Nodda wum, meese.”

She has updated her pronunciation of her blankets. No longer are they “Neen wah nee-nees,” but rather they are called, “Wipe neen wesh ninkee an puh-poh neen wesh ninkee.” (White clean fresh blankie and purple clean fresh blankie.) She is quite specific.

She’s very specific about everything. This morning I sneezed in the car, and heard, “Beh boh, Mommy. Mommy nee inee no inee cah inee Mommy cah-eet out-ide diveen at yoo.” (Bless you, Mommy. Mommy sneezed in the nose in the car in Mommy’s carseat outside driving at zoo.) She always tells me that yawns happen in mouths, etc. She always tells me the exact location of everything. It reminds me of Harry Potter’s first letters from Hogwarts, addressed to Harry Potter, under the stairs, in the smallest room, etc.Yeah, I’m a geek.

Another of my favorites these days is the way she enjoys her food. Every meal is accompanied by a loud chorus of, “Yum, yummy, nummy, num, num, yummy, num, nummy, yummy, yum, yum, yum!”

Nighttime Potty Escapades: Sunday night was killer. Jonathan and I were woken at 3 a.m. (technically Monday morning) by Hula Girl crying for Daddy and Mommy. We went in, and she told us she’d had a bad dream. We comforted, prayed, and left. Five minutes later, she cried again, saying she wanted to go “poopoo an peepee inee big boppy inee Mommy Daddy yoom.” (Poopoo and peepee in the big potty in Mommy and Daddy’s room.) We thought it through and Jonathan carried her to our bathroom and set her on the potty. She went peepee, but refused to go poopoo. So we took her back to her room, put a dry diaper on her, and put her back to bed. Five minutes later, she was crying to go poopoo. So I went and got her, put her on the potty, she poopooed, and back to bed she went. She fell asleep until the morning. So weird. I am hoping this is not going to be something that happens often.

Zoo: We went to the zoo for the second time today. But before I get into that, let me back up a couple weeks to our first visit. That trip was pretty much a disaster as far as outings go.

First, Hula Girl threw up in the car just as we were pulling into the zoo parking lot. Of course, I had a fleece hoodie and lined pants as extra clothes in the car (um, hello, no one reminded me to switch the backup clothes when the seasons changed). There was no way she was going to be able to wear those hot hot clothes all the way through the zoo in 80 degree weather. So, I did what any sensible mom would do. I stood her up in her stroller in the middle of the parking lot, stripped her NAKED (not even undies on that little bum!), washed her down the best I could with water from my water bottle (of course I had no wipes- who do you think I am, Ms. Ready-For-Anything?!), and then dressed her again in her (slightly vomited-on-and-still-wet) undies, fleece pullover, and heavy lined winter pants.

Then, I went to the ticket window, purchased my ticket (Hula Girl is free until she’s three), and asked where the gift shop was.

Next, the gift shop didn’t carry anything smaller than a youth size 6-8. So, we bought a bright yellow T-shirt featuring a zebra and the words, “Go Wild at the Zoo!” I also had to buy a hat for her because her normal hat had been sitting dangerously close to her carseat, and it got vomited on. Nice. So there we were, tourists of all tourists, with my kid in a ducky hat and a zebra t-shirt… and that’s when I realized…

We left her shoes in the car. Now, call me selfish, call me lazy, call me anything you like. But I’ll tell you what I am. Pregnant. You think a giant pregnant lady with a toddler swimming in a Lemonhead-colored t-shirt needs to walk all the way out to the car just to get the kid’s shoes, when a perfectly good stroller is available?! Heck, no.

So I pushed her all through the zoo in the stroller. Not really fun for her, but at least it kept her contained and we could go at a decent pace.

Fast forward to today. Here’s what we did:

North American River Otters- Hula Girl’s favorite animals!

That’s right, my monkey girl pretty much made out with all the animals she could through the glass. She kissed otters, monkeys, lizards, and takins. She also yelped at peacocks, honked at geese, oinked at pigs, baa-ed at sheep and goats, and laughed while one camel tried to bite off the other camel’s leg. (No joke- does anyone know if this is a normal camel mating ritual or something?)

She ran and ran and ran. I wondered when she’d get tired of running. I have always heard of this phenomenon where kids’ legs get “tired” after walking for a while. (I vaguely remember feeling this way myself when I was a wee one.) Suddenly, Hula Girl was unable to take a step without stumbling. I asked her, “Would you like to ride in the stroller and take a little rest?” She came tripping over and climbed into the stroller, saying, “[Hula Girl] take eedee yest.” I’m pretty sure if I had kept her in the stroller and walked for another 20 minutes, she’d have taken her nap right there in the zoo. Ha, but my pregnant self was tired of walking, so we came home instead. All in all, the second visit was much better than the first.

Tearful Moment: Today I cried sobbed, wailed, and poured out my heart to God. This beautiful baby has gone to Heaven, far sooner than even she had expected. When I saw the news, my heart broke. All these questions for God- Why now? Why her? How could you? What will her parents do now? And then a moment of peace and thanksgiving- Thank you, Lord, for letting her go quickly.

What a story. If you have the time, please go to that blog and read through the posts written throughout Avery’s short sweet life. Her parents are an inspiration to all who are going through a really really hard situation. Her message is clear and strong. Be prepared to sob your eyes out. Because it’s so unfair. Again, here’s the link: averycan.blogspot.com



  1. May 1, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    I love your zoo story, it made me smile after a trying day with my little man so thank you! X

    • May 1, 2012 at 3:26 pm

      Glad it could make you smile! It was NOT a smiling moment for me! 🙂 But it is good to look back on these things and see what we’ve learned- if nothing else, patience! I’m sorry you had a difficult day!

  2. kristypowers said,

    May 1, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    Oh, that sweet girl and her sweet parents. Imagine having to make the most of life in THAT short a time span – I mean, the experience of her parents… I try to think of things like this when I start to complain about Xander describing his Lego minifigures for ten minutes straight, insisting on an audience. THANK GOD in heaven that my boy can talk, owns special toys, is right here with me, and wants me to hear about his experience. THANK GOD my younger one sneaked off “washing dishes” on the sly, getting mess everywhere and secretly drinking the most disgusting dish water imaginable. He’s here with me, too.

    I loved your zoo story, too. I feel like I had very similar experiences, especially when I was pregnant. “What do you mean my big pregnant self has to remember more than just me and my son and the car keys? I got us here, didn’t I?” haha – you will get back some brain capacity, I promise, although it might take a long time if you’re at all like me.

    • May 1, 2012 at 3:47 pm

      UGH! Dishwater!!!! Hula Girl has taken to “washing” things in the bathroom sink. Who gave that girl a stepstool?!?!? I generally find her drinking nasty nasty water and soaking the floor. It’s not like I leave her alone in there for hours at a time, either. Doesn’t it amaze you how quickly things can go from “normal” to “hugest mess I’ve ever seen!?”

  3. kristypowers said,

    May 1, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    Yes, I know! I hesitate to tell some of these anecdotes because I know it may sound like I left him alone for hours…which I didn’t. 🙂

  4. May 8, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    […] she had been up crying in the night on Sunday night/Monday morning for an hour or so (see my previous post to read about that ordeal). Then all sleep went […]

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