Surgery Week Update- Weekend Prior

So I was typing this surgery week update and I hadn’t split the days, but then I realized I was giving a ton of details. I copied the words to a word document, and lo and behold, I had five pages written. I figured that would be a long post, so I have split it up into days. Here’s the weekend- Saturday and Sunday.

 I’ve been absent because Hula Girl has a surgery coming up this Friday and I had a lot to do to get prepared. It really seems like the whole build-up to the surgery has been quite hectic and involved, but that the following days will be much more relaxed. I just pray it goes that way, anyway.

Let’s see, the weekend was spent doing family things. Jonathan and I took Hula Girl to the playground on Saturday morning. It was really warm all weekend (in the upper 80s), so it was fun to get outside and enjoy the weather. Hula Girl stuck to swinging the majority of the time, but she did (reluctantly) join her Daddy on the slide a couple of times.

On Sunday, I went grocery shopping while Jonathan took Hula Girl to the Y, where she indulged in some of her favorite “Pirate Pool” action. She even got brave enough to lie down in the water and “float” on her back a bit. Of course she’s just the cutest thing ever in her little bikini. She’s getting skinnier and skinnier, but taller and taller. She still has a bit of chunk on her thighs, but her massive head on top of her relatively trim trunk is just so adorable to behold. I even showed Jonathan how to roll her *swim diaper down so that it doesn’t poke out of her bikini bottoms- a much better fashion choice, if you ask me.

*Hula Girl is amazingly potty trained, to the point where she doesn’t even let it out while swimming. I know this because she is still in the “tell Mommy every time I am going pee-pee” phase. She always goes on the “big potty” at the Y right after swimming, and she definitely holds a LOT in while she swims. The only reason she wears a swim diaper is that they’re required until the child is two. Can’t wait for June!

Anyway, while Hula Girl napped on Saturday and Sunday, Jonathan got some major work done out in the yard. He cleared enough rocks to make ample room for our garden and lawn. It took him a total of six hours to clear all the rocks, and yes, he got blisters. I observed with an umbrella over my head and a water bottle in my hand. Pregnancy has its benefits. 😉

I also spent some time packing on Sunday to prepare for our week at Grammy and Grampy’s house. My one complaint: I don’t have enough maternity clothes. I literally had to pack dirty clothes and do a load of laundry as soon as we arrived because we didn’t have time to do it over the weekend. Nice.

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