Surgery Week Update- Wednesday

If  you have missed reading the weekend, Monday, and Tuesday updates, please scroll down and see what you missed! 🙂

 Today was more relaxed. I didn’t hear Hula Girl until 8:05 this morning, and I got her up at 8:15 or so. She got to enjoy a nice relaxed breakfast (at the table!) of strawberries and cheesy eggs. Then my dad watched her and played with her while I took a shower and talked to the nurse at the hospital to finish the pre-admittance interview. After that phone call, Hula Girl and I left the house and went to a fun play area inside of a nationally-known Christian organization that is located in this city. They have a sweet toddler room and a much larger (and somewhat dark!?!?) bigger-kid area.

We started off in the toddler room. It was full of fun foam shapes for kids to crawl on, under, and around. Hula Girl really liked climbing up on top of the bridge and then sliding down the other side. There were a few kids in there who were somewhat mean, but she kept playing even if they pushed her out of their way or whatnot. She’s not one to be put out! However, once there were over thirty kids in one room, only a handful of whom were under any kind of supervision from their parents/nannies/grandparents/whatever,  and one little girl kept trying on Hula Girl’s shoes, I decided it was time to tour the big-kids area.

 Hula Girl was somewhat timid in that area, since it is so large and there are lots of big kids running around. But she did go inside the “airplane” and she discovered a secret passageway. She also found the big-screen theater, where a VeggieTales movie was showing. She would have stayed there all day, but I made her leave after about 30 seconds. We don’t do screens for kids under three in our household.

I was really excited to run into a sibling of a former student of mine while we were in the big kid area. She was with her World Religions class, and they were on a field trip to this organization. I saw her, called her name, got a huge hug, and we had exchanged a few words when her teacher interrupted and told us she had to move on. I told her, “But she’s my favorite!” Her teacher responded, “I know exactly why! She’s great, isn’t she?” I love when other adults are able to recognize the greatness in some of these kids. Especially this one. She’s one of the best.

 Hula Girl decided it was time to leave then, and she started up the stairs with purpose. I chuckled to myself to see her holding onto the rail and climbing up, up, up the huge flights of stairs without any concern for the other kids around her. She was not worried that she’d miss out on anything- she was just done being there, surrounded by craziness. We used the potty, then left.

After that highly-stimulating experience, she was somewhat cranky. No wonder, it was nearing her snack time, and she had seen more wild children in one tiny room than she’s ever seen in her whole life (except for the first playgroup debacle). So we decided that we should have a special mommy-daughter snack. I took her to Starbucks and ordered a scone, milk, and a decaf caramel macchiato. We split the scone (I got the lion’s share- no need for her to have a sugar rush), we talked about the cars outside, and I praised her over and over for her excellent behavior and listening skills. She drank her milk and then we drove home to Grammy and Grampy’s house. I wanted to give her a nice long calm wind-down before her nap, especially after that crazy morning.

She’s currently sleeping, and I am reminiscing over our morning and our week so far. It has been one crazy out-of-the-ordinary adventure for Hula Girl, and it’s only going to get crazier in the next couple of days. But she’s handling it so well. She is unfailingly obedient, kind, and generous with others. Even when she has a breakdown in her behavior, it is very easy to turn her back toward right thinking and actions. I am very happy to call her my daughter, and I can only pray that her gentleness, silliness, and sweetness will be traits she continues to possess as she grows up.

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