Surgery Week Update- Tuesday

If you have missed the weekend and the Monday posts, feel free to scroll down and read those posts first. 🙂

Tuesday morning was another crazy morning. It had actually snowed Monday night-Tuesday morning, and it kept snowing all day on Tuesday. The roads were completely covered with ice in the morning. I have lived here long enough to know that we can have 80 degree weather one day and snow the next, but the really thick ice convinced me that I needed to leave a bit early for our pre-op appointment with the pediatric opthalolmologist at… you guessed it… 9:00 a.m. (WHY did I schedule these appointments for 9:00 if I know she gets out of bed at 8:00? Well, when I scheduled them, we were still on DST -or were we off DST?- and her waketime during the winter is 7:30. Silly me, forgetting DST.)

So I ended up getting her out of bed slightly early Tuesday, sticking her in the snow-covered car, and crawling to the office. We got there about 15 minutes early, used the potty, and got to see the doctor early as well. That was nice! Hula Girl did not, however, get to eat her breakfast there… so we brought it in the car.

We headed to Walmart after the appointment to pick up prescription antibiotic eye drops so that we can start them ahead of the surgery. Then we went to the mall to play on the foam play center thing there. Finally, we stopped by to see my dad at his office, but we didn’t get much of a chance to see him because he had too many patients (yay for him, bummer for us). All in all, I took her breakfast away from her at 11:30 that morning, gave her milk at 11:40, and fed her lunch at 12:15. Kind of squished in there, but that’s what had to happen. I do regret the fact that she was so hungry much of the morning, because she really does behave much more poorly when she’s hungry. We had a few (very preventable, had she eaten) meltdowns that were just plain not pretty.

Tuesday evening was fun since Hula Girl was being silly and playing with her Grampy a lot. As she gets older, she is more interested in playing with him, and vice-versa. It’s nice to see the two of them goofing off together. He gave her her bath and then all three of us (Grammy, Grampy, and I) put her to bed. She liked the family time.

Then my mom and I went through boxes and boxes of baby boy clothes and picked out some for Gelato. Let me tell you, we are not going to have to buy this kid any clothes at all during his first year of life outside Mommy. It is also strange to see such tiny garments again since I’m used to Hula Girl’s clothes being the smallest in the house. I can’t imagine that she was ever that small. And then I get all giddy thinking about cuddling such a tiny little gnome again! Can’t wait for August!

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