Hulaisms-21 Months

Just another random language update post. Hula Girl is getting better and better at pronouncing things and although it’s wonderful that she’s becoming more understandable to others, I’m so sad to hear some of these words working their way out of her speech.

  • Dah-doo (doggie). I am 100% positive she hears us say “Dog-gie” but she still says dah-doo. I can ask her to repeat, and if I say dog, she’ll say, “Dog,” but if I say doggie, it’s always, “Dah-doo.” I’m pretty sure this one will be around a while.
  • Mummy (tummy, bunny, coming). Multi-functional word, listen carefully for context. The best is when she says something like, “Mummy mummy nown ide on mummy!” (The bunny is coming down the slide on his tummy!)
  • Eek (work). Daddy goes to eek every day. So does Grammy. And Ama. Today Hula Girl decided that it’s best for Daddy to go to eek so mommy can stay home. I concur. I also agree that work can be correctly identified as “eek.”
  • Boo-bee (Pooh Bear). Sounds really silly when she’s running around the house yelling, “Boo-bee! Boo-bee! Are you, Boo-bee?” (Pooh bear, Pooh bear, where are you, Pooh bear?)
  • Bibby (crib).
  • Doh-oy (door, drawer).
  • Dode (closed).
  • Opee (open).
  • Ome ome didee did (Home again, home again, jiggity jig!). LOVE hearing this every time we pull into the driveway!

Along with losing some sweet phrases and words, Hula Girl has started getting really into the alphabet. I mentioned a while back that she’s in love with her alphabet flash cards. She’s kind of over them, but what she does with them now is pretty cool. She’ll go to the fridge, grab a magnetic letter, rush over to her alphabet cards, and rifle through until she finds the matching letter. The cool thing is that her alphabet cards are lower-case whereas the fridge letters are capitals. Then she’ll run over to me and show me, “Two K! Two K!” or whatever letter she grabbed. She knows all letters by sight, and can say most of them now. If I tell her to find a “J”, she will find it easily. If I ask her, “What’s this letter?” she can usually tell me what it is. Her favorites are A, I, J (for Jesus), K, O, U, V, and W. She has exceptional pronunciation on W- “bubble you.”

Her signing is coming right along. Yesterday at dinner I quizzed her on all the signs she’s ever learned- she got 98% correct. I showed her some signs and she told me the words, then I told her some words and she showed me the signs. The only ones she didn’t remember were “hot,” “nap,” and “day.” But she still remembered over 40 signs. Impressive!

*Allow me to clarify that her signs are not perfect by any means- they’re still very amateurish as she’s still a toddler and is learning fine motor coordination. But they are great approximations, and I am able to figure out what she’s saying a lot of the time, just as with her spoken words.

She still talks all day long and enjoys nursery rhymes and songs. I will often overhear her during roomtime, speaking the words of a nursery rhyme or singing along to her songs. She even does this when she wakes up in the mornings and from naps. It’s pretty much super cute. Yesterday, the thing that made her laugh the most was the personalized version of “Little Jack Horner” that we composed during breakfast:

Little [Hula Girl] Irish,

Sitting at the table,

Eating her breakfast down.

 She put in her thumb,

And pulled out a strawberry,

And said, “What a good girl am I!”

Okay, so it doesn’t rhyme. But she did accidentally pull out a strawberry with her thumb, and it reminded us of “Little Jack Horner” and his plum thumb, so we made up our little ditty. Every time I said it throughout the day, she would laugh and laugh on the word strawberry. Love it.


  1. kristypowers said,

    March 27, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    Outrageously adorable.

    • March 27, 2012 at 3:41 pm

      Thanks! I think so, too! 🙂

      • kristypowers said,

        March 27, 2012 at 4:06 pm

        Oh, and I think I know what you mean about being sad to see some mispronunciations go. They are so darn cute. Sometimes I am so bad, I don’t even correct my five-going-on-six-year-old. He is getting older so fast but if he mispronounces something it reminds me he is still a little kid. 🙂

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