Another Potty Post…

…and hopefully the last for a while!

Hula Girl has been doing an awesome job with the potty. She is still unable (and unwilling to learn) to pull her undies up and down on her own, so she spends a lot of time bare-bottomed. But that’s okay. We’re heading into summer, and I don’t mind that cutie little tushy roaming around the house.

Haha, there is one time she actually requests to put on her undies- when she goes down her slide. Otherwise her little cheeks and thighs just stick to the slide and she can’t go down without a screech like nails on a chalkboard. Too funny.

However, there was one last hurdle we had left to deal with. Roomtime.

For those of you who are unaware of the concept of roomtime, here’s a little breakdown. Roomtime is a set time each day during which Hula Girl spends time alone in her room. She plays with her toys, she listens to music, and I frequently (every time) find her reading books when I come up to get her.

The purpose of roomtime is manifold. First, it teaches boundaries. I put out specific toys and books for Hula Girl and she plays with those only. She is not allowed to ransack her room (or her dresser drawers). Second, it teaches focusing skills. Because I set out a limited number of toys, Hula Girl has to make the best of it. She can’t flit from toy to toy, growing bored. Third, it gives Mommy a break. No explanation needed on that one. Fourth, and to Hula Girl’s great relief, it offers a set time during the day during which Hula Girl is free to think for herself and spend her time as she pleases. She can choose to play with the toys I’ve chosen for her. She can choose to read books. Heck, she can even choose to lay down on the floor and take a nap (and yes, she chooses to do this occasionally). But there is no one there telling her what to do, or how to use this toy, or what that picture is. Her imagination is free to roam, and she can talk to herself or her toys and process through emotions, ideas, new words, or whatever, without fear of being judged. Because, even though I’m a stellar mom who should win the World’s Best Mom award daily (ha!), I still can’t get through a day without judging her. Meaning, I tell her if what she’s doing is right or wrong. Who wants that all day long?! Yay, roomtime.

Ahem, back to the potty training hurdle- roomtime.

Because roomtime means 30 minutes of unsupervised (I do listen over the monitor) time in her room twice every day, I was afraid to leave Hula Girl in there alone with her potty at such a young age. I have heard horror stories of kids who have decided to play with their poopoo and smear it all over everything. Also, the one and only time I tried it prior to resorting to diapers during roomtime, we ended up with a poopoo trail across the room. She had started to go on the potty, but got excited to tell me about it, and ran across the room to knock on the door to get me to come in. So…. poopoo trail.

For the past month and a half, I have just put her in a diaper during roomtime. But then we hit a couple snags.

First, she stopped going peepee in the diaper and would only use it for poopoo. Then, she’d be bursting to go peepee by the time we got downstairs. I thought it might be kind of unhealthy for her to hold all that peepee (it is a LOT by that time) for the potty.

Then, her regular diapers started giving her a bad rash. We have switched around and tried three different brands since (including just using her ULTRA stinky cloth ones), but everything I put on her has given a rash. (Interestingly enough, her nighttime diapers do NOT give her a rash. So weird.)

So for the sake of her bladder and her skin, I opted for bare-bottomed, potty-in-room roomtime today. And do you know what she did!?

My crazy amazing girl went poopoo and peepee in the potty, and left it alone until I came back for her. No mess, no fuss. Perfection on try #1. This girl blows me away.

Of course we celebrated by having a “special treat” of 2 chocolate chips. Then we called Grammy, Ama, and Daddy to share the excitement. All of them were  impressed, as they should be. They know what a big step this is for us.

I want to take a moment to note that I do not (consciously) expect perfection from my daughter. She is, however, a very sensitive girl who is compassionate like none I have ever seen toward other children and who can’t stand to see anyone (including herself) fail. If she sees another child fall down, she reacts with sorrow, “Oh, nooooooo!” If she sees me make a face, she’ll ask, “Mommy cry?” I have said it before, and we see it more and more, she is sensitive. I think this quality in her causes her to hold back until she’s sure she can do something before she tries it. She is also a quick learner, which means that she can try (and succeed) at almost anything very soon after observing it or thinking it or being asked to do it. Just thought I’d clarify so that people don’t think I push her too hard. In fact, I rarely push her at all, except when it comes to table manners. Boy, oh boy, does she need some help with her table manners… but that’s another post.


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