I’m Entering a Giveaway

My internet friend and hero, Valerie, is doing a giveaway on her blog today. This is me blogging about it so I can put in my seventh and final entry!

Mom friends- even those of you who don’t use Babywise- you should check out her blog. It has ALL kinds of useful info for kids birth-6 (as old as Valerie’s oldest right now). I’m sure Valerie’s simple, no-nonsense, and LOGICAL way of thinking through kid issues will blow your mind and help give a frame of reference. It sure has helped me hone my mommy skillz. My very favorite thing about Valerie is the way she ponders “issues” from her children’s perspectives, so that she can deal with them effectively and efficiently without sacrificing lots of time, effort, or her children’s sense of confidence.

Okay, so here’s the giveaway I’m entering:


If you choose to enter, too, stay around a while and check out her blog!

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