Pregnancy #2- 15 Weeks

This week has been pretty good. I had a cold all week (second one in a month, boo), so that was kind of lame. However, I did the Wet Sock Treatment for 3 nights in a row, and it worked like a charm. Jonathan has actually managed not to catch this cold, which is fantastic. Hula Girl, however, has it just like me. This is the first cold in her life that has actually caused her to cough. But it’s much milder than last time, and she’s still sleeping well at night.

Anyway, this week I popped out. Seriously, on Sunday my stomach looked like I had a possible “burrito baby” but on Monday, there was no mistaking the fact that I am pregnant. Oh, joy. I remember last time taking a picture at 14 weeks by the Christmas tree. You could see a little pooch, but I was still easily wearing one of my long-sleeved t-shirts.

This time around, my shirts aren’t fitting properly, and it’s not just because of my stomach, either. You know. For some reason, that part of me is like 3 times bigger than last time. Crazy. I need to go shopping for new maternity underthings. I suppose I could just get out the ones made for nursing.

Let’s see… other than the cold and the popping out, this week was relatively uneventful. No real nausea (a little bit today, but that’s because I have a headache from the sinus congestion). No real cravings. Except on Monday night, when Jonathan drove out in the cold to get me a chocolate malt, plus chocolate ice cream and candy, just in case the malt wasn’t working for me. Mmmm, that malt was DIVINE. I think I’ll be making myself a chocolate milkshake later on today.

I have had the beginnings of the aches and pains in my midsection and back. The other night I had to use a pillow under my stomach because it was pulling to the side and my ligaments were feeling too stretched. Yes, already. I just have, like, no torso, so the baby really has no room to grow inside me. So he or she has to push OUT. I do remember having ligament pains and bellyaches somewhat early on in the last pregnancy, too.

It’s hard not to compare pregnancies, I just realized! I hope the need to compare will end with the delivery. I don’t want Gelato growing up thinking he/she has to be identical to Hula Girl. I’m actually really excited to see what kind of personality Gelato has. I mean, Hula Girl’s personality is so perfect for our family. She fits right in. If you met her and you knew me beforehand, you’d easily see that she’s my daughter. It’s just strange that it will be easy to tell that someone else with a different personality is also my child. Pretty cool.

Anyway, we have a doctor’s appointment next Friday, so I’ll postpone the 16-week post one day to give the latest info.



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